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The Equipment of Divine

By Damian Naïlo

Damian Naïlo and DIVINE are an unusual group in many senses. As a powerful archmage, Damian has access and can create almost any imaginable non-artifact item his mind can conceive. For that assumption, it is to be expected that both he and his girls carry powerful and unusual magic items with them. And that’s absolutely true, and it would still be true even if Damian weren’t a powerful archmage. After all, it’s been years since the last time Damian made a magic item. Of course, this is unknown to everyone, the DIVINE girls included. Those who have seen Damian’s and DIVINE’s arsenal of magic items firmly believe that Damian is a prodigious magical artisan. While this is not too far from the truth (Damian might not be really into crafting magic items, but he’s still a very talented designer and crafter), Damian Naïlo does not deserve full credit for those creations. The secret behind the creation of such items lies in DIVINE’s greatest mystery: DIVINE 12, Solaris.

A powerful extraplanar human with the task of hiding the secrets behind the structure of the Tablets of Fate, Solaris has the skill and magical might to create any non-artifact magic item. Since she cannot reveal her true identity to anyone, she cannot join DIVINE’s missions. Hence, she quietly works within the walls of Excelsior Tower as Damian’s assistant and master crafter. Each and every single one of the magic items Damian and the DIVINE girls wield was created by Solaris. Damian is the designer, the one who establishes the item’s specifications, activation commands and physical qualities, but, in the end, Solaris is the one who makes the magic happen. This is, of course, Damian’s significant advantage over any other archmage in Faerûn.

Let us now explore in detail the amazing and unique creations Damian and Solaris have made together for their elite team, DIVINE.


The DIVINE Token is a small piece of clothing or jewelry that identifies its wearer as a member of Damian’s elite team, DIVINE. Thirteen of these exist, and each girl decides what type of object she wants her token to be before it’s made. They’re free to choose whatever they want as their token, with one exception: rings are completely forbidden. This is the most obvious proof of Damian’s preferences. Only DIVINE 01, Sophia, can wear a ring-shaped token: the ring she received from Damian on 1361 DR, the day she “officially” became Sophia Naïlo, in a small ceremony witnessed only by DIVINE 02 and 03, Ren Mystril and Sion Valkurien; and the goddesses Sune and Sharess. It is believed that Sophia’s ring was crafted by Mystra herself.

The only common characteristic all tokens have is the engraved DIVINE sigil on them.


All tokens have three common functions. First, they work as tokens for Excelsior’s mythal. Second, they allow the wearer to teleport to wherever Damian Naïlo is (as long as he’s in the same plane) once per day. Third, a token wearer can send and receive messages from Damian Naïlo and other token wearers (Sophia’s token doesn’t have this function).


DIVINE 01, Sophia of Mystra

Sophia, as Damian’s wife and the most powerful member of DIVINE, wields equipment worthy of that position. Every single of her items is focused on reinforcing her already fearsome offensive abilities. Solaris enjoys making items for Sophia, since the cleric of Mystra adds a particular challenge to the task of creating magic items: Sophia is a shapechanging dragon.

As such, Damian and Solaris must take into account the fact that items created for her must be usable (and wearable) in both human and dragon shape; and the items must be useful for both of Sophia’s forms.

Sophia’s Claws

These custom-made claws of the ripper (Draconomicon p. 82) have been altered to be usable by Sophia in her human form. In this way, they are worn on her back, which make them somehow resemble skeletal wings (razor-sharp metallic skeletal wings). They are attached to her upper arms so that she’s able to control them and use them to attack. However, since there are three claws, and each claw deals individual damage, the total damage dealt by a slash with Sophia’s Claws would be 6d4+Strength Modifierx1.5 (each claw adds half Sophia’s strength bonus). In addition, Sophia can activate a fly spell on command at will. Finally, Sophia can hide and store the item in stasis within a tiny sapphire incrusted on the blades, as with a Glove of Storing.

Given the claws’ size and how hard it is to wield them in human form, Sophia rarely uses them. On those rare occasions she does, however, she becomes a terrifying shredding machine, in both human and dragon form.

Moderate Transmutation; CL 6th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Forge Ring, fly, magic weapon, shrink item; Price 45354 gp; Cost 22200 gp + 1776 XP; Weight 10 lb.

Sophia’s Dragonarmor of Unmatched Might

This is a set of +5 mithral full plate armor (barding) designed to specifically fit Sophia. In addition to its +13 armor bonus, the armor is designed to enhance her natural attacks, granting a +5 enhancement bonus to each of her natural weapon attacks. In addition, it has been modified so that the +5 enhancement bonus also applies to Sophia’s Claws. Finally, this armor can fit both dragon and human form, magically adjusting its size whenever Sophia changes form.

A very special feature of Sophia’s armor is its unusual malleability. Few people actually notice that Sophia’s everyday black dress is in fact her armor. By a process in which mithral has been overheated to liquid state and then separated in extremely thin layers, Solaris was able to create a suit with the protection of the finest magical armor and the fluidity and comfort of normal cloth. However, Sophia’s “dress” is just as heavy as an ordinary full plate (it can be folded, though). When Sophia changes to dragon form, the armor changes its shape to resemble ordinary full plate armor (a dragon in a huge dress would look rather ridiculous).

Strong transmutation; CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Epic Magic Arms and Armor, Greater Magic Fang; Price 460150 gp; Cost 240800 gp + 17572 XP; Weight 250 lb. (50 lb. when Medium-sized)

Sophia’s Gemstone of Grand Protection

This pitch black stone must be embedded on a creature’s hide to function. As a dragon, Sophia can accomplish this with ease. However, Solaris had to add a Limited Wish while crafting this item so that it would also embed itself to Sophia’s child-like human frame. The gemstone protects Sophia from lethal damage. It negates all extra damage from critical hits and sneak attacks, and anytime Sophia would receive enough damage to fall unconscious (hit points going below 0, or non-lethal damage equaling lethal damage), a contingent heal spell (CL 15th) activates (resolve the spell’s effect before removing hit points).

Strong universal; CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, contingency, heal, limited wish or miracle; Price 197000 gp.

Sophia’s Vest of Draconic Supremacy

This vest goes under Sophia’s armor. It’s most important feature is the dark metallic disk on the vest’s back side. It is in fact this disk which holds the entire vest’s magic. While wearing this vest, Sophia has her flying maneuverability increased by two steps. Also, Sophia needs not wait extra rounds between uses of her maximized breath weapon. Like Sophia’s armor, her vest has been modified to be comfortable and more easily handled. To normal eyes it will look like an ordinary modern negligee, except for the metal disk on the back. In fact, Sophia’s vest has the feel of silk.

There is a lesser version of this item (a preliminary piece crafted by Solaris) that only grants the flying maneuverability increase.

Moderate transmutation; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, greater wings of air; Price 140000 gp, 90000 gp (lesser); Weight 5 lb.

Sophia’s Ribbon of Superior Awareness

The huge blue ribbon Sophia wears on her head is much more than a simple accessory or a place where to keep her many spell-powered gemstones. Just as Sophia has great protections for her body, this ribbon grants her mind several means of protection.

First of all, Sophia is continuously protected against all devices and spells that detect, influence or read emotions or thoughts, as the mind blank spell. Also, she is aware of all attempts to pry inside her mind or scry on her or the area she is at the moment (the ribbon won’t help her identify the source of the scrying or mind-affecting attempt, though). Finally, the ribbon grants her a +3 bonus to Reflex saves.

Strong Abjuration; CL 17th; Craft Wondrous Item, detect scrying, mind blank, resistance; Price 148500 gp

Sophia’s DIVINE Token (Minor Artifact)

Sophia’s token is very different from the others. First of all, her mythal token is different, and grants her access to more spells and disables more limitations. Second, her token’s teleport ability is not limited to one time a day. She can teleport to her beloved’s location whenever she wants (the planar limitation still applies). She has no need for a sending ability, for she needs not communicate with anyone but Damian, and their telepathic bond is strong enough to ignore the planar barrier.

Sophia’s ring was crafted by Mystra herself, and blessed by the Lady of Mysteries and both Sune and Sharess. The blessings of these three goddesses grant the ring three special powers, only usable by Sophia:


When someone other than Sophia first wears the ring, three stern female voices warn the wearer to take off the ring and return it to its rightful owner “or else”. If the creature tries to use any of the ring’s powers, a powerful contingent release of magical energy erupts from the ring, dealing 20d6 damage to the person wearing the ring (no save). Then, the ring immediately teleports to wherever Sophia is. If Sophia’s not in the same plane as the ring then the ring teleports to Damian. If neither Sophia nor Damian are in the same plane as the ring, it teleports to a random nearby location (1d100 defines distance in miles, 1d8 for direction).

Sophia’s Gems

Every person who takes a close look at Sophia notices the great amount of small multicolored gems embedded on her dress, her black stockings and the huge blue ribbon she wears on her head.

Sophia’s greatest merit as a magical researcher is that she managed to expand the subtle art of Alteration to include divine magic. By adapting the famous Symbol spells, she managed to create a cleric version of the famous Contingency spell, Sophia’s Divine Trigger. Thanks to this development, she was able to take clerical protection spells to a whole new level.

Sophia’s stones can be divided in three categories:

While only Sophia herself knows exactly how many and which spells she carries within her gems, it is known that she at least carries (or has carried) the following:

It is also rumored that Sophia might have created more complex methods to store contingent spells on gems, and there are rumors that say Sophia’s contingent gems can be triggered continually, without the need to recast the Contingency spell or the contingent spell. Some have even said Sophia has developed a longer lasting, divine version of Simbul’s Spell Trigger or Triad Gem. So far these are all rumors. What is known is that Damian and Sophia are working on a treatise on these topics, which might hold the answers to these questions and the truths behind these rumors.


