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By Nicholas Burke

Click for full size mapDhedluk

#4: Temple (lesser) of Lathander: this holy temple's primary call is to serve the farming and wood carving community of Dhedluk. However they can aid the occasional adventurer that comes by their way, adventurers are rare since the temple was made for local use. Father Corwin (NG male half-elf Clr of La5) is used to simple questions such as ‘why does the sun set in the west', but is not incapable of answering complex questions that adventurers may have. Father Corwin and his fellow priests will attempt to help any one who calls upon them, particularly any of good alignment. Corwin wears an amulet of detect alignment so as to determine whom to charge what for certain spells. If any individual otherwise does not have the money to pay for a certain spell, father Corwin is generally understanding, but only to a point.


#8: Sir Pennington's Estate: Sir Pennington (LG male human Ftr 6, Prp 2) is a senior member of the Purple Dragon army who has also spent some time serving for the Flaming Fist in Chult. Unlike most Purple Dragon soldiers that fight in melee combat, Sir Pennington fights with Fire Arms (particularly a musket). He closely favors the sport of hunting, and has several skins and stuffed bodies of different beasts and magical beasts in the office (the most notable of which being a Bulette skin rug). Other than his Musket, Pennington has many other Lantanese devices in his possession. He has been known to pay adventurers commission pay for bringing back parts of Orcs, Goblins, and other evil creatures that plague the once proud King's Forest . He is a close friend of Thiombar, and is entrusted in the watch of Dhedluk's front door. Some say that Sir Pennington secretly dreams of encountering the Purple Dragon Thauglor on one of his hunting expeditions, if only to ‘pay his respect' to the Forest 's greatest hunter. He has a pure sense of justice, and expresses a zealous loyalty to her majesty, Alusair.


#13: Guard Post: the guards of Dhedluk are all soldiers of the Purple Dragon Army. Your average guard (LN/LG male human Ftr1-4) carries splint mail, a large steel shield, a masterwork heavy crossbow with twenty bolts, and a masterwork bastard sword. The guard posts are made of wood, and for size purposes are identical to a guard tower (see Stronghold Builder's Guide ), with three levels. At any time there are 1d3+1 guards at a post, and at every post is an alarm. If one alarm is sounded, then all alarms in all other posts are set off. This immediately brings all of the soldiers in Dhedluk to arms.


#15: Town Center : this common area for all folk of Dhedluk has a characteristic statue in the centre of a Unicorn facing one way, a Wyrm facing another way, and a Stag facing another. This area is where the town crier will come out every morning to give the local news. On the outer rim of the town center, near the local Inn , is a ‘Mercenary Board' where adventurers can look to find where their skills might be needed. The Town center is also the prime spot for the town to set up for Shield Meet.


#16: Thiombar's Estate: Generally speaking, Thiombar is too friendly of a person to be spending a lot of time in his own home. Thiombar likes to spend his time among the people of Dhedluk, and makes an effort to get to know well everyone in his town. If there is a problem with one of his people, he helps immediately, usually leaving him very little time to deal with the less social work waiting for him at his estate. Fortunately, his wife Korana is accustomed to helping her husband, having herself studied in such affairs. Thiombar always visits the local inn at least once a day (usually more), even if he never orders a drink while there. If there are any new comers to the city (particularly the adventurers) he prefers to meet them in person so as to properly size their personalities, and the Inn is the most likely of places to have such people. Thiombar is welcome in any home, however is own estate is generally locked, for Korana is only truly comfortable around Thiombar due to her shy personality.


#17: Portal To Suzail: During the construction of Dhedluk, Thiombar's father left three trees standing near the front entrance. Rumor has it that a druid from the Dalelands was employed to bring upon vines and orchids to grow in between these three trees, veiling whatever stood between them. To this day, everyone in Dhedluk knows that there is one Portal in their town, but only the two head priests (father Corwin and father Halluk), the Bookstore keeper Farthin, Sir Pennington, and Thiombar know that the Portal isn't in the Town Hall (as local gossip would suggest), but in between these three trees. Noticing the Portal requires a spot check of DC 30. If the vines are cut away from the Portal itself, the vines grow back immediately (1 round). Furthermore, the Portal itself requires a password to use. Only those who know the true location of the Portal are permitted to know the password. Any attempt to use the Portal without the password results in the user being blocked off. As well, three shambling mounds (one per tree) grow out from the tree trunks to engage the user. Burning the three trees to the ground dismisses the vines, the ability to spawn shambling mounds, and the necessity to use a password. A Detect Magic spell reveals that there is ‘something' in the vines, but it is indistinguishable what. On each tree is an engraved symbol of an animal: a Unicorn, a Wyrm, and a Stag, each symbol facing the same direction as the statues in the town center.


#26: Barracks + Armory + Purple Dragon Center : At any one time, there are 10d4 soldiers and 2d4 Purple Dragon Knights inside the barracks. Individuals who are not members of the Purple Dragon Army are not permitted in the living quarters, kitchen, mess, officer's quarters or the armory. There is an instructor in the barracks, as well as a training facility. All members of the purple dragon army are given free instruction, however adventurers who may wish to be trained (see the Training section of the Dungeon Master's Guide) must pay 50gp at the door per day of instruction, or 25gp to simply make personal use of the training facility. The Purple Dragon Center is where soldiers can be trained to become Purple Dragon Knights, and is open to adventurers who are interested in becoming the Purple Dragon Knight prestige class.


#27 Temple (lesser) of Helm: Father Halluk and his temple are in place to serve the Purple Dragon soldiers protecting the people of Dhedluk. Adventurers are permitted to use the temple, but will not receive many of the special benefits employees of the Purple Dragon Army receive (unless the characters themselves are Purple Dragon soldiers). Father Halluk (LN male human Cle of He5) runs a tight ship, and doesn't like to answer a lot of questions. Most of the time, if someone is not forward with him, he'll direct him or her to the ‘nicer temple' over by the farms. Father Halluk himself can sometimes be seen outside of his temple, weeding out any troublemakers, and assuring the Purple Dragon soldiers of their duty to the crown and their people. He has no sympathy for fools, and will not serve any whom he finds to be chaotic. However, if ever Dhedluk were to come under heavy attack, father Halluk and his followers would come to aid the Purple Dragon soldiers, casting spells such as Protection from Evil and Aid. He may even help the adventurers, if they were to help defend the innocent people of Dhedluk from an attack.


#30 Farthin's Bookstore: At first appearing to be nothing but a simple merchant, Farthin (N male Human Wiz 5, Ex 2) is actually a magic user who is currently living under a pseudonym (exactly why, only Thiombar and Father Halluk know, who both respect his privacy). To common folk, this is just a common bookstore containing nothing but mundane tomes. But a Gather Information check of the DC 20 will reveal some rumors that the keeper of the local bookstore might have some magic items for sale in his basement. Farthin, to filter anyone who doesn't know what their talking about, has a sign on his counter that says in Draconic “For Magic Items, Alchemical Items, or Arcane Lore, ask to see my Rock Collection” (his philosophy being that only those who know Draconic are worth his time). Anyone who asks directly about Magic items is assured that they were terribly mistaken by an old wives tale. However, if they ask to see ‘his rock collection', he says ‘certainly', and opens a secret passage to his basement where several alchemical and magic items await the buyer.

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