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 A Troubled Economy (Deceased): Weshtek
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Great Reader

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Weshtek's Journal

Alzhedo then Common

Tags: #Weshtek Intermittent Observations Travel Journal

14 NOV 2-17

URL below is to the original post so you can read it in Alzhedo if you like! :)

I was approached today, by a Wizard. He was incredibly agitated. The caravan I just arrived in would not hire him because of how cheap I offered my services. I am aware that people need to make a living. Once again, I find myself slipping into habits of old. I apologized to this person. I paid him the difference and told him to go ahead and take the job. I will begin charging an appropriate amount for one of my services. We do not come at such a low cost.

It has been a long time here. The village has grown to accept me, reluctantly. I pay for my lodging and food. I help in any capacity they will let me. Still, an entire year has passed since anyone has been willing to hire me. I am said to bring the bad luck if I am hired.

Success! I have been hired! Another caravan, this one traveling further east, and for the rates the Wizard suggested so long ago. I hope to fix my errors moving forward.

Each caravan is different. This is not always a bad thing. Some duties are less arduous then others. I have discovered that I enjoy cooking. Ari has taught me much in the way of her cultures cooking. I have taught her some of the craft I know for finding tasty herbs during our travels.

I do not know if I can keep with this caravan. They are incredibly rude to me. I am watched all the time, and treated like a criminal. I may ask for a portion of my wages and leave. I understand I look different. I even accept much slander to my person. I can only take so much before I have to leave or cause a problem. Harmony must be kept in a tribe. This is no tribe. I will not risk my harmony for them.
I stumbled upon the remains of the caravan today. It looks like bandits attacked and were successful in taking everything of worth. I do not want to feel justified in my desire to leave, but they made me dislike them so very much. Still, I wish we could have gotten along.

I picked up a small job in Yeshpek. I was happy to get any work, after traveling many days on foot to reach this city. I was to join a small band of mercenaries off to sell themselves in the neighboring town of Tulmon.

Tulmon was not a happy city. Once it became clear I was a arcane caster, I was told to leave town. Apparently there is a arcane caster that rules the city. How odd, that an arcane caster would rule rather than help his people. So many different cultures, I am grateful I was allowed to leave. I continue my travels southeast.

A large ruined city of a name that is known to the locals I imagine. Sadly, there is no one with me as I walk, so I do not know what place I pass. Fortunes smile on me, and I find a boat service willing to take me across. It only cost me a gold coin. I think this price is high, but I am in no position to bargain.

The other side is a small village. The people seem withdrawn and guarded around me. Considering what I have seen as I traveled in these lands, I cannot claim surprise. I am very open, and slow to move. I do manage to buy some supplies. I do not see myself making it far without something to help. I was able to learn from Jorah that autumn will soon be arriving. This means winter will not be far off. I need to find a place to stay.

I arrive in the city of Ormpur. I am able to secure myself lodging, and I even managed to find a job. Nothing glamorous, but it will help offset the cost of my stay during the next few months. I am to help the kitchen staff prepare meals. My arcane abilities make the duties light and Borus happy. I eat well, and I keep myself busy during the winter.

Spring is soon to arrive, and that means the caravan season is starting once again. I am lucky to find a job with a caravan. Borus is unhappy with me leaving, but understands that I have my own life to live.

We pass the village of Sheirtalar, to the south of Ormpur. It is a small village that doesnít offer much. Steil picked up some things from a villager. It looked like something that has happened before.

A bandit attack in the mountains. Steil calls them the the dung hills. I do not know why the name is so odd, I cannot smell anything off about this area. No matter. The bandits set up an ambush and succeeded in killing 2 horses, a oxen, and 4 people. I was wounded as well, but managed to help fight off the assault. I am waiting for the word on when we will travel again as loads are redistributed.

We are attacked again, this time in the forest to the east of the dung hills. Steil was prepared for this one, and warned us. Apparently, banditry is common here in the forest. Was the attack on the hills a surprise? No losses on this attack. Since I was prepared, I was able to better aid our fight against the bandits. Steil tells me I may get a bonus when we reach our destination.

We arrive at a village. Kormul. Nothing noteworthy, save that we did a small bit of trading. We take a 2 day break, then head out north.

