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 [Adventure Help] The Marriage of Xvim
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Charles Phipps
Master of Realmslore

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Posted - 07 Apr 2023 :  15:10:56  Show Profile  Visit Charles Phipps's Homepage Send Charles Phipps a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
I'm preparing a Planescape/Forgotten Realms adventure and it'll be a pretty big one for game sessions. I had a very funny premise of the player characters being invited to the wedding of Xvim the Baneson. Who is he marrying? I'm not sure, though I was debating Glasya the daughter of Asmodeus or a less impressive Fiend.

My current thoughts are:

1. The cult of Cyric will be planning to disrupt proceedings because that's what the cult of Cyric does. They're less interested in trying to kill everyone than, really, than trying to humiliate Xvim when he's trying to project power.

2. Xvim is still disrespected and disliked by the former followers of his father as well as considered inferior to Bane the tyrant. People will be talking shit about him at his own wedding.

3. Fzoul is Xvim's Chosen but he's essentially an Epic level Priest working for a second tier (at best) deity. He has a lot more influence on the god than might reasonably be expected.

4. A deranged Fraternity of Order philosopher believes that Bane can be resurrected through the power of belief by Xvim simply claiming to be Bane reborn. The player characters can essentially take his ideas to Xvim or Fzoul to do so, resulting in Bane's resurrection.
Why would they do this? Essentially, to screw with Cyric who is causing way too much trouble unchecked.

5. The player characters will also get the opportunity to assassinate Xvim instead. So it's a choice between helping him ascend or destroying him when he's at his weakest.

6. The wedding will have avatars of gods, proxies, and everyone on their best behavior. Except Cyric because Cyric has no respect for any divine traditions. It'll be a fun chance to have Szass Tam and others in a non-violent setting.

I'm currently trying to figure out what sort of other guests to have there, side events, and possibly where to set it.

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Posted - 27 Apr 2023 :  19:06:36  Show Profile Send DeBasilisk a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Just wanted to give you a big thumbs up for the cool idea! I think the bride should also have ulterior motives. If it’s Glasya, those are obvious. But maybe you could throw a huge wrench in there and have the bride be someone no one expects, or can explain. Like maybe an Angel, or high priestess of Sune, or someone else you wouldn’t expect. Then you could have intrigue about her motives. What year are you setting this in, out of curiousity? I assume it must be before the re-emergence of Bane…..
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Great Reader

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Posted - 28 Apr 2023 :  05:13:24  Show Profile Send Ayrik a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Better make sure Xvim and his wife both have Lawful Evil alignment if you want the marriage to be "lasting", "happy", and "productive".

Recent versions of D&D quite inconsiderately lack that specific alignment. Probably why people always prefer old-edition weddings.

I expect Xvim's motivation is to gain access to more power. While the motivation of Xvim's betrothed would be to gain access to the Realms.


Edited by - Ayrik on 28 Apr 2023 05:17:24
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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 20 May 2023 :  16:01:39  Show Profile Send redking a Private Message  Reply with Quote
You will want a good motivation as to WHY Xvim is marrying some fiend. Suggestion: the fiend is known as the "mother of demigods", because she has already given birth to two demipowers (the fathers are two different gods), and is prophesied to have a third. Actually birthing a god is a cosmologically rare event, and Xvim wants to make sure that he is going to be the father. For extra fun, make the prospective "wife" a succubus, perhaps a lilitu. Xvim is taking a risk that his seed will be strong enough that the child will not be a Chaotic Evil demipower of the Abyss.
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Senior Scribe

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Posted - 21 May 2023 :  15:52:24  Show Profile Send Delnyn a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Graz'zt then cuckholds Xvim and sires the new divine brat.
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Posted - 24 May 2023 :  20:12:36  Show Profile Send rangerstranger a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Delnyn

Graz'zt then cuckholds Xvim and sires the new divine brat.

Graz'zt pops in only to exercise his right to Prima Nocta
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