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The material on the page is the property of Steve Allen and is used here at Candlekeep with permission.

Holy Water Powers of the Faerunian Pantheon

By Steve Allen


Major Powers of the Faerunian Pantheon

These special powers are usable by any character unless a special class restriction or other limiting factor is noted. All Holy waters do 2d4 damage to Undead, and Unholy waters heal 2d4 points of damage when used on an Undead creature, unless stated otherwise in the description. No holy water is barred from anyone, but a priest would have severe reservations about using the waters of a radically opposed faith.



This unholy water is always extremely cold to the touch, and there will always be condensation on the outside of whatever contains it. The water will freeze upon contact with any target, living or otherwise. This can be very uncomfortable for a target at best, but myriad uses include icing stairs, freezing hinges shut, or sticking tongues to flagpoles the hard way. The exact possibilities and their effects are left to the individual DM. Usable by anyone.


Holy water dedicated to the Lord of Spells can be used in place of any material component in a spell with the following limitations: The item to be replaced cannot be worth more than 100gp, cannot require special craftsmanship, and cannot be part of any Fire-based magic. Usable by any spellcaster.


Any victim struck by this Unholy water must save versus spell or suffer a stroke of ill luck. This means that the next dice roll the character must make will be penalized by 1 point or by 10%, whichever is applicable. Usable by anyone.


Holy water of the Earthmother can be employed to ensure plants bear the greatest fruits (or vegetables) possible. Any plant watered regularly with this Holy water will produce the best fruit possible as long as the watering continues. Tomatoes will be large and plump; Apples will be the juiciest around, and so on....Usable by anyone with the Agriculture NWP/Secondary Skill.


This Unholy water is quite possibly the vilest substance in existence; it is truly water in name only. The stuff is black and oily, and tastes horrible. It is only used in rituals, and has no other effects, although Cyric has been known to tell his followers that it does.....Usable by anyone.


The drinker of this holy water will be able to unerringly recognize and read the next single character, glyph, pictogram, or image he/she sees. Unfortunately, this could end up being only a single letter, many carry more than one draught. Usable by anyone.


This Holy water acts as a minor potion of sweetwater. One pint will purify two gallons of water, turning it into crystal clear, clean, pure water. Usable by anyone.


This wondrous liquid is used when potions or other harmful liquids must be combined; it is added to the first liquid, and then the second is mixed. In the case of harmful liquids, the Holy water forestalls any reaction between the two for half an hour, giving the alchemist plenty of time to move a safe distance away. In the instance of potions, the Holy water negates any negative effects of mixing; roll on the potion mixing table in the DMG. If the result is detrimental, then the potions are mixed and both function normally with no harmful side effects. If the result is a positive one, then the positive side effects are gained. Note that the special conditions pertaining to Potions of Treasure Finding & Potions of Delusion still apply, and that any roll of 1 on a 1d100 is still an explosion (as described on the table). Usable by anyone.


Consuming a bottle of Helm's Holy water grants a +1 to all surprise rolls of the drinker for the next 24 hours. Usable by anyone.


If used to clean wounds suffered in the name of Righteous Suffering (DM's discretion), it is ensured that the wounds will not become infected by any disease, magical or mundane (unless such has already happened). Usable on anyone, but must be administered by a clergy member of one of the following: Ilmater, Tyr, Torm, or Lathander.

Iyachtu Xvim

Unholy water of the Cruel Master hasn't much to do with hatred or tyranny, but instead with the frequent need for Iyachtu's priests to depart quickly. If thrown to the ground, the liquid transforms into smoke upon contact with air, creating an effective screen to cover an escape. Usable by anyone.


Due to the new Lord of the Dead's distaste for the undead, this Holy water is especially potent against these abominations. Any undead struck takes the usual 2d4 damage, but also catches fire (whether they would normally be flammable or not) and burns until destroyed or the fire is put out, suffering and additional 2d4 damage each round. Usable by anyone.


If sprinkled over the corpse or other remains (if any) of a recently destroyed undead being, those remains may never be re-animated. This Holy water can also affect trolls and troll-kin, and the damage is treated as acid damage (i.e. it cannot be regenerated). Usable by anyone.


If poured on any lock that is used to restrain another being (i.e. manacles) that lock will be instantly unlocked. The lock is not damaged in the process. Usable by anyone.