Shaarmid is different from many other cities I have visited. It is a small city, defensively built. They do not hold to all the tribes. Many I have come across during my travels in this land. They know of the dangers out there and wish to protect the caravans. I am questioned about my home land. Not in disgust, but with interest. I share much of what I remember, happy to share my life with others. They share theirs in return. The week the caravan stays here, due to tribal wars happening, is a highlight in my travels.

Steil informs me that his caravan is actually returning. I do not wish to travel back just yet. So I wish him the best and go searching for another option. It takes a short while, but I am able to hire on as a guard for with a man, Albus traveling east. It is just him and his cart. He doesnít offer much, but I like his personality, so I accept. I have made good with my money, so I do not feel a need to charge the correct rate.

The travel is long, with periodic stops at villages along the way. He seems to know everyone, and they spend the time sharing news of their locations. It is a peaceful journey.

We approach a city, a city of iron Albus tells me. They call it Khorval. The smell of all that iron tingles my nose. I am in awe at the abundance of iron. The very buildings are clad in it! I have seen much iron used since arriving in Calimport, and in my travels. Yet nothing prepared me for how prevalent the iron is in this city. Albus tells me that he is going to pick up some things and return. So, this is the parting of our ways. I feel guilty, but he assures me that he has traveled this route several times and doesnít really need a guard. He just wanted some company.

I manage to find a job with a trader heading east to Delzimmer. I hire on. Not as a guard, but as labor I soon discover. I am worked hard, barely fed and treated like some manner of beast. It is not an easy journey, but one I tolerate. I am fed, and while it may be sparse compared to what people here are used to. It reminds me of my life back in Chult. I had gotten so used to big meals that I was losing my touch with Ubtao. I used this time to remember where I came from. I did not go hungry, and learned to take time during my work to get some food as well. My trapping skills are rusty, but with perseverance I should be able to get a small creature to cook and eat.

We passed by a city called Earthheart. Gold Dwarves live here. There is some trading, but it is quick, quiet and over before anyone even has a chance to stretch. We are told we are not stopping for a rest, but have to continue on. There is much grumbling, but after looking at the heavily fortified walls, and all the armed dwarves looking at us, people quieted down and moved onward.

We arrive at Delzimmer. A large city. Filled with all manner of people. I have not seen a city like this since Calimport. I am dismissed. I did not get paid. I tried arguing about it, but I quickly felt I was not going to succeed. If anything I might end up in jail. So, I left his company, and began searching for some work. I was able to find a job as a cooks assistant for a halfling caravan traveling south around the Lluirwood, then east to the capital city of Beluir. I readily accepted, hoping that the halflings would treat me better than my previous employers.

Life with the halflings is slightly better. I am treated the same, but my food and care is better. I am no more than an errand boy. It irritates me greatly. I have such skill and ability. I have traveled very far. Do they not grasp my importance? The time drags by, a little faster than before, but not by much.

Beluir is an amazing city. Farms surround the city, the place is lovely. Sized for halflings, but lovely nonetheless. I am paid, so that is a surprise. Even a fair wage, considering. I am told to head to the docks, for that is where tall folk keep.

I spend a couple days resting, and getting my supplies in order. I have to get new clothes made. The ones I have are all worn and tattered. I can imagine why I am treated so poorly when I look like this.
It takes some effort to get my clothing done, they are not used to the Calimshan style this far east. Many think that is my homeland.

I find a small trader with a few wagons. He will be traveling to Shoun, he mentioned how there would likely be someone traveling further east. He could not make any promises. I accepted the chance to leave Beluir. My time with the halflings, while not as bad as some trips, left me feeling uncomfortable around so many of their kind. I think it is their size.

As the trader promised, I have found a trader traveling East. His destination is Assur. I am told this is a long leg of a trip, and will be filled with many bandit attacks. I accept this, and prepare to meet whatever challenges present themselves.

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring

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Great Reader

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Captured, blindfolded, marched & rescued

Tags: #**** pirates #ihateankhegs #Weshtek

07 DEC 2017

This is only the second time I have been on a boat. Such wonderful creations. The skill involved in making one, not to mention the skill to float it along the waters, propelled by the winds. It is truly a wonder to behold.

During my travels, I noticed another boat join us. At first, the crew was nervous, but when they saw the flag, their tensions eased. Something about pirates. I do not understand what pirates are, but judging by the reactions, they must be boat bandits. These I am familiar with.

