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The work contained on the following pages is the property and copyright of Christopher Villinger and is presented here with permission.

Combat Wizard \ Death Sorcerer

By Christopher Villinger

Hit dice: d4

Skills: Concentration (Con), Decipher Script (Int), Knowledge (Arcana)(Int), Spell Craft (Int), Survival (Wis) Listen (Wis)
Feats: Combat Casting, Maximize Spell, Spell Mastery

Prerequisites: Intelligence 16, Charisma 15,

Human characters of these classes gain 1 bonus ability point

Skill Points at 1st Level (2+Int Modifier) x 4
Skill Points after 1st Level: (2+Int Modifier)

Armor: None

Weapons: Staff, Sling, Dagger

Bonus: 1 extra offensive spell at every new level
            25% attack of opportunity before initiative roll
            25% extra damage from listened to creatures

1st level: Can enchant Staff +1
3rd level: Can call small demon for battle           
5th level: Can enchant Staff +2 with abilities
7th level: Additional melee attack
9th level: Fire spells do 50% more damage
10th level
Able to perceive opponents hit points
Able to surround self with Death Shroud
Able to open sucking hole to dimension of death
Able to enchant Staff +3 with powers

Spells per day
Level     1       2       3       4         5          6         7 
1            1
2            2
3            2      1
4            3      2  
5            3      2       1
6            4      2       2
7            4      3       2
8            4      3       3       1

Level  1     2     3       4       5       6      7

9         5      3     3       2
10      5       4     3       2        1
11       5      4     4       2        2
12       6      4     4       3        2       1  
13       6     5      5      3         2       1
14       6      5     5      4        3        2      1
15      7      5      6      4         3       3      1
16      7      6      6      5        4        3      2
17      7      6      7      5        4        4      2
18      8      6      7      6        5        4      3
19      8      7      7      6        5        4      3
20      9      7      8      6        5        5      4

Every time the Death Sorcerer defeats an enemy 1-4 of his hit points are cured
The Combat Wizard has a strong leaning to Crafting Items
Neither are affected by death spells.
The Combat Wizard should have the Improved Initiative feat
These characters are care free and usually chaotic   
Mystra is the Combat Wizard’s Power who demands service once per year

This character is dedicated to the spell book provided
Experience is divided up between the characters and the 3.5v. chart of level up is used.  .

Level     Base Att Bonus   Fort Save  Ref Save Will Save Special

    1                  +0                     +0              +0            +2     Scribe Scroll
    2                 +1                      +0              +0            +3
    3                   +1                    +1              +1            +3 
    4                   +2                    +1              +1            +4 
    5                   +2                    +1              +1            +4     Bonus Feat
    6                   +3                    +2              +2            +5
    7                   +3                   +2               +2            +5
    8                   +4                    +2              +2            +6 
    9                   +4                    +3              +3            +6
   10                +5/+1                +3              +3            +7    Bonus Feat
   11                +5/+1                +3              +3            +7
   12                +6/+1                +4               +4            +8
   13                +6/+1                +4               +4            +8
   14                +7/+2                +4               +4            +9
   15                +7/+2               +5                +5            +9   Bonus Feat
   16                +8/+3                +5               +5            +10
   17                +8/+3                +5               +5            +10
   18                +9/+4                +6                +6           +11
   19               +9/+4                +6                +6           +11
   20              +10/+5               +6                +6           +12  Bonus Feat