DIVINE 02, Ren Mystril

While Ren does not have Damian’s direct preference (he loves her a lot, though), or wields the title of paragon of a deity, she’s just as important (if not more important) than the other girls. As the recognized leader of DIVINE, it is expected of her to demonstrate enough power and skill to prove worthy of commanding a team of blessed women of the gods. She might not be as magically versatile as the other girls, but her skill with the shuriken is unmatched in Faerûn, and her powerful spellfire is terrifying. Without the arcane (or divine) skill of her colleagues, Ren has to rely on a variety of magic items to support her as magical backup and as source of charges for her spellfire. It is said in taverns around the North that Ren Mystril carries more magical wands that the mightiest archmages in Faerûn, and it might be true.

Ren’s Glove of Versatility I

Ren’s long scarlet gloves (the scarlet hue is so dark it almost looks pitch black) cover Ren’s hands and arms almost all the way to her shoulders. The important feature of this glove (which she wears on her right hand) is the four tiny gemstones embedded on the back of the hand: a jade, a sapphire, a ruby and a diamond. When each gem is touched and the proper command word is pronounced, a particular effect is activated.


Strong varied; CL 15th; Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Epic Wondrous Item, analyze dweomer, Elminster’s multiple mouths, read magic, shrink item; Price 173125 gp.

Ren’s Wand Array

This extremely powerful and unique item (every wizard would love to have one of these) is intended to help Ren gain spellfire levels faster, but its obscene offensive capabilities are obvious. The wand array is a magically-altered long strip of black leather with an overlapping series of sixteen pockets sewn along one side, each large enough to hold a single wand. When slipped into a pocket, only the top of a wand shows, so it’s recommended that the wearer of the wand array is capable of recognizing his wands from looking at their tips.

Each pocket has a small black stone embedded on it. Touching this stone with even one finger establishes a magical link with the wand itself, allowing the owner of the wand array to activate the wand by touching the black stone and saying the command word. However, the true usefulness of the wand array lies in allowing its owner to activate several wands at once. The wearer of the wand array can choose to activate any two, three or four wands as long as they are next to each other. Once per day, the owner of the array can activate all sixteen wands at once, touching the array with the palm of his hand and saying a selected command word (different from the command word of any of the sixteen wands).

Moderate Evocation; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, awaken from afar; Price 90000 gp.

Ren’s Skirt of Stars

Ren’s skirt was devised to improve Ren’s stealth capabilities regardless of her (seemingly) inappropriate clothing. While the outer face of the skirt is the well-known clear red, the inner side is pitch black, dotted by infinite twinkling stars and millions of moons, presenting the illusion that one is looking at an impressive night sky (Damian copied the idea from Ao’s robe).

The inner side of the robe is an extradimensional pocket, which works as a Bag of Holding IV for purposes of maximum volume capacity (It is believed that the pocket leads to one of the closed-off spaces in Agathion, the fourth layer of Pandemonium, but this is likely to be ignorant talk). However, unlike an ordinary Bag of Holding, Ren can call upon any of her stored items and recover it with utmost ease (taking items from the skirt is always a move-equivalent action that doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity).

Second, the skirt continually generates a magical silence effect from Ren’s waist down. Hence, it’s impossible to detect Ren by the sound of her footsteps (which doesn’t exist).

Finally, the skirt allows Ren to use an original form of counterspelling. When an enemy spellcaster starts casting a spell and Ren has prepared a ready action to counterspell, and she successfully makes her Spellcraft check, she is allowed a Dexterity check (DC = enemy caster’s caster level). If she succeeds, she is able to literally “capture” the spell inside her skirt. Then, she may return the spell to its original caster (as with Spell Turning) or let the spell fade away harmlessly inside her skirt.

Strong varied, CL 13th; Craft Wondrous Item, plane shift, silence, spell turning; Price 101140 gp;

Ren’s Ribbon of Oversight

Ren’s yellow ribbon is, of course, a powerful protective item. Like Sophia’s ribbon, Ren’s ribbon grants her the continual protection of a Mind Blank spell. Second, it allows Ren to cast Shoondal’s Seeking at will with a command word. Finally, whenever Ren takes off the ribbon and says a command word, it divides in five identical (but smaller) copies. The copies have no magical power. The copies can merge back together with the same command word as Ren holds all five copies with the same hand.

Strong Abjuration, Moderate Divination, Faint Transmutation; CL 15th; Craft Wondrous Item, mind blank, polymorph any object, shoondal’s seeking; Price 234750 gp;

Ren’s Glove of Versatility II

Ren’s left glove is much simpler than the right one. It only has one tiny emerald on it. It allows Ren to cast her trademark spell, Ren’s Wand Weave, at will.

Moderate Transmutation; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item, Ren’s wand weave; Price 18000 gp;

Ren’s Collar of the Slave

Ren’s DIVINE token is the collar she wears around her neck (the story behind that collar is explained in Ren’s character description). It has two main differences with the ordinary tokens. First, the teleport ability is increased to twice per day. Second, the sending ability has a very peculiar quality. If Damian’s the one sending a message to Ren, the sending is accompanied by a Lastai’s Caress effect. The hidden meaning behind that peculiarity is a secret between Damian and Ren. Elminster guessed Damian wanted to somehow “stimulate” Ren, given that Ren, being an automaton, is not very sensitive to pretty much anything.


DIVINE 03, Sion Valkurien, Divine Mistress and Lady Patriarch of Oghma (Chosen of Oghma)

Sion Valkurien is one of the most intelligent non-divine beings in Realmspace and one of the most powerful diviners in Faerûn (even more powerful than most specialist diviners). It is no doubt as to why she’s the paragon of The Binder. Like all of the DIVINE girls who are also messengers of their patron deities, some of her magical equipment is not created by Damian and Solaris, but given to them by the clergy of their patron or the deity itself. Some of these girls are even given the responsibility of guarding sacred relics, places or even artifacts of the deity. This is very likely to be Sion’s case, for she’s the only one of the DIVINE girls who indeed carries some of her patron deity’s essence within herself, which labels her as a Chosen of Oghma.

Sion is not much of a combatant, and her magic items show it very well. However, with her amazing arcane might, she usually wins most battles before even starting.

Greater Headband of the Binder

A more powerful version of the more common Headband of the Binder, this magical circlet looks exactly like its lesser version, but it has more powers available to its wearer. The wearer can cast read magic and scholar’s touch at will, amanuensis three times a day, and the +4 bonus applies to both bardic knowledge checks and lore checks. This object was given to Sion by the Keeper of Candlekeep, the day she visited the library for the first time, the same day she proved she was, indeed, the Chosen of Oghma.

Moderate Divination; CL 6th; Craft Wondrous Item, amanuensis, read magic, scholar’s touch, creator must be a bard or loremaster; Price 41580 gp;

Sion’s Excellent Quill

This magical quill is programmed to work in two different ways. First, the quill may write on its own, copying every sentence its owner (or another individual chosen by the quill’s owner) pronounces. The quill must be within “hearing” distance of the speaker to copy (magical silence renders the quill useless). The quill writes at a human’s average writing speed.

Second, the quill may write words of illusory flame. The quill can write up to 30 letters, characters or symbols per turn. The letters appear to be made of leaping flame and are bright enough for beings within 7 feet to read by. They can be written in the air or on any inorganic surface. The flames are not real, and cannot ignite anything, but do not form on water or a wet surface. The quill can’t draw magical glyphs or symbols (they simply do not form). All written text will disappear six turns after the quill started writing. All of the characters must be written adjacent to each other in a space no larger than the quill’s owner can encompass with spread feet and hands. As the quill writes, the owner can choose to have her writings duplicated on another surface or the air in another locale somewhere else on the same plane. An observer in this other locale sees letters of illusory fire appear, character by character, as the quill writes them. This other place must be one the caster has visited or seen, for it must be clearly visualized as the characters are written. If this second area or surface bears an enchantment, the letters do not form, through the caster is instantly aware of this.

Faint Conjuration; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, unseen servant, words of fire; Price 23400 gp;

Ring of Certainty

A creature wearing this ring can cast legend lore and stone tell each once per week by speaking a command word, and can find traps with a successful Search check, just as a rogue does. In addition, the creature gains a +10 bonus to Search checks.

Strong Divination; CL 12th; Forge Ring, find traps, legend lore, stone tell; Price 33250 gp;

Robe of the High Patriarch (Minor Artifact)

The Binder of what is known grants these powerful garments to his Grand Patriarch, the leader of Oghma’s church in Faerûn. Before Sion, the last person to receive one of these robes was Grand Patriarch Cullen Kordamant of Procampur, who disappeared at the end of the Time of Troubles. Currently, both Procampur’s Orthodox Church and Sembia’s Conservative Church are waiting for their patron to grant a Robe of the high Patriarch to one of their highest-ranked priests, to settle the dispute to choose the new Grand Patriarch. Until then, the Orthodox Church and the clergy of Candlekeep listen to Oghma’s Chosen, Sion (the Sembians do not recognize Sion as Oghma’s Chosen). The robe is white-colored with golden and black brocade on the shoulders and upper arms, and Oghma’s symbol on the back. The robes depict twenty glyphs, symbols, sigils and runes of great arcane power on its surface. These sigils seem to be different on every robe, and there is no known pattern for them. Every Grand Patriarch is buried with his robe, and several of them have fallen prey to grave robbers. The Church of Oghma (and Sion) actively searches for stolen robes.

First, the robe grants its wearer a permanent Freedom of Movement effect. Second, it allows the wearer to cast Mass Charm Monster (CL 20th) twice every tenday.

The third and final effect is the most powerful. The wearer is treating as if possessing the Craft Contingent Spell feat. The wearer can store contingent spells on the robe’s sigils without paying the necessary experience point cost. However, the wearer must pay twice the formerly required XP cost as an additional gold piece cost.


