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Realms Fighting Styles

By John Lowell Goshorn

Okay, this is mostly for people who use Skills & Powers &/or Combat & Tactics.  First of all, I've found that fighters now love to become Masters of weapons.  The books say that Weapons Masters are rare, but PCs are supposed to be able to be rare people, so all the fighters I know tend to take this route.  What I've done to make this at least a little more rare (or at least realistic) is to require that a character take a fighting style for every level of Mastery they wish to attain--they must have one fighting style before they can be a Master, two before they can be a High Master, and three before they can be a Grand Master.

Combat & Tactics, Skills & Powers, the Fighter's Handbook, and the Book of Elves list a few fighting styles, but I've added a few local styles of my own.  If anyone is interested , here are a few.  Please let me know what you think.  I'd also like to see any styles that anybody has created.

Alemantos' Style

Costs 1 proficiency slot and can only be used with swords.
This style was created some time ago by a long dead Grand Master
Alemantos.  It is most common among swordsman of the Western Heartlands and Cormyr.  It grants the wielder of a sword a -2 to their Armor Class and a +2 to Dexterity checks when they are fighting in rocky terrain.

Chondath Style

Costs 1 proficeincy slot and can only be used with a specifically chosen Broad group of melee weapons (such as "Swords" f/Combat & Tactics or "Blades" f/Fighter's Book).
This style is prominent among fighters and mercenaries in Chondath and the Vilhon Reach.  It allows the wielder to make one extra Block (Parry) every

Delzoun Style

Costs 1 proficiency slot and is normally only used by dwarves.
This style was created by the dwarves of Delzoun and is still in use in
the Savage North today.  It grants the dwarf (or anyone else, I suppose) a -2 AC and +2 to Dexterity checks when fighting in mountainous terrain.

Evanero Bladesinging

This proficiency costs 1 slot.  The wielder must be a Bladesinger or have the Bladesinging proficiency.
This fighting style comes from a nearly extinct elven family that once patrolled the outskirts of Cormanthyr, before the Standing Stone was erected.  It is infrequently seen today, even amongst Bladesingers.  (One
Baelnorn Bladesinger in Myth Drannor-Stadius Evanero-is known to possess it.)  This style grants the Bladesinger a +1 to damage with his or her chosen weapon.  Like the Bladesinging style, this style may be purchased twice to gain a +2 to damage.

Jaligard's Style

This costs 2 slots and only applies to Long Swords.  The wielder must be a Master to learn this style.
Jaligard was a Grand Master who fought with the Legion of Tempus in years past.  In his day, he was the greatest swordsman of the Realms.  Very few
swordsman know this style.  This style grants the wielder a +1 To hit with the sword, a +1 to damage, and a -1 to their iniative roll.

Pirate Isle Style

Costs 1 slot and works with one chosen slashing weapon only.
This style is prominent among the pirate of the Sea of Fallen Stars.  It
grants a +1 to damage with a chosen slashing weapon (usually the Cutlass).

Tempus' Blessing

Costs 2 slots and works with one chosen melee weapon only.
This style is taught to great warrior who serve the clergy of Tempus.  It
is not often shared with non-worshippers.  This style lowers the weapon's speed by one phase (read -3 to weapon speed if not using Combat & Tactics initiative system).  It is cumalative with the benefit of Two-handed Style.

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