Magic’s mind uses world shaking forces of great power to intelligently challenge the entities that rely on fundamental precepts of reality; to succeed is to make a wondrous change in Heaven and Earth. The practice of this art can make a wizard ill while powerful at the same time.  Chaos is a branch of magic that capitalizes on the existence of correctness as a void that can be known.  Events are of no consequence and its opposite is true that events are significant and highly sensitive to arbitrary and wishful thinking. Points of view are important and each judges the situation. This allows the wizard to make sense of his presence as well as sense of the scenario. Omniscient, the wizard punishes a history of evil and judges the creature’s character. There is a feeling of omnipotence to magic due to the separated and analytical type of vision it possesses.  Characterization is related to this and violent acts happen all the time, especially sword fights.  Intellectual spells such as magic-missile, fireball and disintegrate are highly destructive to this void and wreak havoc upon the individual.  Non-intellectual spells are exotic and can harm an individual greatly or work wonders to be admired.  The flesh of a wizard/sorcerer is the same as others, ranging from light to dark yellow and red which are a cover for thoughts and actions that are arcane and occult in nature.  Analysis of a monster is multi-dimensional and includes perception, consumption and corruption, life and its comparison and is assessed with fundamental and great ideas which are highly visceral to basic standards.  Most if not all monsters fail these analyses and pay for evil with their lives.  Simply the sight of a monster is motivation for a magical attack because their evil and abominable nature is so self-evident. Break-down of their mechanisms and a little enlightenment will destroy monsters and experience is consequently awarded to the wizard.  Spells are enacted with rituals and concoctions that are vital to life and existence.  Occult acts before combat are also important to the survival of the magic-user and enhance the effectiveness of spells during combat.  Study of the user’s magic book will strengthen the intellect and re-gain spells to combat the evil and creature-like.  Emanations of light and fire, energy and darkness are the basics for a wizard and these things are inherently destructive to life concepts and truths.   Enchantments are important to a wizard who seeks to grow in power and stature; a stature that is self-evident and admired by all intelligent creatures.  Enchanting the robe and staff of a wizard is commonplace and there are increases in armor class and attacking competence.   Melee is difficult for the wizard because there are so many bright elements and therefore must support himself with enchantments.  Generally, for a +1 enchantment to exist the wizard must have five levels of experience. This requires a great deal of adventure with fighters, paladins, and clerics where dungeons and forests await.   To adventure is a great honor and is pursued with great diligence with the best equipment one can afford.  A Wizard normally wears a robe, and has a staff and a magic-book and maybe a dagger along with spell components such as sulfur, mandrake, arsenic, and an assortment of fungi.  A spell is the best form of melee for the wizard because magic is the realm of the wizard where he is most confident and competent.  To memorize a new spell is an important act and requires great concentration and study.  It is a new area of life and existence that is to be mastered by the wizard who will wield its power with word and component.  Unleashing theses powers is a great act and the damage is undeniable and real.   Fire and lightning, death and magic strike targets and harm them.  With perception, the past present and future of a life are brought into the round which creates a chaotic schism of truth that is highly destructive, especially with the substances that are made by the wizard.  Intellectually powered, these substances take on a new dimension and become salient and harmful to the monster.   The magic-user values most of all, his intelligence and to appropriately deal with a difficulty in intellectual terms adds experience to mind of the wizard.  Eventually a wizard will increase in level and new spells can be added and some existing spells will become more powerful because it is the level the holds and harnesses the power of the spell.  To cast the spell is to exercise the level and thus add experience to one’s character. The wizard may build a tower and have a helper, a familiar and an apprentice.  At this time, the wizard will have amassed a great deal of treasure that includes gold and silver pieces, ornate blades and glorious armor with which he enchants and makes magical.  These enchantments increases the value of the item an hundred fold and are bought and sold along with scrolls, magical stones, wands, and cloaks.  These items are the staple of the trade for the wizard and he may become very wealthy and prominent.  The wealth of a wizard is a reflection of his experience and experience is gained for enchanting items due to his magical effort.  The thoughtfulness of a wizard is important while in study because he has a nervous system that is known by all in proximity during melee and his judgments and analyses are expressed in combat.  To maintain a critical and sometimes hateful analyses of intellectual subjects will empower the wizard to effectively combat the monsters he encounters.   Coherence and safety of a mind is in turmoil with monsters and they violate those precepts intrinsically.  The powers that monsters develop are in pain and deformed that disturb life, God, and the cosmos and thus it becomes the mission of the wizard to combat these problems with the great power that he wields. 

Fire is a consuming reality that burns up the body and makes life ethereal.  It penetrates and permeates the truth and twists it to its will. To wield this power is to wreak havoc on enemies and drive fear into the hearts of monsters.  It is to burn to a cinder the problems of life and turn to ash the powers that confront the wizard.  Fire is pain and physicality propagating itself into every sinew of a character.  It blinds and burns the mind and torments the soul with its heat.  The wizard finds a source of fire to make his own so that he can burn his enemies to death with it.  Being one with this fire is the basis for commanding it and the wizard is burned from it but is not consumed because he performs a proactive action where the fire source is bent to the will of his character.  The wizard must know its singular yet multiple nature and tame it with a spiritual awareness that is ethereal thereby making the fire a part of his being.  His life is forever changed and a hole opens in his heart where the connection to this fire is sustained.  The hatred and contempt burns strong and consumes anything within range and burns to ash every object in its path.  Another way is to know the dynamism and  nature of fire and lock it into an amulet where it is unleashed against the enemies of the wizard.  To hold its truth in your mind is to darken your mind and forever command its destructive nature.  To have a band of goblins destroying farmland is a travesty of justice and this does not pass for genuine reality and fails before the celestial powers.  These things are those that are burned in the fire.  Introducing the creatures to the non-existence that fire permeates is to kill then because they are in fact creations.  The light of fire shines and burns up the small existence of creatures and sends them into the earth.  Small amounts of fire are used and they come in bolts, singular flames and fireballs and due to its intellectual nature they can be used repetitively.  When an event happens, then actions take place and things are accomplished but after this the scenario becomes qualified, eternal and a part of the earth where time stops and its existence is qualified motionless and finished whereupon fire rages forth from the wizards stature as an invoker.  A deep and continual interaction with a monster makes a reality that starts to burn and the wizard harnesses this powerful feeling, focuses it, and releases it against the monster sewing the missile into his nature and damaging him.  The truth of a creature is in the wizards soul, a soul that is in fact a raging fire, and, to bring the authoritative truth of the wizards character in confrontation with the truth of the creature is to destroy.  To lose your soul to a wizard and to be analyzed continually is to turn to fire; a fire that burns brightly in the real world on a mission to destroy an enemy.  To command and dominate other life forms is to subject them to fires that the wizard can create.  Over time, it is omnipotence and accomplishes all things in the fantasy world that the wizard compels it to do.  With a will, this reality brings into creation the truth of the things that are yet to be done and the things that are to be preserved or destroyed which subjugates the truth of what is really happening.  The real world is burned up.  It can easily drive a human or elven mind insane. It has a potent objectifying ability on a monster and all his hatred and evil can be turned in on in itself and destroyed.  Potentials and feats are blown apart and burned up in this catalyst of destruction.  Consciousness is lost and identity is burned away.

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