DIVINE 04, Yuina Silvaria, Lady of the North Wind and Most Bright Crusader of the Platinum Dragon

Yuina Silvaria, the powerful sorceress from Celestia is the human messenger of the Platinum Dragon in the Realms. While Bahamut has many draconic followers (metallic dragons, dragonkin and half-dragons), Yuina is the most notorious non-draconic follower of the Master of the North Wind. As such, she is highly respected by the clergy of most good-aligned deities. Most people are acquainted with Yuina’s kindness and her lovely ever-smiling expression, but those who bother to stop and think are reminded that Yuina is not Bahamut’s crusader for her pretty face. Regardless of her limited selection of spells, Yuina has access to many defensive and offensive techniques, only strengthened with the special powers she has received from her patron deity.

Yuina’s equipment is as varied and balanced as her spells. She has received several powerful magic items from Bahamut’s clergy, many good dragons and the god Bahamut itself. However, the magic item she treasures the most is her magic dress, which, unlike most DIVINE items, was crafted by Damian himself, as a token of their relationship, which transcends death itself (Yuina is Damian’s childhood friend and former fiancé, who was killed alongside Damian’s mother and was resurrected by the will of the god Ilmater……but that’s a story for another occasion).

Bracelets of Safety

This relic of Bahamut’s clergy is said to have been fashioned by Bahamut himself, and given to the High Priestess of an ancient city state built by Bahamut’s followers. The city was destroyed on the first Rage of Dragons, and the bracelets were lost for centuries, until Yuina found them and chose to wear them. She can do this thanks to Bahamut’s blessing. Ancient documents of these city states of Bahamut’s followers relate the existence of a second pair of bracelets, which is probably buried in the ruins of an ancient city under the Farsea Marsh.

Each bracelet is nothing more than a pair of non-connected parallel gold rings five-inches in diameter that, when placed around a wrist, magically clasp to that position, not moving regardless of (probably) being much wider than the arm of the wearer.

The left bracelet stores a contingent Heal spell (CL 12th), and the right bracelet stores a contingent Restoration spell. Each spell is usable once per day, and it’s automatically restored the day after it was used. The wearer of the bracelets can choose the condition that activates each contingent spell. In addition, the wearer can choose to use any of the contingent spells at any moment he may desire instead of when the activation condition is fulfilled. This counts against the number of times the spells can be used in a day.

To use this relic, you must worship Bahamut and either sacrifice a 6th-level slot or have the True Believer feat and at least 12 HD.

Strong Conjuration; CL 12th; Sanctify Relic, Craft Wondrous Item; contingency, heal, restoration, creator must worship Bahamut; Price 46080 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Yuina’s Hairpin of Supreme Arcane Proficiency

This platinum wing-shaped hairpin was given to Yuina by Bahamut’s seven gold dragon consorts. It works on both arcane and divine spellcasters. It doubles the base number of 1st-level spells the wearer can cast in a day (as a Ring of Wizardry I), as well as granting one additional spell slot for each level from 1st to 5th.

Strong Universal; CL 13th; Craft Wondrous Item, limited wish; Price 60000 gp.

Yuina’s Dress

Yuina is seen wearing this dress most of the time. The dress is body-tight until it reaches the waist, where it flows loosely down and changes color to a clear lilac. The body part is cerulean blue with golden borders, and it goes up from the waist to the breasts, leaving the shoulders and the upper chest bare. The short sleeves are semi-transparent.

The dress protects Yuina as a Robe of the Archmagi, with the following changes:

Yuina’s dress has the same alignment restrictions as a White Robe of the Archmagi, with the same consequences if a neutral or evil character tries to wear it.

Strong Varied; CL 14th; Craft Wondrous Item, antimagic field, mage armor or shield of faith; Price 139000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Yuina’s Earring of Legends

Yuina received this earring (it’s just one earring) from the Queen of Aglarond, the sorceress known only as The Simbul, as an acknowledgement of Yuina’s courage and good will when the sorceress of Bahamut tried to stop a cabal of Red Wizards who were experimenting with live dragons. Yuina would have died under the combined magical might of the Red Wizards of Thay if The Simbul hadn’t appeared, but Yuina managed to deal a terrible blow to the aspirations of the evil mages of Thay.

The earring is a small golden ring which has three tiny gold chains hanging from them. At the end of each chain hangs a five-pointed golden star.

Once per day, the wearer of the earring can store up to three spells of maximum 3rd level in the earrings, one in each star. The wearer can select one of two possible effects:

There are no other copies of this earring, and it is very unlikely that The Simbul will make another one. It’s not like anyone can just show up in front of her and ask her, after all.

Strong Transmutation; CL 17th; Craft Wondrous Item, Simbul’s spell supremacy, Simbul’s spell trigger; Price 82620 gp.

Crusader of Bahamut

Crusader of Bahamut is a beautifully crafted light crossbow in the shape of a gold dragon. Note: this is weapon is a legacy weapon, and follows the rules detailed in Weapons of Legacy.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics: +1 light crossbow; Cost 2335 gp. If followers of Tiamat come within 60 feet of the crossbow, the glow (see Omen) grows brighter and an invisible (to all but the wielder) blue light surges from the crossbow to the enemy.

Omen: The crossbow glows with a faint blue light (range 5 feet). The range increases to 15 feet when wielded by a follower of Bahamut.


Yuina Silvaria, DIVINE 04, Lady of the North Wind and Most Bright Crusader of the Platinum Dragon, is addressed by the common folk as the “Chosen of Bahamut”. While it is true that she has acquired special powers given to her by the Platinum Dragon, she does not carry any part of her patron deity’s essence, hence the title of “Chosen” is incorrect, in the most strict sense of the word. However, the common folk don’t understand or simply don’t care about these details, and the name “Chosen of Bahamut” has remained. Yuina doesn’t care how she is called. Of course, being treated as a “Chosen” has brought its share of misunderstandings, particularly from evil entities that would be eager to know the secrets of a true Chosen’s power. So far, Yuina has managed to deal with such inconveniences, not without the help of her faithful crossbow, Crusader of Bahamut.

While some people believe Crusader of Bahamut was crafted by the Platinum Dragon himself and then given to his Chosen, the truth known by most people better versed in the matter is that Yuina recovered the weapon from an evil cleric of Tiamat who was trying to corrupt it to serve the Queen of Evil Dragons. The weapon is certainly ancient, and probably was originally crafted in the early city states of the draconic race, long before the elves walked upon Faerûn. (DC 15)

Gareth Dragonsbane, paladin of Ilmater and current ruler of Damara, is a renowned hero whose exploits are the topic of tavern tales all over Faerûn. It is well known that he was the man behind his country liberation from the clutches of Zhengyi the Witch King, as well as the destruction of the Wand of Orcus, a powerful artifact he stole from the abode of its owner, the Demon Prince Orcus from the Infinite Layers of the Abyss. It was precisely during this extraplanar adventure when Dragonsbane found Crusader of Bahamut (which, of course, didn’t have that name yet). After recognizing the regal shape of a gold dragon in the crossbow, the paladin easily concluded that the demon lord must have taken it from a good, honorable warrior. There was no other way to explain the presence of a symbol of good in that place of corruption and decay.

On 1359 DR, Dragonsbane arrives to Bahamut’s Lair in Mercuria, and asks the god how to destroy the Wand of Orcus. Bahamut tells him he must thrust the Wand in the heart of an avatar of Tiamat in a killing blow. Surprising even the dragon god, the paladin didn’t falter and immediately gathered his battle partners against Tiamat. The battle in the Bloodstone Lands was fierce and bloody, and many good warriors fell under the avatar’s massive bulk, shredded by her sharp claws and jaws, or blasted to nothing by Tiamat’s multi-elemental breath weapons. In the peak of the battle, Tiamat melted Dragonsbane’s sword and grabbed him with the only intention of chewing him to death. Dragonsbane resorted to his last option available: he took the dragon-shaped crossbow and, loaded with a single bolt, aimed at the red head. The bolt pierced the dragon’s left eye, and Tiamat’s agony gave Dragonsbane the time he needed to receive a sword from one of his partners and jump inside Tiamat’s mouth without being bitten. Once inside the avatar, the paladin slashed his way to her heart and pierced it with the Wand of Orcus. That was the end of both the wand and Tiamat’s avatar, and the last of her incursions in Faerûn in a long time. In the aftermath of the battle, though, Gareth Dragonsbane forgot to recover the crossbow he had dropped before lunging inside the avatar’s jaws. (DC 18; Baptism of Corrupt Blood)

The crossbow was recovered by a traveling adventurer, which soon sold it as a lesser magic item. It continuously changed owners, none of them noticing the weapon’s inner latent powers, and only drawn to it because of its exotic appearance. Eventually, it reached Unthalass, just in time for the Festival of Vengeance, in 1365 DR. The crossbow was stolen by a cleric of the Dragon Queen, Draskor Hethrekher (LE human CLr 11 of Tiamat), who intended to destroy it in a ritual offering. However, the Dark Lady recognized the offending weapon and came up with a better idea. She lured the priest in his dreams, promising him the powers of a Chosen if he managed to corrupt the weapon of good and use it to bring death and destruction to the Festival of Vengeance.