The ship managed to gain on us, then it was revealed that it was indeed a boat bandit. We worked hard to avoid capture, but we lost to their skill and might. They were too many for me to fight.

I was taken captive, and held in the bottom of the boat. Sometime later, days? I lost count. Myself and the remaining survivors were sold to orcs. They are a brutish lot, and I had only heard stories of orcs, and have met a few half orcs. None of that prepared for the sheer brutality of the race however. I was blindfolded, and marched. We all were. We marched for days. It was in the evenings, when we were fed and watered that the blindfolds were removed. I recall traveling through a hot desert for a long duration. Then mountains. During the march, we ran out of food and water. This did not stop the orcs. They simply killed a captive, harvested him and fed themselves. Us captives were fed as well. I cannot speak for the others, but I am guilty of accepting the sustenance. I pray Ubtao will forgive my desire to survive this situation.

We arrived in some cool place. So cold I began to get chilled. Suddenly, our blindfolds were removed. The orcs carried torches, then pushed the remaining four captives, including myself, into a shallow pit. The orcs started laughing, as we felt the very ground begin to move. Soon, large insectoids emerged. They were quite large, and latched onto the others. I managed to avoid their grasps. The orcs were laughing and passing coin. Apparently we were nothing more then an amusement for them. They left me there, with the sputtering torches burning out. Wondering on my fate, I tried to once again free myself from the manacles. As I laid there, growing ever thirsty and hungry, with the knowledge that I could alert the Ankhegs of my presence, I heard voices.

In my delirium, I called out, asking if they were spirits. I did not hear anything in reply. I think I may have passed out. Soon, I heard the voices again. This time I yelled, as best I could. I didnít even bother to wait for a reply.

It has been too long since I last ate. I donít recall the last time I had anything to drink. I was on the brink of death. Through lack of water, starvation or a meal for the Ankhegs. It was not or never. Trusting in Ubtao, I called out. In my delirium I swear I heard questions asked of me. I answered.

Ubtao be praised, I saw people arrive, just as the Ankhegs appeared. I screamed and rolled around until I was grabbed by one.

The sounds of battle could be heard. I donít know if I was being saved, when suddenly hands started grasping at my feet. I quickly froze. Not knowing if this person wanted to help, but by not resisting, I increased my odds of helping these strange hands. Within seconds, my feet were freed of the fetters. Understanding dawns on me. I am indeed being freed!

I turn over, as best I can, offering my manacles to the hands. Soon, I am free, from my manacles and the Ankheg. I roll out in time to see one of my saviours getting dragged down in the sand.

I quickly run over and break a couple legs off from a fallen Ankheg, and begin rubbing them together, trying to imitate the sounds of baby Anks, in the hopes that will draw the remaining Ankheg back. At the same time, another of my saviours jumps into the sand and begins digging himself down to follow.

I beging working the sounds, and I stay with it. I cannot tell what is happening below, but want to help these people as best I can. I need to show them my appreciation, in hopes that I can gain further assistance.

After a few moments, both men emerge from the sand. Once everyone is safe, I am lead with the group back to their camp. Enroute, we are attacked by a cold darkness. We run away. The spirit is able to pass through the door and continues to attack. I picked up a dropped weapon, to come aid these people, when they successfully stopped the attacks.

I immediately returned the weapon, hilt first, to the owner. I wanted to make sure they knew I was not a threat. The person readily accepted the weapon back, asking me if I liked tea. I do enjoy tea. I was not aware of itís importance, but this man appeared to find it incredibly important.

I then settled in, and told these men what had happened to me. I am happy to help them in what they are doing.

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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Great Reader

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The Gods are Watching

Tags: #godcall #religious #Weshtek

18 DEC 2017

I am grateful to the people that have rescued me. I have gathered the names.

Shino, something of a martial adept. Kind of like my own training.
Donjo, a warrior of his culture
Sahil, a medicine man
Rakor, a religious trader
Tuck, a sailor
Makoto, a religious man

I was given some water and food. The generosity of these people is very high. I find myself becoming tasked with helping them in recompense for their kindness.

While finishing up my meal, discussion was taken on where to go. Should we travel outside, to a city, or continue our exploration here, in the subterranean. It was decided that going into a city may be the worse kind of choice, given the lawless state it is likely in.

