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Telvor's Vampiric Bone Armor

By Shanehar

This armor defies identification, if detect magic is cast upon it, it will emit a strong necromantic aura. The only means of detecting its true nature is by use of a legend lore spell or wish. The armor was fashioned by a prominent necromancer over a thousand years ago with the help of an evil dwarven cleric of bane. The armor was to be worn by the necromancer's champion, an anti-paladin named Telvor. Unfortunately, Telvor met his end at the hands of a powerful paladin of helm who's name was not known, the paladin left Telvor's body to rot along with all of his items, including the armor. Little is known from this point on, rumors of the armor and its powers have popped up from time to time to little avail. The last known quest for the armor was over 100 years ago and the party never returned.

XP: --
GP: Artifact (priceless)
Type: Armor
Weight: 30 lbs


The armor appears as a large rib cage complete with spinal column and shoulder blades. There are oddly shaped bony protrusions hanging by unseen hinges from the arm and leg sockets. From the interior of the "spine" sprout several smoothly rounded sockets, one on each vertebrae as if to support the armor on its bearer's spine. The bone the suite is made from appears to be human in origin, and is bleached white.



Upon donning the armor the bearer will feel intense agonizing pain for a few moments as the "sockets" on the interior of the "spine" graft themselves to its possessor. Followed by even more horror as the protrusions hanging from the arm and leg sockets "Grow" down around the recipient's limbs. Encircling them with bony rings that pierce the flesh with sharp spikes as they graft them selves to the victim's bones. At this point the bearer must make a successful system shock roll at a negative 40% or pass out from the pain and remain unconscious for 1d6 rounds. Upon awakening the recipient will find himself feeling very drained do to the loss of 50% of his hit points accompanied but a 4 point decrease in the bearers constitution score. The hit points will return normally but the decrease is constitution remains as long as the armor is worn. Should the bearer succeed his system shock roll the same damage and loss of constitution is dealt, causing the victim to fall to the ground and go into convulsions for 1d10 rounds. After the ordeal is over the recipient will feel weakened for 1d6 days, temporarily losing 2 points of strength (all bonuses affected), 1 point of dexterity and making all saving throws at a negative 2. Once the 1d6 days have passed strength, dexterity and saving throws return to normal, and the character may set about a means of removing the armor if he so wishes.


Innate powers:

AC: 0

Major powers:

(Major powers used at a cost of 5 hit points)


Minor powers:





Removing the armor is a task not easily performed; the bearer must be willing and unconscious. It requires 2 mages of at least 18th level, a cleric of at least 14th level, and the powdered skull of a lich. The bearer of the armor must be placed on the alter of a good god whom the cleric is a follower of.

The following spells must be cast in this order:

After this process has been completed the arm and leg portions of the armor will detach and crumble to dust leaving only the "spine" connected. The only method to remove this portion of the armor is to saw it off. In its weakened condition the armor will saw as easily as bone. Each vertebrae cut in this way will cause 2 points of damage to the armors bearer. (There are 10 for humans and half-elves, 9 for elves, 7 for dwarves, 6 for halflings and gnomes). Once the armor has been removed the former bearer must make a successful system shock roll at a negative 10 or die (he may be resurrected) he will then begin to gain back 1 point of constitution per day until fully restored.



Only a successful wish spell will destroy this item. (There may be other ways but they are not known as of now)

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