Around that time, Yuina Silvaria and her current traveling partners, Damian Naïlo and his wife, Sophia of Mystra, arrived to Unthalass. Yuina was determined to reduce the number of meaningless deaths and mayhem to a minimum during the Festival. Scrying on the activities of Tiamat’s clergy in Unthalass, Yuina discovered the evil cleric’s intentions and engaged him in magical combat. At that time, Yuina was far from being the powerful sorceress she currently is, but she managed to defeat the dark cleric and his army of summoned reptilian beasts with summoned creatures of her own, as well as her contract with a powerful radiant dragon. That’s how Yuina came to possess the crossbow. (DC 25; Yuina’s Salvation, Crusader’s Redemption)

Yuina, not used to wielding weapons of any sort (except for her Lesser Staff of Silverymoon, which she didn’t really use as a weapon), had a hard time learning how to properly use the light crossbow. While her skill with the crossbow left much to be desired, her magical might grew at a frightening pace. In addition, she had caught Bahamut’s attention since the day she recovered the crossbow before it fell within Tiamat’s clutches. Her celestial origins and her relationship with a radiant dragon were additional good references in the Platinum Dragon’s wise eyes. However, the moment of Yuina’s true bonding with the Lord of Good Dragons arrived on 1367 DR (Year of the Shield). On the fourteenth day of Flamerule, the red wyrm Klauth recklessly invaded the Floating Mountain, attacking Valamaradace, the Dragon Queen, with a sudden outburst of furious madness. Not even the combined efforts of the dragon queen and her consort, the adult silver dragon Deszeldaryndun, could stop the flaming fury of the ancient red wyrm. Both Solaris (DIVINE 12) and Sion (DIVINE 03) noticed the events as they happened through their scrying, and Yuina, who had received a vision from Bahamut, urged Damian to help her save the dragons of Floating Mountain. The two metallic dragons and the two arcane spellcasters fought with both might and magic, until Yuina ran out of spells. Klauth used the occasion to attack her. Yuina raised the crossbow, the only resource she had left, and aimed at the red dragon’s face. In that moment the crossbow’s true power awakened and the weapon fired not a bolt, but a thin green beam of powerful magical energy that disintegrated half of Klauth’s face on contact. Roaring in pain, the chromatic wyrm escaped. Damian Naïlo and Yuina Silvaria left with Floating Mountain with the gratitude of the two dragons (and not before making a promise to keep that day’s events a secret). Valamaradace taught Damian the Focal Stone spell. Yuina didn’t receive any gifts from the ancient gold dragon and her consort. None were necessary. After the battle, an avatar of Bahamut appeared before Yuina and granted her the title of “Lady of the North Wind and Most Bright Crusader of the Platinum Dragon”, which labeled her as Bahamut’s human messenger in the Realms. Yuina didn’t have to think twice before accepting the responsibility. Before that day, Yuina was seen as a kind, sisterly figure. From that day on, Yuina became a true paragon of good. (DC 31; Yuina’s Determination; Crusader’s Ascension)

---Personal Costs---
Wielder Level
Attack Penalty
Save Penalty
Hit Point Loss
+1 dragon bane light crossbow
Endure Elements
Dragonslayer Arrow 3/day
Dragonslayer Lore
+2 dragon bane light crossbow
Coldball 3/day
+2 quick-loading dragon bane light crossbow
Fireball 3/day
+4 quick-loading dragon bane light crossbow
Avoid Draconic Doom
Thrust Tiamat's Heart
Bahamut's Breath


Legacy Rituals

Three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of Crusader of Bahamut.

Baptism of Corrupt Blood: You must engage a chromatic dragon of CR at least one higher than your effective character level. You do not have to fight it alone. You do not even have to deal the killing blow, as long as you use Crusader of Bahamut and the weapon draws dragon blood. Once the dragon is slain, you must pierce the dragon’s eye with a bolt fired from Crusader of Bahamut.
Cost: 2000 gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Crusader of Bahamut).

Yuina’s Salvation, Crusader’s Redemption: You are required to uncover a source of corruption or blight caused by the presence of an evil dragon or the clergy of an evil dragon deity and eliminate it.
Cost: 12750 gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Crusader of Bahamut)

Yuina’s Determination; Crusader’s Ascension: You must help a good dragon by confronting an evil dragon using none of your special abilities. The only weapon you’re allowed to wield at the time is Crusader of Bahamut. You may use magic items to aid yourself. You do not need to slay the enemy dragon, but the good dragon must survive the encounter.
Cost: 40250 gp. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Crusader of Bahamut)

Wielder Requirements

Paladins Fighters and any good person who specializes on slaying evil dragons (and would rather do so from a distance) will find Crusader of Bahamut useful. It is a mere coincidence that its current wielder is a spellcaster.

Base Attack Bonus +3
Neutral Good or Lawful Good alignment
Can speak and read Draconic
Must not worship Tiamat

Legacy Item Abilities

All the following are legacy item abilities of Crusader of Bahamut.

Dragonstalker (Su): At 5th level and higher, while wielding Crusader of Bahamut, you can detect any follower of Tiamat within 60 feet, although you must concentrate (a standard action) to do so. The crossbow ignores any damage reduction a follower of Tiamat possesses.

Endure Elements (Su): The evil dragons Crusader of Bahamut was crafted to destroy often lair in inhospitable environments. Beginning at 8th level, you act as if continually under the effects of an Endure Elements spell. Caster level 5th.

Dragonslayer Arrow (Sp): Beginning at 9th level, three times per day you can command Crusader of Bahamut to shoot three missiles of force, as the magic missile spell. The missiles are shaped like dragons of blue energy.

Dragonslayer Lore (Su): A dragonslayer often has to deal with powerful magic or ancient magical texts. Starting at level 10th, you can use detect magic, read magic or arcane mark at will as the spells, using a different command word for each effect.

Coldball (Sp): At 12th level and higher, three times per day, you can fire a special bolt imbued with cold power. If the arrow strikes an enemy, it unleashes a fireball spell that deals cold damage. You must declare that you are using this ability before making the attack. The effect is expended regardless of the arrow hitting its target or not. The save DC is 14, or 13 + your Charisma modifier, whichever is higher. Caster level 11th.

Fireball (Sp): At 16th level and higher, three times per day, you can fire a special bolt imbued with fiery power. If the arrow strikes an enemy, it unleashes a fireball spell. You must declare that you are using this ability before making the attack. The effect is expended regardless of the arrow hitting its target or not. The save DC is 14, or 13 + your Charisma modifier, whichever is higher. Caster level 11th.

Avoid Draconic Doom (Su): At 18th level and higher, you gain the benefit of Improved Evasion against any evil dragon’s breath weapon and spell-like abilities.

Thrust Tiamat’s Heart (Su): At 19th level or higher, once per day, you can fire a bolt from Crusader of Bahamut that kills any evil dragon struck by it, as if by a finger of death spell. You must declare that you are using this ability before making the attack. If the arrow misses the effect is wasted for the day. The save DC is 20, or 17 + your Charisma modifier, whichever is higher. Caster level 15th.

Bahamut’s Breath (Su): The peak of Crusader of Bahamut’s power allows it to imitate the Platinum Dragon’s powerful breath that destroys anything it touches. At 20th level or higher, when you issue the command word and gesture with Crusader of Bahamut, you cause its tip to emit a thin green ray that can destroy a creature utterly, as the disintegrate spell. The save DC is 19, or 16 + your Charisma modifier, whichever is higher. Caster level 15th.


DIVINE 05, Zarim Mesterel, Highest Whipmistress of Loviatar and Empress of Torment


Is evil truly evil when the evildoer truly believes she’s doing the right thing? Different people would have different things to say about this question. Regardless of the answer, this complex question completely describes Zarim Mesterel. Just like Bahamut anointed Yuina for her devotion to the cause of good and will to aid good dragons against Tiamat, the Maiden of Pain picked Zarim for her natural connection with “the pleasures of pain”. As a consequence of the trauma of being a slave and a sex toy for the tanar’ri of the Abyss as a child, Zarim escaped to a different state of consciousness, in which she can easily transform pain into pleasure, and agony into strength. She has a supernatural resilience to pain most Loviatans wish they had. Furthermore, Zarim’s mind is so deranged that she believes her way is the “one true way”, and that every person should identify herself with pain the day she does. It’s this belief that drew her to the Maiden of Pain’s dogma, and eventually caught the Willing Whip’s attention and personal preference, to the point of making Zarim her personal prophet and messenger in the Realms. It was the goddess herself who first addressed Zarim as her highest whipmistress, a title Loviatar’s clergy quickly adopted. It was the leader of the Black Spires of the Maiden in Amn, Queen of Torment Chalathra Nyndra, who first addressed Zarim as “Empress of Torment”. The title remains since then, and it’s widely known that even Loviatar approves it.

Why Damian keeps Zarim by his side is a question many people have asked him, most of the other DIVINE girls included. Zarim’s unconsciously evil behavior puts her in conflict with most, if not all, of the other girls. Regardless of that, Damian treats all of his girls with the same affection, in a way that matches each girl’s personality. Maybe the Lord of Excelsior simply wants Zarim to recover the peace of mind she lost at such a tender age.

Tongue Piercing of Kiss Spells

This item is nothing but a tiny black pearl with a hook that allows it to be used as a tongue piercing. The piercing allows its wearer to deploy spells by means of a kiss (in Zarim’s case, it’s usually a deep, passionate kiss, and just as fake), changing the spell’s range to “touch” or a melee touch attack, if used in combat. Spells activated by this means have a +1 bonus to caster level for the purpose of spell penetration checks, caster level checks and all level-based variables of any divine spell the wearer casts. It is believed this piercing works with any divine spell, but Zarim has yet to release a flame strike with a kiss (she better have some protection against fire when she does!).

In addition, three times per day, the wearer can apply the same effect from a distance, by literally “blowing a kiss”. The maximum range for this effect is 90 feet.

Moderate Transmutation; CL 8th; Craft Wondrous Item; limited wish, Loviatar’s caress; Price 21480 gp.