I asked why this was the case, and was explained about the problems with the trade. How no one was able to come in or out of the area. This reminded me of my capture, and I mentioned it as such. They all agree that there is likely a concerted effort by several countries to cut off trade to this country.

Tuck went and stealthily checked on a fallen companion who had some notes that would aid them in determing some additional information. We waited, nervous about attacks from where wolves. I do not know what these monsters are, but judging by my companions reactions, it would appear they are fearsome beasts indeed. After several long minutes, there was a massive splash in the waters behind us. We all turned, startled, expecting to see one of the ravening beasts. Instead, it was Tuck, laughing at us for his little joke.

Once we calmed down, he informed us the snow was thick up top and leaving anytime soon would be foolhardy. I asked what snow is, and had it explained. Then Tuck used his magics to show me. Truly a wonder to live in a land so cold that the very rain turns into a white substance that doesnít flow away, but piles up on itself. I have gotten used to cold nights in the deserts of Calimshan, but never experienced weather like this.

So, the decision was made to explore further underground. We traveled to the Ankheg chamber, where I was found. We climbed a small area in the far back and discovered a forked passage. We took the right, and explored it deeper. Tuck was very cautious in searching for traps. He discovered 3 coffins, but no traps. He stepped away as Donjo and Sahil started inspecting.

No sooner had Tuck stepped away when there was a tearing sound, followed by a scream of incredible pain from Donjo. Everyone immediately went into fight mode. Shino, Rakor and myself went running in to see what we could. As we charged in, you could feel the holy might of Sahil pulsing. Donjo was crawling on the ground, trying to get around a wall when Shino grabbed him and drug him out and away from the fight. Rakor, aiding Sahilís holy efforts, managed to dispatch the skeletons just as I arrived to lend aid.

Donjo was horribly injured. He could not use or feel his legs. Reacting quickly, we bandaged him to slow the bleeding, then made a stretcher out of each person present. We carried him back to the room with iron doors. His injury was so heavy, that I began singing to Ubtao, asking for aid in Donjoís recovery. Sahil also joined in, with his own singing. Our cultures are different, yet they blended nicely. If it wasnít for such circumstances I would love to sing with Sahil some more, in celebration of our gods.

At our camp of iron doors, we secure the room as Shino cleans and prepares Donjo for his cultures death rites. Apparently, when one is mortally wounded, rather then live with the injury, the injured composes a poem and kills himself with self evisceration. His head is to be cut off as well. Theirs is a strange, frightening culture. I do not understand this, but it is not my place.

I strip down to my loincloth, and begin covering my body in holy symbols. All the while, I continue my singing, as Sahil continues his. Once I am done, I begin dancing, praying to Ubtao to help this man Donjo. I notice Rakor is placing coins around Donjo and saying prayers as well. As our prayers continue, Donjo is ready. He reads his poem, picks up his short sword, and plunges it into his abdomin. Praise Ubtao I did not stop my singing! Such barbaric traditions! I wanted to turn away, but I was caught up in the gruesome act. Donjo is a man of incredible willpower and fortitude. He not only stabbed himself, he carved a path across his stomach! Not just once, but three times! As he finished his last stroke, the sweat beading on his forehead, his eyes determined, a blast of light appeared above the small pond. There was a image, that kept being replaced by, and replacing them, of a man in heavy armor. I think there was something said, but I was too stunned to hear. As soon as the light appeared, it vanished.

I blinked, and glanced at Donjo to see that he was fully healed. No wounds in his stomach, and I notice a leg twitch. Ubtao be praised! Our prayers were answered and Donjo has been healed.

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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Great Reader

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Exploration, Discovery, Reflection

Tags: treasure underground warmer then winter above ground

02 JAN 2018

Our discussions have led to us agreeing to explore the various passages of our new winter home. Perhaps we can shed some light on the differences we are finding down here. From natural cave formations, to worked areas. This entire place is a mystery.

We have stumbled upon some undead, which Mr. Sahil was able to quickly dispatch. Some other shadowy things, that we were able to dispatch with ease as well, thanks for Sahilís magics.

We have found doors, but each proves a puzzle. Do we want to risk opening a water logged door, expecting a flood of water? Perhaps get past a door made with anti-magical, anti-melting properties? Each passage is itís own riddle, that we are slowly unraveling.

One such passage, that led us past a large area of bat droppings, opened into a odd room with stone piles in passages.

