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The material on the page is the property of Tres Poe (a.k.a "Mkhaiwati") and is used here at Candlekeep with permission.


By Tres Poe

Battlerise is a small village located in Cormyr. A map and key to locations is given below.

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1) Margar Waystable and Stockade

The Margar family trades and sells horses and ponies here for travelers along the Way of the Manticore. The stockade provides a defense against most critters nearby, and the local villagers will use it in time of need. Threats include monsters from the Vast Swamp, lizard folk up from the coast, and threats from the ruined castle which include dark cults, smugglers, undead, or whoever is using it as a base, currently. Smugglers will sometimes use the Rayburton manor also as a base. At nighttime, undead have been seen near there. The Rayburton estate also had some tunnels and caverns underneath. The tunnels may connect to the castle ruins.

Notable NPC’s:
Kordon Margar, father and leader (47), Exp7, head of whatever militia there is and unofficial mayor of community since there isn’t any true leader.
Harland Margar, oldest son, Com5, 28 years old
Meredith Margar, married to Harland, Com2 26 years old
Fileas Jurnril, daughter, Com3, 25 years old
Othwald Jurnril, married to Fileas, Exp3, 29 years old
Derglas Margar, youngest son, Com2, 21 years old
Yarlanth Margar, daughter of Harland, 3 years old
Roger Jurnril, son of Othwald, 3 years old
Terkina Jurnril, daughter of Otheald, 1 year old

2) “Battlegate” Auntiver Family Castle

The ruins of the Auntiver family castle. The upper level is occupied by some lizard folk, the lower level is used by the Cult of the Dragon who tries to scare people away with undead.

3) Rayburton Estate

The ruins of the Rayburton estate and manor, including a barn and a stone fountain.

4) Crazy Welgan’s farm

Crazy Welgan, Com4, 51 years old, lives alone. His farm is mainly turnips, potatoes, and some assorted vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, carrots. He raises (but does not eat) rabbits and constantly talks to them as if they were people.

5) Blearla the Witch

     Blearla, Adp6, 37 years old

She grows some small vegetables for her own consumption. Blearla owns a few apple trees on her property, and is always chasing the children from neighbors away from the wall. She also knows some curing spells and basic magic. Blearla loves to gossip.

6) Gregory Jurnril Farm

Gregory Jurnril (father of Othwald), Exp 6, 46 years old, farms turnips, potatoes, onions, carrots, and oats and raises a few goats and cows.
Lyddia Jurnril, wife, Com6, 44 years old
Kelvin Jurnril, son, Com5, 22 years old

7) Aervin Brightwood Farm

Connor has started removing the trees next to the hedge in anticipation of having more land to farm for next year. Donwen has her eyes set on Kelvin Junril (#7).

Aervin Brightwood, Exp7, 53 years old, farms turnips, potatoes, beans, goats, chickens
Atala Brightwood, wife, Com6, 52 years old
Connor Brightwood, son, Com4, 26 years old
Navarra Brightwood, daughter in law, Com4, 26 years old, sister to Marvin Brambledale #14
Donwen Brightwood, daughter, Exp5, 23 years old
Melinda Brightwood, granddaughter, 4 years old

8) Yurland Talltree Farm

Shesara is trying to convince Yurland to expand next year into the land once held by the Rayburton estate to grow more lucrative crops.

Yurland Talltree, Com3, 33 years old, farms potatoes, beans, grain, pigs
Shesara Talltree, wife, Com3, 28 years old, sister to Juliana Brambledale #14
Wulric Talltree, son, 7 years old
Alice Talltree, daughter, 4 years old
Rowan Talltree, daughter, 2 years old

9) Valiir Gemsight Farm

Valiir has taken over the land across the Way of the Manticore to give the land on her farm a rest from growing. Other neighbors haven’t objected as they also are expanding their farms. She has refused the marriage attempts by Halgan Lightwind (#12) as she sees that there is no romance. But she still enjoys the attention, so she lets him continue asking.