Armbands of Release

This hideous creation, crafted by Queen of Torment Chalathra Nyndra for her “good friend” Zarim, is a terrifyingly effective way to deal with wrestlers and enemies who rely on grappling. At will and by a silent command form the wearers, these spiked leather armbands activate a variation of a famous Loviatan spell, Body Blades. The magic of the armbands affects the wearer’s bones, forcing them to grow in unnatural ways, until they finally pierce through the wearer’s skin as dozens of daggerlike bone spikes. This, of course, is excruciatingly painful for the wearer, who receives 5d6 points of damage. Any creature currently grappling the wearer of the armbands receives 2d6 damage that turn and the spikes automatically latch against the wounds, dealing an additional 1d6 damage (minimum 2, treat every die roll of 1 as a 2) on every subsequent turn, until the grapple is over. The wearer can deal 1d6 points of piercing damage (critical x2) on a successful grapple check per turn. The spikes count as a martial weapon, and the armbands’ magic grants proficiency with them. You can also make a regular melee attack (or off-hand attack) with the spikes, and they count as a light weapon in this case. You inflict lethal damage when grappling. You get a +4 bonus on Escape Artist checks to escape from a net, rope, grappler, or spell that entangles. The wearer can command the spikes to retreat at will, the bones returning to their original shape and all wounds closing, as well as a Cure Moderate Wounds spell that heals 2d8 + 5 damage.

Faint Transmutation [evil]; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, body blades, cure moderate wounds; Price 23400 gp.

Blood Harvester

This magic item was originally conceived by Zarim herself, and then was crafted by Loviatan clerics, and then it was sold to several other dark cults, and now is a common torture device in many Sharran, Banite and Loviatan cells. It’s a 6-inch-diameter, 1-foot-tall barrel made of human ribs and a mysterious black alloy invented by Zarim and known only by the high priestesses of Loviatar. To the common eye, it looks like a black ribcage. Its original purpose was to collect the blood of fallen enemies. When held above a recently deceased (not bloodless, hence it doesn’t work on undead, plants, constructs or oozes) creature for 1 round, blood flows from its body cavities inside the harvester. Regardless of its size, the harvester has enough room to contain the blood of a medium-size creature.

However (she the clerics of Loviatar soon discovered), the blood harvester works just as well on living creatures. The victim is allowed a Fortitude save (DC ) each turn to resist the effect. Failure means the victim loses 2d6 points of damage and 1 points of Constitution. Success halves the damage and negates the Constitution damage. A creature can make a number of checks equal to its Constitution score. Any further attempts result in automatic failures. It is needless to detail how painful the blood extraction is to a living victim.

The blood harvester only works inside an area affected by a consecrate or unhallow spell.

Faint Necromancy; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, slow consumption; Price 15000 gp.


DIVINE 06, Nauru Hanali, Highest and Most Watchful Princess Huntswoman


Loved by the elves, respected by rangers all over the North and respected by the Harpers, the little princess of DIVINE was blessed with unearthly beauty (a consequence of her nymph blood) and unmatched dexterity that makes her one of the best, if not the best archer in Faerûn. It is this skill with the bow and her undying love for all things natural that caught the eye of the Great Archer, Solonor Thelandira. Hence, she is now currently serving the Forest Hunter as his Highest and Most Watchful Princess Huntswoman (or as many people –incorrectly- call her, the Chosen of Solonor), fighting to preserve the balance of nature, teaching archery to the youngest, and fighting the servants of the deities of Fury, principally Talos and Malar.

With few magic of her own, aside of her low-level ranger spells and the few abilities granted to her by Solonor Thelandira, Nauru has to trust in a wide variety of magical items to assist her in her dangerous missions. A personal favorite are special arrows she calls “Burst Arrows”: arrows infused with powerful area spells that activate when the arrow hits its target. That way Nauru can center the spell’s effect in places she normally wouldn’t be able to with a staff or another kind of item.

Regardless of her inability to create magic items of her own, she’s always full of ideas for new, original magical arrows. These ideas she shares with Damian Naïlo, and Solaris makes them real.

Shadow Arrow: This arrow can be fired inside the archer’s own shadow to catch foes off guard. All creatures attacked with a shadow arrow have their Dexterity bonus to AC denied for this attack. The weapon from which the shadow arrow is fired must be illuminated by a light source or be outside on a day bright enough to cast shadows.
CL 11th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, shadow walk; Price 3307 gp; Cost 1657 gp + 132 XP

Spell Magnet Arrow: The fletching of the arrow is magically altered to attract hostile energy to itself. A creature that has been hit with one of these arrows (and hasn’t bothered to get rid of it) has a -4 penalty to Reflex saving throws against spells, spell-like abilities, or supernatural abilities.
CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bestow curse; Price 357 gp; Cost 182 gp + 14 XP

Icicle Arrow: The arrow transforms in mid-flight into an ice-blue bolt that does 1d4 points of cold damage to an opponent (2d4 if the opponent has the fire subtype). The arrow, if it hits, hits automatically in their eyes (blinding the opponent for 1 round) or the hands (disrupting spellcasting for 1 round), the target area declared when firing the arrow.
CL 1st; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Snilloc’s snowball; Price 57 gp; Cost 32 gp + 2 XP

Sound Blast Arrow: The arrow disintegrates the moment it’s fired, but releases a wave of loud and high-pitched sonic energy that strikes the intended target, dealing 2d4 points of sonic damage. The target must make a Will save (DC 11) or be deafened for 1d4 rounds. In addition, creatures in adjacent squares must make Reflex saves (DC 11) or lose 1d4 points of sonic damage.
CL 3rd; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Horizikaul’s Boom; Price 157 gp; Cost 82 gp + 6 XP

Arrow of Retribution: The arrow of retribution deals 1 point of damage when it hits, and the target feels no pain from the arrow’s impact, regardless of the arrow currently being piercing its skin. However, the next time the target of the arrow deals damage of any kind to the one who fired the arrow, the damage is not only canceled, but transferred to the target.
CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, backlash; Price 1407 gp; Cost 707 gp + 56 XP

Nauru’s Spider Golem

Even before Damian of Excelsior met Nauru, she was already an accomplished prankster and thief, and she hasn’t lost her skills at picking locks and disarming traps. To make the task easier, she conceived this practical tiny obsidian spider figurine, which can be worn as a brooch. The tiny spider’s legs are a complex set of mechanical hooks and similar tools.

When the proper command is pronounced, the figurine comes to life. The spider’s speed is 20 feet. It can be commanded to reach a lock or a trap and manipulate the mechanisms. It cannot exert more than twenty pounds of pressure in any direction, but it can use the Open Lock and Disable Device skills, with the same bonus as its owner minus 2. It can also trigger any trap it finds. The spider’s owner can control it from as far as 150 feet away.

If the spider figure is “killed” while active (HD 2d8, 10 hp, AC 15), it returns to its owner and cannot be summoned against for 24 hours.

Many people wonder why Nauru chose to make it a black spider. Most believe it’s another display of Nauru’s some-times-sardonic sense of humor.

Moderate Transmutation; CL 6th; Craft Wondrous Item, unseen servant; Price 12000 gp

Nauru’s Raven Cloak

This silky black cloak grants the wearer the ability to polymorph into a raven, at will. However, this ability can only be used under light (either daylight or an equivalent natural or magical illumination). In addition, with a command word, the wearer can fly without changing form for five minutes at a time. This ability does not suffer the restriction of needing light to work.

Moderate Transmutation; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, fly, polymorph; Price 75130 gp.

Nauru’s Ring of True Stealth

This ring works as a ring of invisibility, with an additional power. Whenever the invisibility power is activated, a silence effect centered on the wearer also takes effect, effectively clouding any sound made by the ring’s wearer. The wearer has no control over the silence effect, which can only be activated by activating the invisibility power. The silence effect cannot be activated without turning invisible, and it is not possible to turn invisible without activating the silence effect.

Faint Illusion; CL 3rd; Forge Ring, invisibility, silence; Price 24050 gp.


DIVINE 07, Angela Lorean, Most High Initiate of Moonlight


Angela became an exalted warrior of the moonmaiden thanks to Damian’s intercession. Damian’s relationship with Selûne persists from the Time of Troubles, and since then the Lady in Silver has looked after the Netherese Arcanist, her feelings of love and appreciation for him growing stronger by the day. In return, Damian has always being an enemy of all who threaten Selûne and her clergy, and he accepted Angela, a follower of Selûne, in his tower. When Damian introduced Angela to her matron goddess, the deity realized Angela was the kind of woman she needed.

Unlike the clergy of the moonmaiden, who openly fight against the followers of Selûne’s dark sister, Shar; Angela fights Shar in Shar’s territory. Angela is not a terrific warrior. She fights from the shadows, quietly and stealthily waiting for the right chance to strike unseen. Her talent for stealth and her ability to use the enemy spellcasters’ magic against them make her a formidable opponent. Her incident with the Shadow Weave, which rendered her unable to cast any arcane magic, has only made her more subtle and cautious, and her faint connection to both the Weave and Shar’s Shadow Weave make her a formidable enemy of Shar’s followers. After all, there is no greater enemy than one who knows you well.

As a warrior of Selûne, she’s being gifted with many treasures of Selûne’s clergy. She carries many items made with moonfire: a pair of moonbracers, a mooncloak, several moon motes and moondraughts, and she receives moonfire salve on a timely basis, courtesy of several churches across Faerûn..

Angela’s equipment is intended to fulfill two purposes: compensate for her inability to cast spells and exploit the weak remains of her connection to both Mystra’s Weave and Shar’s Shadow Weave. While the first objective is relatively easy to fulfill, the second one is much more complicated. Angela’s connection to both weaves is extremely weak due to Shar’s curse on her. Her only spellcasting abilities are the spell-like abilities directly given to her by Selûne. Besides, neither Solaris nor Damian can use the Shadow Weave (nor intend to), hence they cannot craft Shadow Weave items. Regardless of these impediments, Angela has managed by several methods: items given to her by the will of the Moonmaiden and her “Shards”, gifts from the clergy of Selûne, Solaris’ successful experiments to override Angela’s limitations, and the few Shadow Weave items Angela has stolen from Sharrans.

Rod of Catastrophe

This item is made from an unknown material, hard as adamantine, which displays an amalgam of bluish and reddish hues. The arrangement of colors seems to shift and change depending on the illumination conditions and the perspective from which it’s seen.

