TSR, Inc. Internet Policy

The following policy statement briefly summarizes TSR's approach to use of our intellectual property on the internet.

  1. If you want to use a TSR trademark, go ahead and download one of the files located at our player logo page. Use of these logos is on the condition that you don't generate any revenue from the site at which it is used. All of our other logos are off limits. Use of our word trademarks is okay provided you are using it only as text and let people know that it is our trademark. Also, make sure that users understand that there is no relationship between yourself and TSR. We would appreciate it if you would use our TSR Home Page logo on your page as a hyperlink to our page.
  2. Yeah, the artwork is pretty amazing, but please don't load it onto your web site. We can cut non-profit web pages a little slack, but in no event may you place more than one or two images on your web site.
  3. Don't quote large sections of text from our products. A couple paragraphs for purposes of commenting on the product is fine, but more than that is off limits. As with trademarks, we're going to be pretty tough on stopping any use of our material that is used to generate revenue for someone else.
  4. Go ahead and write your own adventures, stories or rules variations, but make them original. We would also appreciate it if you could use a little class - sure, pornography and graphic violence sell, but we try to keep a respectable image, and we need your help.
  5. Go ahead and create your own MUD, MUSH, or even video game, but (i) don't use any of our illustrations and (ii) don't try to make any money from it.
  6. Remember, ours is the only official TSR home page. If you hold yours out as official, or lead people to believe yours is official, we'll have to ask you to make some changes.

If you've got any further questions, direct them to our webmaster, Alex. Failure to comply with the terms of this policy is a violation of intellectual property laws and may compel Brian Lewis, one of our in-house attorneys, to take corrective action.

The current version of this policy is always available from TSR's Web Site: http://www.wizards.com/Corporate_Info/TSR_Online_Policy.html

TSR trademarks™ and copyrights© TSR, Inc. All rights reserved.

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