During his exploration, Tuck discovered a very angry Ogre. We all rushed to help, and Shino proved very capable in dispatching the Ogre. Once again, I was of no use. I feel my presence is more for social company then to actually help in a fight. I should not worry. Opportunities like these keep happening. I am certain I will be able to aid in some manner as we explore more.

The Ogre had quite the collection from his past exploits. A Longbow made of Lluirwood, crafted by a famed maker. I do not recognize the name, but the expression from my companions indicates it is a very rare find indeed. I was offered the opportunity to use the bow, but I happily passed it to the warrior Donjo to use. I feel he would get more use from it. As thanks, he is allowing me to use his longbow.

We gathered up much of what we could find, I brought forth a magical disc to help carry everything, and we returned to our base camp. The room with Iron Doors.

I hope we are as fortunate as this last time in our future endeavors.

This is what we found in the Ogreís lair:
+Leather armor sized for a halfling
+chainmail sized for a dwarf
+chainmail sized for a human (3 suits)
+studded leather, designed by elfs
+broken shields (3)
+tower shields (2)
+sacks of coins
+1-2,063 valins
+2-45 valins, 350 krints
+3-1,067 gold
+4-8 gems, 3 necklaces, silver bracelet, small jade statuette
+5-2 brass candleholders, fine mirror, valin chalice, 17 pair of earrings, 5 gold rings, Valin Holy Symbol (of illmater)

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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Great Reader

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Doors, Spirits and Basilisks

Tags: #Weshtek respect for Tuck

16 JAN 2018

We have decided to continue our exploration of the cave system. Mostly to keep ourselves occupied with the dreary life of sitting in one place, waiting for the cold weather to pass.

At one point, we get so restless to decide to brave these where wolves and see the weather up top. As we move along, cautiously, we discover a secret door that has been propped open with a large stone.

Donjo steps into the doorway and helps push the stone out. Once the stone moves, the door slams shut. I tried to stop it, but to no avail. We push and pry, with no effect. Then, Sahil was able to peer into the stone, to see that the mechanism working the door was broken. Tuck used his magicís to repair the inner workings, and with the crowbar and aid from Rakor, we were able to open the door, getting to Danjo. The cold air hit us like a force. I have experienced cold before, but nothing so numbing.

We moved forward, avoiding a open pit trap, into the outside air. I beheld this snow my companions have been talking about for the first time. It is simply amazing! I am sitting there, absorbing the wonder of it all when suddenly I am hit with a soft rock. I turn around only to see Danjo pressing another pile of the snow together to throw at me. I block the attempt and reach down to see if I can do the same. I can!

We then have fun throwing snow at each other for a short time. Expending a lot of energy, and just having fun. Such a welcome moment after all this time down below. The cold starts to seep into our bones, and so we head back. As much as we would love to stay out here, the cold is too much. We close the secret door, but it is no longer operating like it once did. We can open and close it, but there is nothing to prevent anyone else from doing the same.

After a brief rest, we travel to the water logged door. There, Sahil works his magics to open the door. There is a darkness beyond. We cautiously explore the area only to discover itís another room, with 2 sarcophagi. These are sealed with wax. I break the seal, expecting something to happen. Nothing does. Danjo and I begin to move the lid, when we start hearing screams. We stop and look around, expecting to see something. Nothing happens. We decide to shift the lid so we can peer below, but without opening the sarcophagus completely. The screaming gets louder, and light doesnít penetrate into the sarcophagus.

Feeling unnerved, we quickly settle the lid back down and leave. We return to our camp, to rest and eat. Once we are ready, we head out to the room with the magical door. We prepare for the worse, as Sahil removes the stone from the hinge side of the door. The moment he does, a loud, sound comes crashing out. It startles us all and we go running back to the safety Tuck had set up for us. As we sit there, trying to regain our breath and listen, we could barely hear the sounds. They were not increasing.

Not feeling like exploring that further, we decide to explore the room with the statue. It was the last of our options in an effort to explore the various passages.

We head down, and Tuck stays behind, not wanting to mess with anything that could be down here. I feel his fears are unwarranted, but say nothing. I take a lead position with Danjo, as we move through the caverns. We start to explore one of the passages when we find an odd pit. Something about it is odd, but not worth exploring. At least not at this time.