The rod works as a masterwork adamantine heavy mace. The wielder of the rod gains immunity to fire from any source. Finally, the wielder can cast meteor swarm, as the spell cast by a 20th-level wizard, with a proper command word. The wielder in instantly aware of the command word when touching the rod, if Selûne wills it so. Selûne never reveals her identity to the rod’s wielder, who only hears a soothing female voice. If Selûne grants the command word to an individual, she also warns the character of the number of charges remaining. Selûne is attuned to each and every rod of catastrophe existent, regardless of who made it or if it was made against her will. The only way to sever Selûne’s bond with a rod is to craft that rod with the Shadow Weave. A brand new rod of catastrophe has 50 charges.

Strong Evocation; CL 20th; Craft Rod, energy immunity, meteor swarm; Price 205950 gp.

Lunar Armor

There are three different types of Lunar Armor: Pale, Crescent and Full. They’re all extremely light chainmail made of mithral. Speed while wearing elven chain is 30 feet for Medium creatures, or 20 feet for Small. The armor has an arcane spell failure chance of 20%, a maximum Dexterity bonus of +4, and an armor check penalty of -2. It is considered light armor and weighs 20 pounds.

Pale Moon Armor enables its wearer to appear to be part of his surroundings. This allows him a +10 competence bonus on Hide checks. The wearer can adopt the appearance of another creature, as with the disguise self spell, at will. All creatures acquainted with and friendly to the wearer see him normally.

Crescent Moon Armor has the same powers as the Pale Moon Armor, and adds a Protection from Evil effect on the wearer.

Full Moon Armor possesses the powers of the previous two Moon Armors, and allows the wearer of the armor to become ethereal (as the ethereal jaunt spell) once per day. The character can remain ethereal for as long as desired, but once he returns to normal, he cannot become ethereal again that day.

Strong Illusion (pale)/Abjuration (crescent)/Transmutation (full); CL 10th (pale and lesser)/13th (full); Craft Magic Arms and Armor, disguise self (pale), protection from evil (crescent), ethereal jaunt (crescent); Price 34150 gp (pale), 38150 gp (crescent), 87150 gp (full); Cost 19150 XP + 1200 XP (pale), 21150 gp + 1360 XP (crescent), 45650 gp + 3320 XP (full).

Traveler’s Mercy

This little piece of magical parchment is the best friend of any traveler, explorer or adventurer. It was conceived by a close friend of Angela: Naneatha Suaril of Waterdeep’s House of the Moon; and improved by Angela herself, with help from Laeral Silverhand and her consort, Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun. It is now a popular aid to clerics of Selûne and Shaundakul.

Traveler’s Mercy looks like a blank scroll of parchment. The powers of the parchment can be activated with two different command words. The first brings into being a map of the scroll’s owner’s surroundings, to a maximum range of 800 feet. The map displays every relevant geographical detail with as much detail as its space limitations permit: forests, terrain elevation and sinking, bodies of water, occupied settlements, etc. The second command word adds four spots to the map: one is the location of the Traveler’s Mercy, two others are known places the caster has at least seen (even through scrying) within range, and the third is a chosen being within range. If the being happens to be at one of the chosen locations, the spell confirms this and gives a greater indication of their whereabouts: the map shows if the target being is indoors or outdoors, above or below ground level, and moving or stationary. The map can find any creature on the same plane as the caster except a being using nondetection or psionic means of concealment. Traveler’s Mercy doesn’t work underground.

Moderate Divination; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item, locate object, Muirara’s map; Price 48375 gp.

Shadow Blood

Angela is the only follower of Selûne with a connection to the Shadow Weave, as weak as it might be. To accomplish that she eventually sacrificed her spellcasting ability and almost lost her life and soul to the Lady of Loss. But Angela still lives, and her knowledge of the side of shadow gives her an extra edge against the servants of Shar. Thanks to this, Angela can use items normally considered anathema to the rest of Selûne’s clergy. The moonmaiden’s trust in her Most High Initiate of Moonlight reaches that level.

While Shadow Blood is not really hard to make, it’s quite a challenge to gather the main ingredient: the shadowy undead essence of a nightwalker. From that can be inferred that Angela doesn’t waste a single drop of it.

A single drop of Shadow Blood allows its user to cast Creature of Darkness, Damning Darkness or Shadow Conjuration without need of any other component, verbal somatic or material (CL 7th). The user simply lets a drop of the shadow-stuff fall on the ground, choose which spell to be used and will it to happen. A single nightwalker can produce a number of drops of Shadow Blood equal to twice its number of hit dice.

Moderate Varied; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, Brew Potion, creature of darkness, damning darkness, shadow conjuration; Price 56700 gp (50 charges) or 51000 gp (if creator has the Shadow Weave Magic feat).

Medallion of the Shadow Stalker

A favorite of Shar’s followers, this medallion is often made from black opals or obsidian, and is always in the shape of a perfectly round black disk. It allows its wearer to add his Intelligence modifier (maximum +5) to his saving throws, but only in darkness. In addition, twice per day when placed against a vertical surface, the medallion opens a portal to the Plane of Shadow, as the shadow walk spell. Only the wearer of the medallion can enter the portal, and the trip through the Plane of Shadow lasts one hour. If the wearer hasn’t dismissed the medallion’s power and exited the Plane of Shadow by then, he is forcefully ejected back to the Material Plane.

Moderate Illusion (shadow); CL 11th; Craft Wondrous Item, resistance, shadow walk; Price 36260 gp or 32600 gp (if creator has the Shadow Weave Magic feat).


DIVINE 08, Angelique Lorien, Most High and Most Favored Atalara of Our Smiling Lady


Lord Damian Naïlo of Excelsior once said Tymora must have been smiling when Angelique was born, for Angela’s twin was born with unnatural good fortune. Her ability to find a way out of any pinch goes beyond the mere definition of luck. Some clerics of Tymora say Angelique was already favored by Lady Luck long before Angelique knew about the goddess Tymora. Of course, as soon as Angelique became aware of the existence of a goddess of good fortune, she became her most devote follower. It remains unknown why Angelique didn’t become one of Tymora’s priests, but most people acknowledge that Angelique’s free spirit and chaotic nature were meant for other things. However, the fact remains that she can turn undead as a cleric, another proof of the goddess’ favor.

Like her sister Angela, Angelique has the ability to absorb hostile spells and use them against her enemies. And since she hasn’t been cursed by an evil goddess, she still has some spellcasting abilities of her own, which she uses to get out of trouble without drawing weapons. She always tries to get on everyone’s good side. When that fails, all Nine Hells may break loose.

Amulet of Natural Luck

An Amulet of Natural Luck is often a gold coin infused with magic and made into a necklace. Whenever the wearer of the amulet takes 10 on a skill check, the result of the d20 roll is not treated as 10, but 15.

Strong Universal; CL 13th; Craft Wondrous Item, limited wish; Price 4000 gp; Cost 2750 gp + 400 XP.

Door Compass

This item looks like an ordinary compass, except for an almost unnoticeable line of runes engraved on its surface. When its two pivoted legs are placed on a door and a circle is drawn on it, the compass negates all sounds made by the door for the next hour.

Faint Illusion (glamer); CL 1st; Craft Wondrous Item, silent portal; Price 1000 gp.

Ring of Fate Sealing

These were made by the dozens in ancient times, when Tymora and Beshaba were one being. It was the tool of the priests of Tyche, which allowed them to meddle with success and failure, life and death, sealing the fates of friends and foes alike. After the Dawn Cataclysm, the knowledge needed to make these rings disappeared and none of the prayers and queries made to the newborn goddesses concerning these powerful items were answered. Most people (Tymora’s clergy included) believe Angelique’s ring was given to her by her matron goddess, and take that as a sign that Lady Luck might finally teach the secret of their creation to her people again. This is just hopeful belief: Tymora doesn’t want anyone, her faithful included, to tinker with fate itself in such a way. Tymora showed herself to Angelique in a vision, and revealed her the existence of an ancient ruin somewhere in the North. After braving through ancient horrors and wards left there for centuries, Angelique found the ring, among other valuable treasure. As an acknowledgement of her ability, Tymora allowed Angelique to keep the ring (Tymora’s orginal plan was to have Angelique find all the remaining rings and destroy them), but she might as well take it from her if she doesn’t use it wisely and properly. There might be other ruins like that one in Faerûn, with more copies of this item waiting to be found.

Once per day as a free action, the wearer of this ring can select a target creature he can see within 30 feet with Hit Dice equal to or less than his. The creature receives either a -10 penalty or +10 bonus on his next saving throw, as decided by the ring’s wearer. If the selected target has more Hit Dice than the wearer, the ability doesn’t work but the use for the day is not wasted. This effect lasts only for 1 round, so if no spell or other effect is brought to wear on the target creature during the round, the creature’s fate is no longer sealed. The wearer can’t use this power on himself.

Strong Universal; CL 13th; Forge Ring, limited wish; Price 25000 gp; Cost 13250 gp + 1240 XP

Arcane Roulette

Luckpriestess Shermata Chang, leader of Tymora’s clergy in Silverymoon, died on 1370 DR, her adventuring party ambushed by gnolls in the northern Moonwoods. She had stated that her possessions were given to Fortune Hall, Silverymoon’s temple devoted to Lady Luck, except for a few things she gave to colleagues and friends. One of these friends was Angelique Lorean, and the Arcane Roulette was what she received.

The Arcane Roulette is a simple ring that also works as a compass, for it has a mobile needle that always points north. However, its magical ability is completely unrelated to its use as a compass. The wearer of this ring can activate its effect right after he casts an arcane spell. The ring grants the wearer the possibility of not losing a prepared spell (or spell slot, in the case of a sorcerer or bard) even after casting the spell. This probability equals 10% + 1% for every day since the last time the ring’s ability was used (regardless of success or failure). The player rolls a d100 to see whether he gets to keep the prepared spell (or spell slot) or if it’s expended normally.