This Unholy brew is basically salt water. If a non-metal slashing or piercing weapon is soaked in it overnight, then hits from it the next day will cause excruciating pain. A victim will be unable to do anything other than suffer for two rounds following a hit against exposed flesh. Usable by anyone of evil alignment.


This Unholy water places the drinker into a state identical to berserk fury (See Berserker Kit for details). Usable by anyone.


Tossing this water into an already shadowy area deepens the shaows enough to grant a thief a +15% to his hide in shadows roll. Usable by any clergy of Mask or by any Thief with the Hide in Shadows ability.


Applying this holy water to the skin makes the user friendly to Dryads. Any Dryads encountered will be friendly toward the user, and said user will find himself/herself unable to take any hostile action toward a Dryad for 24 hours. Usable by anyone.


Drinking this holy water grants the user the eloquence of a Bard for 24 hours. It does not, however grant the ability to sing, as many have found out to their dismay. Bards consuming this liquid fell really good, but gain no special benefits. Usable by anyone.


The user of this Holy water can reshape the area of effect of then next spell they cast into any form they desire. This can be any geometric shape, and can even have holes in it so that certain beings or items are avoided. An individual may only consume one dose of this water a day; additional quaffing have no effect. Usable by any spellcaster.


Drinking this Holy water ensures that the drinker will always remember the next nine words he or she hears, even if subjected to Forget, Feeblemind, or similar spells. This information can only be removed by a properly worded wish spell. Usable by anyone.


When thrown to the ground (or deck of a ship, or any other surface) the water will flow into an arrow shape that points directly North (true North). Usable by anyone.


This Unholy water not only heals undead, but can also damage good-aligned creatures. Any such being struck by the water suffers 2d4 points of damage. This water is effective even if used in tiny amounts, thus a crossbow quarrel dipped in Shar's Unholy water could do additional damage as described above. Usable by anyone of non-good alignment.


The drinker of this Holy water may transport up to 20 additional pounds without being encumbered, or moving to the next encumbrance level. Consider this equal to adding 20lbs to a Character's Max Press. Usable by anyone.


This Holy water will refertilize even the most barren soil, even sand. One pint of Holy water will convert 3 cubic feet of soil. Usable by anyone.


Skin washed with this Holy water will be free of blemishes for the next 48 hours. The water does nothing to hide scars, however. Usable by anyone.


If poured over a wound, that injury instantly becomes infected. Ingesting this Unholy liquid lowers apparent Charaisma by 1 point for 24 hours. Usable by anyone of evil alignment.


Any target struck by this Unholy water suffers 2d4 points of lightning damage. As clergy of Talos rejoice in destruction, this water harms undead (2d4) instead of healing them. Therefore, undead struck by this suffer 4d4 damage. Usable only by clergy of Talos.


The drinker of this Holy water gains 1d4 additional (temporary) hit points. Subtract any damage from these first. The phantom hip points vanish after 24 hours. Usable by anyone.


This Holy water acts as a minor potion of healing to anyone of Lawful Good alignment; it will heal 1d6+1 points of damage; anyone of Neutral Good alignment regain 1d6-1 hit points.. Anyone else consuming this water suffers 1d4+1 damage. Usable by anyone.


Anyone quaffing this Holy water will have a stroke of good luck. This means that the next dice roll the character makes will gain a bonus of 1 point or by 10%, whichever is applicable. Usable by anyone.


The drinker is affected as if wearing a ring of truth for one hour. Usable by anyone.


Applying this water to exposed skin makes the user immune to the effects of strong winds, magical or mundane. The individual will be able to stand still even in hurricane force winds, and blown objects bounce harmlessly aside. Lasts 10 rounds. Usable by anyone.


Demipowers of the Faerunian Pantheon

Some of these holy and unholy waters have special powers just like those of more powerful Deities, but just as many do not. There were a great number of Mortals elevated to divine status following the Time of troubles. Many of these are yet to develop a special Holy or Unholy water unique to their faith. The entries for these deities just describe Holy water as found in the DMG.

Finder Wyvernspur

Finder only recently ascended into Godhood, and thus has no special Holy water. His priests rarely even employ "normal" Holy water, but if they choose to do so, it inflicts 2d4 damage to undead.


This Unholy water places the drinker into a state identical to berserk fury (See Berserker Kit for details). Usable by anyone.


The drinker of this Unholy water gains the equivalent of the glibness trait for then next hour (if traits are not in use, use Undetectable Lie, the reversed form of the Detect Lie Spell). Only Holy water of Tyr is known to overpower this effect. Usable by anyone.