As we start to turn around, a sound of roaring reaches us. Danjo and I quickly move to the back, to protect and defend our group. The sounds get louder. Suddenly we see a big lizard-like creature. Itís breath is foul, and as itís gaze sweeps over us, I feel myself growing stiff. I managed to shrug it off just as Danjo strikes it with his sword. Shattering itís jaw, he then hits it on the head with the flat of his blade. I step up and using the magics I have been taught, inflicted a fatal wound. We stop to take assessment when we realize that Makoto has been turned to stone. Realizing what happened, I recalled that if you take the blood of a basilisk, and coat every inch of the person turned to stone, you could restore them back to life. There is a very short timeframe from which to do this however. Just as we start to discuss how to proceed, there is a louder, more forceful roar. Danjo and I turn only to see a very big, very large lizard come rushing at us. It appears we had only killed one of itís young.

Itís breath was retched. I found myself fighting it and the urge to throw up. Itís bite left a searing pin in me. I will need to get the wound treated, for I feel there is something poisonous or foul in my wound.
Together, Danjo and I leap to attack the beast. His blows, incredibly powerful, my blows are weak as I did not have a moment to prepare an attack. Sahil drops some a Stinking Cloud around the beast, and it appears to have no affect.
The fight continues, and I can see little, my attention taken wholey by this horrible beast. I fear we may die here and Tuck will be left all on his own. Just as I had resigned myself to dying trying to save everyone, the beast falls. I turn around, only to see that Rakor and Sahil have also been turned to stone. Thinking quickly, I open itís stomach, and begin filling my waterskin and Danjoís teapot with blood. Coating Sahil first. His life is important, for with him, we may be able to save the others.
I holler at Shino to go fetch Tuck, for surely he has something that could help. Time was against us now, and we had to hurry.
Soon, with the arrival of Tuck, sacrificing his backpack and waterskin, we are able to coat each person with the blood of the basilisk and save each person. As we stood there, covered in blood. Tuck starts cussing, throws his things on the ground and starts walking back. We assume to base camp.

I take the time to walk slowly, casting a spell to clean our things. I also stopped to gather up Tucks things.
We arrive back at base camp to see Tuck already cleaned up, but obviously unhappy. We each simply disrobe and crawl into the waters, to clean ourselves. I spend the time using magic to clean everything and myself. I restore everyone and everything to as clean as I am able to make it, before I crawl in to bathe myself.
Soon, we are gathered, eating the food Sahil has provided for us all. No talking was done while we ate.

The meal over, I inform Tuck that I brought back all his things, and cleaned everything as well. I then mentioned to the group that I may be paying closer attention to Tucks warnings in the future, as I feel his caution was justified. We had almost lost 3 people, possibly more if not for the quick thinking and heroic actions of Danjo.

Left to explore: The room with the magic door and loud noises. The rest of the basilisk cave.

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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Great Reader

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Beyond the Special Door

Tags: #Weshtek

29 DEC 2018

We ventured into the room, past the special door into a room filled with loud music. The moment we entered, the volume of the music diminished, and black vine like growths went shooting down the walls, leading to stairs going down.

Filled with trepidation, we proceeded to follow where the vines lead. Down a spiraling staircase, until we found a intersection. To the right, a short passage with a door that eminated evil. To the left, another passage. We followed the passage.

We entered into a large room, and we see 3 dessicated corpses and a lone figure sitting in a chair. We talked to him briefly before he commanded the corpses to attack us.

We dispatched the undead quickly, and were turning to dispatch this foe when he quickly ran away. We started to give chase when several robed individuals rushed forth to battle with us.

Danjo and I stepped up, holding the rush in a bottleneck. We started working them over, slowly killing the mob. Just as victory felt imminent, another horde of cultists arrived from the other passage. We were most effectively surrounded.

Yet for all that, having heard their leader command children to be slowly killed, we were enflamed with righteous fury and held our ground. With tactical precision, Shino began burning the hordes, I used some magic to quell their assault and continued to strike at each foe within my reach.

We were doing it. We were going to win through, when a horrific spell of utter evil came rolling in. It wiped out all the cultists and even the raised corpses of the fallen. The evil washed over us, and while it carved deep into our souls, we held strong.

Then, a being of pure evil appeared. Tall, viscious, black armored and covered in blood. He yelled, screamed and taunted us. I felt my death in my bones staring at such evil. Knowing I was going to die, I accepted my fate and denounced him.