Strong Universal; CL 17th; Forge Ring, wish; Price 106000 gp; Cost 65500 gp + 8240 XP.

Ring of Dragon Contact

Angelique has always being in good terms with metallic dragons. The place where she was born has been under the care and watch of a family of gold dragons for centuries, and the sight of a dragon is natural for her. Some people (drunks, jokers or detractors) have said Angelique prefers the company of dragons, and that she might have already played consort of a few shape-changing wyrms. Angelique has made no comments. What many sages know is that she is very good terms (just how “good” these terms might be is a matter better left not discussed) with three dragons: Lhammaruntosz, the “Claws of the Coast”, whom Angelique once stopped in one of her unfortunate berserk rages in Port Llast, a rage provoked by an ambush by members of the Cult of the Dragon. The second dragon is Felgolos, the “Flying Misfortune”, probably the only other being Faerûn with as much energy and good luck as Angelique. They have adventured together several times, and the bronze dragon considers Angelique his best friend (it is expected of the only human being who can keep up with him). If Angelique has even gotten intimate with a dragon, as the rumors suggest, then that dragon would probably be Felgolos. The third and final dragon is Galadaeros, the “Sunset Flame”. Both Angelique and Lord Damian of Excelsior are in good terms with the copper dragon. Lord Damian was assisted by the Galadran Company at some point during the Time of Troubles, and has kept in contact with the group since then. It is known that Galadaeros has the means to call both Lord Damian and Angelique if in dire peril. It was Galadaeros who ordered the crafting of the first Ring of Dragon Contact, which was given to Angelique. The girl of Tymora has furthered its abilities since then.

The wearer of the ring gains a +5 enhancement bonus on Diplomacy checks made to influence the attitude of dragons. No dragon will voluntarily attack or otherwise attempt to harm the wearer. Finally, it allows the wearer to send short messages to any dragon the wearer has seen and whose name the wearer knows, as with the sending spell. This ability only works on dragons.

Strong Enchantment; CL 17th; Forge Ring, dominate monster, sending; Price 60650 gp.


DIVINE 09, Bliss Cerlynsakkamen

Bliss is a half-githzerai, and as such, she wields a terrifying balance of arcane skill, psionic powers and monastic arts. Her fists are as lethal as any blade, but few monks can cast spells the way Bliss does. Of all the DIVINE girls, Bliss is the one with the lowest level of customization of her magic equipment. She only looks for items that enhance her martial abilities and complement her allotment of wizard spells, which isn’t as extensive as, let’s say, Sasha’s or Sion’s.

Since her purpose in DIVINE is mostly to offer close-combat support to ranged combat specialists like Ren and Nauru or spellcasters like Sasha, she doesn’t have the versatility the other girls are proud of. Bliss is a woman devoted to her training. There’s little else in her mind. Most people think it’s a matter of time until Bliss finally decides to put Excelsior Town and Lord Damian behind her and follow her own path. This is, of course, because people don’t see Lord Damian as close to Bliss as he is close to his other girls. However, what happens inside Excelsior’s walls is none’s concern.

Gauntlets of Power

These thick leather gauntlets with steel plating on them work as a Monk’s Belt, and also grant a +2 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls with unarmed attacks.

Moderate transmutation; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item, greater magic fang, Tenser’s transformation; Price 33750 gp.

Greater Ring of Sustenance

These item works as a ring of sustenance, but it also negates the wearer’s need to breathe. This renders the wearer immune to drowning and the harming effects of noxious gases from spells or natural effects.

Faint conjuration; CL 5th; Forge Ring, deep breath, create food and water; Price 10000 gp.

Tiara of Hostile Augury

While psionics are not very common in Faerûn, Bliss is ware of several psionic organizations on and under the Realms. This tiara, for example, she got after defeating and killing an assassin of the Forak-Erach-Naek. The assassin’s target would be passing through the same subterranean road Bliss was strolling through. Bliss was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The wearer of the tiara becomes aware of the presence of any creature with hostile intent within 30 feet of him, and their direction from him (but not their specific location). The tiara detects active aggression, as opposed to vigilance. In addition, the wearer cannot be surprised or caught flatfooted by creatures that are susceptible to mind-affecting powers. Finally, the wearer can make Sense Motive checks as a free action against anyone within 30 feet of himself. The tiara’s power can penetrate barriers, but 3 feet of stone, 3 inches of common metal, 1 inch of lead or 6 feet of wood or dirt blocks it.

Faint telepathy; ML 3rd; Craft Universal Item, detect hostile intent; Price 18000 gp.


DIVINE 10, Silvanas Seralen, Greatest Winged Princess Halcyon of Aerdrie Faenya

The princess halcyon of the elves is a magnificent sight, even among the elven race. Men and women of every race can’t help but stare at her long blonde hair, her milky white skin, her golden eyes and, of course, the gift of the Winged Mother, the legendary Princess Wings, a gorgeous set of silvery white feathery wings that sparkle under the light, putting even a Solar’s wings to shame. The most widely known priestess of Aerdrie Faenya in the Realms, Silvanas is a manse of kindness and good will.

Silvanas is one of the most prolific searchers of ancient elven artifacts. She often looks for elven relics from before the Crown Wars, and vestiges of the ancient avariel civilization. She looks for such items herself or tries to acquire them from bands of adventurers she hires. When an independent group gets a hold of an item that interests her, Silvanas will try to get it by all means short of open aggression. Aside from that, Silvanas tries to complement her equipment with items that enhance her abilities as a long-range fighter. She carries several wands she can fire from high up in midair, as well as several types of magic arrows.

Amulet of the Wind Waker

This pretty crystal amulet is shaped as a white pigeon wrapping its wings around itself. The amulet allows the user to cast feather fall, levitate and whispering wind at will, with the proper command words.

Faint transmutation; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, feather fall, levitate, whispering wind; Price 19800 gp.

Princess Crown

This legendary item has not been seen for millennia, since the time when avariels were a common sight in the Faerûnian skies. The princess crown was a common garment of the most prominent female priestesses of the Winged Mother. Any remaining princess crowns would be in the few avariel settlements in the Realms and ancient elven ruins (there might be one or two in the ruins of Myth Drannor). Silvanas hasn’t revealed how she came to possess one of these crowns. Some rumor that she might have received it from the goddess herself.

The crown is crafted with a beautiful alloy of gold, silver and mithral. It’s shaped like a thin tiara with a sapphire on the center and two golden avian wings on the sides, above and behind the wearer’s ears. Two long curved horn-shaped pikes reach out of both sides of the tiara, halfway between the sapphire and the wings.

With the appropriate command word, the wearer of the crown can cast lightning bolt (5d6 damage, DC 14 half) from the left horn or wind blast (DC 14) from the right horn. The crown can be used once per round, and only one of the two spells can be used at once.

Faint evocation; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, lightning bolt, wind blast; Price 47250 gp.

Wand Link

The wand link is a magically-infused 10-feet chain with two golden bands at the ends, made to fit wands. The wand allows the wielder to activate the two wands simultaneously, which together count as a quickened spell. The order of the attack calculations is decided by the chain’s wielder. The items must be items that you could otherwise activate (for example, you have to know the command word for the item, a character with no cleric levels could not use this spell to activate a wand of cure light wounds, and so on). The items function normally (you choose the target or area, are subject to any limitation of the items, and so on) and do not suffer any penalties due to being activated quickly by the spell. You may aim the items at the same target or different targets. If more than one item generates a touch effect (such as ghoul touch and shocking grasp), only the last-activated item's touch effect functions, with the other or others having dispersed as if you had cast a spell while holding the charge on a touch spell (in short, activating multiple touch effects is a wasted use of the potential of this spell).

Silvanas usually wears the link so that the two wands are affixed to the edges of her wings, not unlike the red wyrm, Klauth. Solaris crafted the link using Alaunghaer’s Triptych. Damian of Excelsior, who doesn’t know that powerful spell (and doesn’t know Solaris knows it) made the modifications necessary to craft it with Simbul’s Spell Matrix.

Moderate transmutation; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, Alaunghaer’s Triptych or Simbul’s Spell Matrix; Price 60750 gp.

Ring of the Bird Friend

The ring allows its wearer to use animal messenger on any tiny bird within eyesight. When the wearer calls the bird to imprint it instructions, the ring creates appealing food for the bird to feed while the wearer gives the creature the necessary information. For the next hour, the creature acts towards the wearer as if affected by a charm animal spell. So, you could ask the bird to return to your side after the message has reached its destination, unlike what you can do with an ordinary animal messenger spell.

Faint enchantment; CL 3rd; Forge Ring, animal messenger, charm animal, create food and water; Price 8300 gp.


DIVINE 11, Shaila Baster, Most Beautiful Mistress of Revelry and Voice of Sharess


Shaila is, as her title announces, Sharess’ voice in the Realms. As such, it’s not very hard to infer the main traits of her personality. Shaila is a kind-hearted young catgirl with a heart of gold, who finds it hard to say no. And she’s a shameless flirt. She can’t stand poverty, and she’s been known for giving her clothes to pauper women until she’s completely naked. However, while Shaila doesn’t mind being watched while nude (in fact, she often encourages it), she has a strict “look but not touch” policy. More than one man has been disappointed when Shaila won’t allow them (and give them) more than the occasional kiss, the subtle caress and the discrete roaming hand. Shaila is faithful to Lord Damian of Excelsior, as she has openly stated to Sharess’ clergy, and even to the goddess herself. The goddess approves of Shaila’s decision, and it hasn’t seemed to affect Shaila’s position as a favored of Sharess. This would have something to do with the fact that the Lord of Excelsior also seems to be favored by the goddess (Damian’s familiar, a black cat named Bast, was given to him by the Mother of Cats. Some think Bast might be an avatar of Sharess, but that’s just a tavern tale).