Gwaeron Windstrom

Gwaeron's Holy water will restore footprints or other marks that have been damaged by the passage of time. The water will reverse 1 day worth of decay for every pint used, to a maximum of on 2 weeks. Usable by anyone with the tracking NWP proficiency.


While he has been in power for a considerable length of time, Hoar has never created his own unique Holy water, although he doesn't mind his faithful using "normal" Holy water if they wish to do so.


As Jergal's clergy does not follow the adventuring life, Holy (or Unholy) water of the Lord of the End of Everything has never been seen outside of his temples. As far as is known, it finds use only in rituals, and has no special powers.


Grants the drinker to understand the speech of the next talking being encountered. This water in no fashion grants the ability to speak an unfamiliar language, however. Usable by any clergy of Lurue, or by a Ranger or Druid.


If the royal (or lack thereof) background of an individual is in question, consumption of this Holy water will divine the truth. The drinker will be able to recite his entire lineage, and will do so involuntarily. The words he speaks are always absolute truth, and the individual has no power to alter them. Usable by anyone.

The Red Knight

The church of The Red Knight creates and employs the same Holy water as the clergy of Tempus .


All bottles of Savras's Holy water are clear glass or crystal, and are spherical in shape. A priest can see through the gemstone by closing his eyes and concentrating for 1 round. If the bottle is moved after being used in this manner, it's power is lost, and it must be re blessed at a temple of The All Seeing One. Usable only by clergy of Savras.


Sharess's priestesses employ no special Holy water, likely because they're to busy seeking sensual fulfillment to create any. Normal Holy water may be employed, however.


The clergy of Shiallia creates and employs Holy waters identical to those of Silvanus and Mielikki on a regular basis. The faith has no special Holy water of it's own, however.


This faith employs only " Normal " Holy Water as it is a small faith with much more important things in mind (expansion, for example).


As his followers are mostly more primitive and distrustful of magic they cannot see their shamman cast, there is no Holy water for this faith.


Pouring this Holy water over any item of cloth, paper, parchment, vellum, or other has the effect of (oddly enough) waterproofing it. The item will not become wet from this treatment, and the waterproof seal lasts as long as Valkur is in power. Usable by anyone.


As he has been a demipower for little more than two years, Velsharoon is still attempting to construct his own following in the Realms, and is much to concerned with establishing alliances (however wicked) among the other powers to worry about such petty things as this or that recipe for Unholy water. But these things will come in time....


The Pantheon of the Dark Elves

As their origin is divine, Drow Holy/Unholy waters are immune to the normal rules regarding Drow items on the surface world. The waters of Deities other than Elistraee will still lose their powers, but only after a full year away from the Underdark.

These special powers are usable by any character unless a special class restriction or other limiting factor is noted. All Holy waters do 2d4 damage to Undead, and Unholy waters heal 2d4 points of damage when used on an Undead creature. No holy water is barred from anyone, but a priest would have severe reservations about using the waters of a radically opposed faith.


Holy water created in the name of the only good-aligned Drow Goddess is harmful to those the evil Drow hold most dear: The Matron Mothers. Any Matron touched by even a drop of this water must save versus poison at -4 or be struck with a disease identical in effects to Mummy Rot. Spiders and High Priestesses of Lolth that are not Matrons suffer 2d4 damage, just like undead, when struck by a vial of this Holy water. Usable by Anyone.


This unholy water will heal Oozes, Slimes, Jellies, and Molds, just like undead. Usable by any Drow Elf.


Unholy water of the Lady of the Dead not only heals the undead of 3d4 damage (instead of the normal 2d4), but also grants them an extra Hit Dice (For purposes of determining turning only). The undead gain no extra hit points or abilities, and can be commanded normally. Usable by anyone.


This unholy water is a deadly poison to any drow who is not in Lolth's favor at the current moment. Any such victim suffers 1d4 damage on impact and 2d4 more the next round. The Unholy water inflicts 1d6 damage on any surface elf. Usable by any Drow in Lolth's Favor.


Grants a +1/+10% bonus to any one die roll or check within 24 hours of consuming this unholy water. Usable by any Drow Warrior or Priest.


Negates penalties suffered by Drow in sunlight for 24 hours. To use this, the eyes must be washed with it. This has the unfortunate side effect of reducing infravison to a 60-foot range. Usable by any Drow Male.

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