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Faerie Lore of Rashemen

By Phillip Wallace

Rashemen is noted for its rather unusual nature spirits. Here are a few:


Polynesius - a flower spirit that attracts bees. A lesser form of dryad. Inhabits groves of flowers as a spirit, she gains control of those who smell their blossoms (akin to a magic jar). They are very fickle, hating those who would kill their blooms in order to please a lover, seeing it as a grave insult. After making love to the picker of the blooms, they inevitably kill them for the offense and come back to the grove to give birth. One can tell a field protected by these spirits by the tiny red and white petaled wild flowers that grow interspersed there. However, the honey produced from these groves is unsually rich and prized in the making of mead, so many Rashemi try to succor these spirits.

Auglathon - An earth spirit which can only reproduce by making love to a woman who truly loves him (or rather the body that he inhabits). They inhabit the bodies of males that they murder (however, they must coerce the man into the area that they inhabit). However, they must kill the man without leaving visible marks (or else the lover would obviously know). They try to do so by choking the victim to death with dust. Thus, women should take note of large amounts of dust residue on their lovers.

Ssarthak - A hateful river spirit who canít give birth to children herself, so they must steal newborns (under a year old) in order to reproduce. This spirit appears as a rather large snake, but with arms for snatching children. The child is swallowed whole. Something within the snakeís body alters the child magically, causing it to be reborn as a river spirit.

Szartill - A minor guardian spirit, these creatures are very fond of those who work magic. They often willingly protect a mageís dwelling, in return for gifts of wine-curdled milk and juicy bits of meat. However, they are notoriously mischievous and must be kept from any delicate equipment or the mage will find such experiments ruined. Also, the mage must occasionally feed it magic or else it will turn against him (at least 1 spell lvl per day, thus a 7th lvl spell would feed them for 7 days). Also, if a mage leaves up minor dweomers around their home, he may find them drained by the guardian (1% chance) who temporarily went on a gluttonous feast (for some reason they are particularly fond of light providing spells).

Other creatures to make note of are the Aughisky (or water horse, see Thieveís Honor in Realms of Infamy) and Campestri (tiny mushroom creatures from an issue of Dragon Magazine), and boggans which are goblinoid relatives who may simply be dopplegangers.

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