As your average follower of Sharess, Shaila likes to show as much skin as possible. Hence, she tries to wear items that contain much magic power in as little space as possible. Shaila favors rings, hairpins, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, but she’s had Damian enchant every single inch of her clothing, including her (of course, see-through) silk robes. Sharess’ clergy has been of help, gifting their most beautiful exemplar with special relics related to the Mother of Cats.

Cat’s Rings

These non-descript earrings are clamped, not pierced, and are usually made of the purest, high quality gold. They’re only made in Sharess’ temple n Calimport, and from there they’re shipped to other churches-festhalls across Faerûn. The reason for this is unknown, but it explains why many of these rings disappear halfway to their destination and end up in other people’s hands. The rings are made to contain a different power each, as well as an additional third power that only works if both rings are being worn.

The left ring makes the wearer immune to the effects of fatigue and exhaustion. The right ring makes the wearer immune to fear, magical or otherwise. When both rings are worn, they allow the wearer to cast remove fear and remove fatigue, each twice per day. In addition, they work as a ring of sustenance. While the wearer rests (for two hours, thanks to the rings), it experiences the most pleasant dreams the mind can conceive, usually displaying the wearer’s greatest and deepest desires. It is known that the goddess herself uses these dreams to send important messages to her faithful.

The Sharessin do not approve of people outside their faithful using these rings, and will actively seek to recover missing Cat’s Rings. The wearer of the Cat’s Rings will notice he or she will be constantly followed by cats wherever he or she goes, if the wearer is a follower of Sharess. The cats will simply follow the wearer, and their attitude will be openly friendly. They have no particular disposition to obey the wearer’s commands, and the rings offer no means of communication with the animals.

A rather less known fact is that the Cat’s Rings reveal additional powers when the wearer also possesses the Cat’s Paws and the Cat’s Bell. These two items are presented below.

Moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Forge Ring, charm animal, remove fatigue, remove fear, sanctuary, speak with animals, summon monster IV, creator must be a follower of Sharess: Price 13360 gp (left), 9520 gp (right).

Cat’s Paws

These gloves, made to resemble a cat’s paw, are too soft and fragile to be used as weapons. They were never intended to be used that way, though. For the desperate, the paws work as ordinary spiked gauntlets, with a 20% chance of the claws breaking after every successful hit.

The paws can be of any color, as varied as real cats can be. Shaila’s paws are a clean white, for example, but black, brown, grey and striped claws are also known. With a command word, the paws become the center of a focalized silence effect. Weapons wielded with a hand covered by a paw make no sound. Doors and windows opened with the same hand make no sound. If moving on all fours, the paws grant a +4 bonus on Move Silently checks. The paws also grant a +2 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks. The effect can be dismissed by the wearer at will. Finally, the paws grant the wearer a +4 competence bonus on Climb checks, as well as Balance checks if the wearer uses both hands and feet, and Perform checks with string instruments.

A character wearing both Cat’s Rings and the Cat’s Paws gains an additional power. No felines will attack the character without first succeeding at a Will save. The save DC is 11 + wearer’s Charisma modifier.

Faint Illusion; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, cat’s grace, charm animal, sanctuary, shatter, silence, summon monster II, creator must be a follower of Sharess. Price 14000 gp.

Cat’s Bell

The Cat’s Bell is a collar (normally blue, red or black) with a tiny gold or brass bell hanging from it. The wearer of the Cat’s Bell suffers a -4 penalty on Move Silently checks.

First, the wearer gains a +2 bonus on saves against sonic and sound-based spells and effects. Second, all of the wearer’s sonic and sound-based spells and effects have their save DC increased by 2.

The Cat’s Bell has additional powers when combined with other items. A character wearing both Cat’s Rings and the Cat’s Bell will draw the attention of and will be followed by all kinds of felines, not only domestic cats. Also, the character can communicate with felines at will, as with the Speak with Animals spell.

A character wearing both Cat’s Paws and Cat’s Bell can negate the bell’s sound at any moment, negating the penalty to Move Silently checks. Also, the character can create a powerful sonic effect by jingling the bell and touching an object with the Cat’s Paws. Treat this as a Shatter spell (Caster Level 3rd; DC 12 + Charisma modifier).

Finally, a character wearing all three items can summon a Three-Headed Leskylor (from Book of Exalted Deeds, page 178) a number of times per tenday equal to half the character’s Charisma modifier.

Moderate evocation; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, charm animal, shatter, silence, speak with animals, spell enhancer, summon monster II, creator must be a follower of Sharess; Price 30000 gp.

Shaila’s Tail Ribbon

While it looks like an ordinary black ribbon, it grants Shaila an additional ability when she wears it. The name comes from the fact that Shaila wears it on her tail, but it works with any natural touch attack.

The ribbon allows its wearer to intensify sensations in herself or a single recipient. To affect other targets, the wearer must succeed on a melee touch attack. Any physical or emotional sensation can be heightened to unbelievable heights by this means, often disconnecting the recipient from reality, creating an extremely heightened interest or emotion, and proving to be an immense distraction from dealing with fast-paced and changing circumstances (such as in a combat situation). For a number of rounds equal to the wearer’s level, all ability checks, attack rolls, damage rolls (minimum I point of damage), and saving throws are made with a -2 penalty, and casting spells is impossible.

Shaila often uses this ability on both combat and social situations to gain an extra advantage. She’s also VERY fond of using it on herself on pleasurable situations.

Strong enchantment; CL 16th; Craft Wondrous Item, empyreal ecstasy, creator must be good; Price 45000 gp.

Ring of the Cat

This pitch black ring allows its wearer to polymorph into an ordinary black cat with the proper command word. The wearer can activate and dismiss the transformation in any moment. While the wearer is in cat form, he can use detect magic at will. Once per day, while in cat form, the wearer can use dimension door, as the spell.

Moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Forge Ring, detect magic, dimension door, polymorph; Price 33500 gp.


DIVINE 13, Sasha Dualen, Grand Exalted Messenger of Peace and Favored of Eldath

Sasha Dualen is an amazing young woman, and everybody admires her (except for Zarim, who hates her). Sasha has fought and won dozens of battles, each of them without drawing the blood of her enemies. She’s Eldath’s favored warrior, and as such, represents the very essence of Eldath’s dogma. Sasha has made an oath to never harm any living creature, and so far she has fulfilled that oath with unbelievable success. Her kindness and purity rivals Yuina’s in that sense. The goddess of peace noticed this, and made Sasha her exalted paragon of good (this happened on 1369 DR, which has led some to think Sasha might have something to do with Eldath’s sudden increase in power and her shifting from the Prime Material Plane to the House of Nature), granting her an impressive array of powers that help her deal with any dangerous situation without breaking her vow of peace. Her force of will is so grand that people who accompany her prefer to subdue rather than kill any enemies they find. Rathan Braelkyr, a Harper from Neverwinter, once said: “looking at those clear blue of hers is enough to feel remorse of killing the most horrid aberration”.

Sasha’s equipment is focused on one single thing: defense. She’s a wizard, and as such, her main means of protection are her abjurations. She can’t rely on ordinary armor or shields, so she is fond of collecting protective magic items with versatile, original defensive abilities.

Shield of the Sanctified Eye Tyrant

This +1 animated mithral buckler was originally forged by the dwarves of Old Shanatar for their most important priests and wizards. Sasha found one while exploring a maze of ruins in the Underdark below the Starspire Mountains in northern Tethyr with Sophia and other DIVINE girls. It’s shaped like the face of a beholder, its level of detail almost terrifying. While its many eye stalks are nothing but ornaments, the large central eye works exactly like a beholder’s. It continually produces a 150-foot cone of antimagic. This functions just like an antimagic field (caster level 13th). All magical and supernatural powers and effects within the cone are suppressed. The shield’s owner decides whether the antimagic cone is active or not (the shield actually shoots its central eye like a real beholder).

Strong abjuration; CL 13th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, antimagic field; Price 115465 gp. Cost 58315 gp + 4572 XP

Ring of Sanctuary

As the name implies, the ring protects the wearer with a Sanctuary effect, activated and dismissed with a silent act of will. The save DC equals 11 + the wearer’s Wisdom modifier.

Faint abjuration; CL 1st; Forge Ring, sanctuary; Price 8000 gp.

Tiara of the Enchantress

Sapphires are widely known for their properties concerning charms and other spells of the enchantment school. This tiara is entirely made of mithral, to offer ultimate lightness and comfort, with an oval-shaped sapphire that covers the wearer’s brow.

While this tiara is worn, all spell of the enchantment school are cast at +1 caster level and have their save DC increased by 2.

Strong universal. CL 13th; Craft Wondrous Item, fox’s cunning, limited wish, spell enhancer; Price 28000 gp.

Ring of Fire Warding

The Ring of Fire Warding is usually made of copper, with a tiny red rose engraved on the middle. To the Eldathyn, fire is one of the greatest dangers, as it threatens the groves and forests they protect. Since they have to deal with the threat of fire quite often, they have devised these useful rings. Sasha’s ring was a gift from Perrin Aspernath, high priest of Eldath in The Groves of Peace, located in the Ardeep Forest, for sending followers of the goddess as well as druids to tend the forest.

While a character wears the ring, its touch extinguishes normal torches, flaming oil, candles and alchemist’s fire instantly. Larger fires are simply diminished. A fireball striking or exploding around the character, for example, does only half damage. A flame blade coming into contact with the character is harmlessly destroyed. The ring fully cancels out a flame strike if the character holds its arms directly in the path of the spell (over the character’s head); this nullifies the ring’s power for 24 hours. In other case, the character takes half damage from the flame strike as for a fireball.

Flame-related illusions, hypnotic patterns, and the like have no effect on a character wearing this ring. A magical flaming sword striking the character encounters no resistance and inflicts normal weapon damage but no fire damage.

Faint abjuration; CL 5th; Forge Ring, aura against flame, creator must be a follower of Eldath; Price 40000 gp.

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