Then Rakor dropped his spear, he walked towards the demon holding his holy symbol high, praying to his new god. I felt hope begin to pulse within my heart. We had righteousness on our side. Then the demon crushed his skull, breaking his spine and utterly destroying Rakorís body.

I felt cored. Disoriented, I watched as Danjo stepped up, screaming and managed to get in some hits, before being utterly destroyed by the demon as well.

Watching the destruction of all I know fall around me, I felt despair crushing down upon me. I felt utter loss. I knew I was going to die today. Then, the power of Ubtao took hold. I felt myself grow emboldened. So be it. If I am to die today, let it be fighting against an evil so powerful it warps the very fabric of reality.

I stepped up, swinging. Screaming out in fury. My blow was ineffective against the demons armor. He contemptuously smacked me aside, not worried about my futile efforts to thwart him. When suddenly, light begin to pulse from his breast. It held him in painful rigor.

Then a being of blue light appeared. He looked like the guy that healed Danjo earlier. He came forth, and denounced the demon. I watched as the demon burned and was taken away by the light of Illmater.

Stunned, I turned. Hoping to see Rakor and Danjo returned whole, only to see their crushed bodies, which soon glowed with blue light, then disappeared. Leaving their wordly possessions behind. I could not contain my loss. I cried out. I started my death rituals for the fallen. Letting all the agony, all the loss, fill my actions. To lose such powerful, noble companions. Their loss reminds me of the loss of the heroes of my youth.

Then, from the stairs, Rakor emerged! He was alive! I could not contain my joy, and swept him into a hug! What a miracle! To be destroyed by the demon, only to be returned whole and healthy! Ubtao, I mean Illmater be praised! Then I see Shino, who was feeling the loss of Danjo more then any of us, cry out. Danjo was also returned to us, whole and healthy!

The blessings of the gods were upon us. I felt ready to take on all that is evil in this location. To purge it so that the holiness of our gods could return to reclaim this place, allowing the dead to continue their rest. My friends managed to temper my ardour, and it was agreed that we would retire to our room, to rest and recover from such an ordeal.

Illmater. I do not follow you, nor do I know you well. With the guidance of Rakor, I will learn more about you, and I give you praise for your works.

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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Great Reader

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Tonight, we dine in OH **** THIS SHIT!

Tags: #Weshtek Demon is back

15 FEB 2018

After a rest, recovering from the ordeal of the demon. Tuck talks with us, and offers to explore the cultist holdings, to gather information for us. I am grateful for his desire to aid us in eradicating the evil that is festing here in this mountain. Sahil casts some magics, but is not successful in learning anything more, so we are set to risk Tuckís life while he explores.

Tuck returns, and has learned a great deal. It appears our chance is now, to take on the lead priest, and weaken their foothold. So we head out, only to discover the demon has returned. Not only has he returned, he is incredibly displeased with all of us. We turn to run, for the Ankheg pit. The choice sits like lead in my belly, for earlier I had just reprimanded Makota for being a coward, yet now we must turn and flee. Any demon that can thwart the gods is something beyond my abilities. Perhaps the world is doomed?

While running away, I use the last of the arrows given to me by Donjo, and manage to score a blow. The demon is unfazed. I begin casting assorted defensive magics, preparing myself for the inevitable fight that is certain to take place.

I make it past the fecal matter, not observing Shino or Rakor in my haste to stay out of the way of the demon, as well as keep him in my vision so I could know his tactics. Soon, an explosion ripped through the caverns. I know not what happened, but we managed to escape down into the Ankheg hole, avoiding the demon.

We lost Shino, which is a tragic blow to our morale. I will miss Shino. A bit rough around the edges, but a fine person nonetheless.

I am beginning to wonder how we will thwart a cult that is so engrained into this mountain that they can thwart the very efforts of the gods themselves.

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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Great Reader

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It's All a Fog

Tags: #notinmyrightmind #Weshtek

19 MAR 2018

I think running from that demon, trying to save our skins and jumping down the anhkeg hole messed me up more then I anticipated. Maybe there are foul odors in the air that are messing with my mind, whatever the case may be. It is over.

