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The Huntsilver Chronicles

By Carey Sauerbrun

Endroth'lic - "Rage of Fire"

Endroth'lic is a magical battle axe wielded by Weber Blackspade, a dwarven warrior who features as an adventurer recruited by Micah in the story by Carey Sauerbrun, The Huntsilver ChroniclesDetailed below are the AD&D gaming statistics and details of  this great battle axe:

Endroth'lic, "Rage of Fire"

Battle Axe +3

XP:5000   GP:15000


Wielder is granted immunity to all types of non-magical flame or heat, while magical flame and heat attacks, including dragon fire, cause only half the normal damage, none if a saving throw is made.

In addition, when wielded in battle, the axe blade glows, as if the metal were scaldingly hot.  The heat in no way affects the wielder, but will cause 1D6 points of burn damage to anyone else that so much as touches it.  This is added to the normal damage the axe might inflict in melee.

When not in combat, Endroth'lic seems to be a well crafted double bitted battle axe forged of cold iron.  When examined closely, fine glyphs can be seen, covering most of the axe's blade and swirling about half way down the shaft.  When in close proximity to any flame, the axe will seem to flicker with a subdued inner glow of its own.  Unlike the glow of battle, this glimmer just reflects the axe's affinity for flame, and touching the axe will cause no damage.



Endroth'lic, called 'Rage of Fire,' was forged in the year 1006 DR by Donigan Blackspade, a master smith of Sundabar.  It was his finest achievement.

The dwarf used every technique he had ever learned to embue the weapon with magic.  He used the finest ores to forge both the blade and the haft.  When the weapon was just about  complete, the smith felt compelled to travel to a certain rift, a molten cavity in the earth lying deep beneath Sundabar known as Everfire.  Donigan, following instructions that he felt came from Clangeddin himself, submerged his finest work in the lava.

When the smith, suffering greatly from the heat of the rift, finally pulled the axe from the fiery depths, it was as if a wave of cool air had washed over him.  The axe glowed with a dusky red shimmer, and the heat no longer bothered the dwarf in the least.

Since that time, first Donigan, then his son and finally his grandson, Weber Blackspade, has carried the axe with pride.  The axe was last seen in Weber Blackspade's possession as he adventured up and down the Sword Coast.  Rumors presist that Blackspade's grandfather may have crafted another or even a few more of the fantastic weapons, though such rumors have been repudiated a number of times by the Blackspade Clan and the rulers of Sundabar.

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