Valiir Gemsight, Com8, 58 years old, she farms turnips, greens, beans, corn, cows, chickens
Ivan Longfang, Grandson in law, Com2, 19 years old
Susan Longfang, Granddaughter, Com2, 17 years old (Her mother was named Kayla and was killed two years ago from undead)

10) Ingram Darkshadow Farm

Ingram Darkshadow, Exp4, 35 years old, farms potatoes, corn, onions, greens, cows, goats
Vonda Darkshadow, Exp4, 36 years old

11) Saevel Longfang Farm

Saevel Longfang, cousin to Ivan #9, F6, 31 years old, farms turnips, greens, beans, chickens, pigs
Chadra Longfang, wife, F5, 30 years old
Nathan Longfang, son, Com1, 11 years old
Ulric Longfang, son, 9 years old
Kara Longfang, daughter, 5 years old

12) Halgan Lightwind Farm

Halgan has also expanded his farm, removing part of the stone wall separating his land from that of #26. He is also actively courting Valiir Gemsight (#9), hoping to add their lands together and create a larger estate also encompassing the ruined farmhouse #26. Romance isn’t involved, it is purely business (Valiir is 21 years his elder.)

Halgan Lightwind, Com4, 37 years old, farms turnips, grain, beans, greens, chickens

13) Leofric Greenfield Farm

Leofric Greenfield, Rog7, 30 years old, farms potatoes, greens, corn, chickens, pigs, goats
Adela Greenfield, wife, Sor6, 28 years old
Bardulf Greenfield, son, 3 years old
Eleanor Greenfield, daughter, 1 year old

14) Marvin Brambledale Farm

Marvin spent a few years when he was younger away with the Purple Dragons. Rumors have him helping either King Azoun IV or the Harpers in some unnamed capacity. He returned to Battlerise 10 years ago and married Juliana. He has since expanded his farm, and is very vigilant when it comes to “visitors” from Battlegate. He definitely knows how to hunt undead that come from the castle.

Marvin Brambledale, Rang5, 29 years old, farms potatoes, beans, grain, cows, pigs, chickens, brother to Navarra Bightwood #7
Juliana Brambledale, wife, Exp3, 30 years old, sister to Shesara Talltree #8
Dunstan Brambledale, son, 9 years old
Lionel Brambledale, son, 8 years old, twin
Sibilla Brambledale, daughter, 8 years old, twin
Mary Brambledale, daughter, 6 years old
Savaric Brambledale, son, 5 years old
Yvonne Brambledale, daughter, 3 years old
Rhona Brambledale, daughter, 2 years old

15) Purple Dragon Garrison

A company of Purple Dragons are stationed here, consisting of 20 Blades, 2 Firstswords, 1 Swordmajor, 3 Royal Scouts, 1 Guidon, and 1 Swordcaptain. (See the article on Cormyr’s army in the Candlekeep archives.) The current Swordcaptain is Branton Spurbright, of the Spurbright noble family near Espar.

16) Mill (ruins)

17) Farm (ruins)

18) Inn (ruins)

19) House (ruins)

20) Tavern (ruins)

21) Farm (ruins)

22) Farm (ruins)

23) Farm (ruins)

24) Farm (ruins)

25) Farm (ruins)

26) Farm (ruins)

27) Farm (ruins)

28) Farm (ruins)

29) Farm (ruins)

30) Farm (ruins)

31) Community Well

32) Village Orchards

There are mostly nut trees here, and a festival happens in the fall when it comes time to harvest them. The trees are walnuts, with some pecans and other nut trees mixed in with them. No one has claim to the land, so everyone that participates shares in the harvesting of the nuts.

33) Graveyard

34) Monument (boundary marker)

There is a simple inscription on the stone here. “The land beyond this marker belongs to Cormyr. Long may the King reign.” On top of the stone is a sculpted dragon. It was put here during the reign of King Palaghard II. Across the Darkflow River, there are two statues depicting some ancient Sembian ruler, pointing toward Cormyr.

35) Sembian Garrison/Waypost

A Sembian company guards this spot along the Way of the Manticore. They patrol their side of the river and will inspect all goods into and out of Sembia.

36) Sembian farmer

A Sembian farmer named Harald Ambelor works the farm here. He grows potatoes, carrots, corn, and some wheat. He also raises chickens and pigs. He is always willing to trade with the Cormyreans, when he can escape the notice of the Sembian guards.

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