I recall discovering Shino was indeed alive in the hole. I recall a wraith giving ultimatums. I recall the righteous anger swelling within my breasts. I recall attacking the wraith with everything I had, then waking up to find I was enslaved to him as well. A blood oath. Such powerful magic to be used, in the hands of such evil. Surely my soul is doomed.

I was not paying attention to my companions, so absorbed was I in what had happened to me, that I do not recall much of what or why we were doing anything. Someone mentioned using poison, and I had to mention I would not employ such evil tactics.

Demons appeared. We fought them. Success in battle was reached, but the cost to us was all our resources. Now, we have returned to our base camp. The room of iron doors. Still, my mind is plagued by the blood oath. Perhaps these people do not hold to the same ways as my homeland. Hopefully that is the case, as it can be powerful, magics and I wish for my soul to remain mine.

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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Great Reader

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Deeper into the Darkness that is this Mountain

Tags: #blood oath #exploring #lost #Weshtek

26 MAR 2018

So, we continue to explore the assorted passages here in the mountain. Tuck scouts ahead, providing details of what we can expect to find. His work is highly advantageous to us, in discovering routes to explore.

He has stumbled upon some purple mist, and through our efforts with Danjo & Shino and Sahil, we know there is a undead guardian inside. Sahil was successful in destroying the undead, but we are at a loss of whether we should proceed through it or not.

None of us wish to pursue this drow person, yet none of us want this wraith to maintain a hold over us either. Our position is not a pleasant one.

I can feel my abilities continuing to grow, as they should, considering the harsh environment I am in. This is definitely not a class that pushes you. I am grateful for my school, for without it, I would not have perspective.

I wonder frequently, if we will ever exit, or if this world under the mountains will ultimately be our doom.

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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Great Reader

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Stuck with 3 Horrific Choices, All Lead to Death

Tags: #doomed #tpk #Weshtek

11 APR 2018

We returned to the room with Iron Doors. Home, as I like to call it. The air is noticeably cooler. How odd, that the deeper into the mountains we go, the warmer it gets.

I have a desire to go outside, I wish to learn the stars. To determine if I can understand the passage of time, and seasons in this new land. We all head out, and are greeted by the blistering cold. We spend a little time taking in the fresh air, before the cold drives us back.

We discuss our options. The Drow tracked us down, dismissed her servants and openly mocked us for our attempts. She did not even deign to protect herself, we are so beneath her.

At Home, we discuss our options. Take on the horrific Drow, the Wraith that has bindings on us, or the cultists. None of our options are good, but Danjo raises the point that we seemed to have the most success against the cultists. It appears we are going that route.

Myself, I wonder about the power of this blood oath. I say my goodbyes, and leave. I head back to the outside, and not knowing the lands, I choose to head south, down the mountain. As I travel, I reach a point where there is an explosion of fire, and a vision fills my eyes. A woman, innocent suddenly immolated by fire, burned to black sand. Pain wracks my insides.

I take a moment to collect myself, and move onward. I get further along, taking my time, collecting fire supplies and marking my trail when another explosion of fire happens. Again, a vision. This time, of a man, also innocent. Also immolated by fire, to black ash. Once again, I experience pain. This time more severe.

Concerned this is the Blood Oath working itís control. I walk back to where I experienced the first vision. I wait, letting the time pass, thinking the vision and pain comes in timed waves. Long after the time passes, nothing. I get up, and brace myself. I begin my walk south.

I do not get as far when the explosion happens, the visions arrive. This time, a young child, I realize it is a girl just as she catches fire. Her screams cut through my very core. The pain is incredibly intense this time. Worse then the other ones combined.

I know I am defeated. I turn and head back. I arrive just after daybreak. I inform Danjo, Tuck, Shino, Sahil and Rakor what happened. Sahil was kind enough to heal my hurts.

We spent the next few days resting, gathering our strength and helping to speed Danjoís recovery.

Now, we have decided to attack the cultists, as they are our best option of the three. We journey into their area of control. We go far into their compound, past their chambers and into a room filled with various people in various states of torture. By our estimates, these captives were kept alive far longer then should have been possible, to lengthen their suffering.

We move past, only to catch the eye of a Ogre guard. We quickly begin surrounding him, not wanting him to alert anyone of our presence, when suddenly, he is killed by the one Demon Orc. He mocks us and our continued efforts to thwart him.

I stand, poised and ready to give my life in an effort to succeed against this abomination. I am tired of being a puppet. I am tired of being afraid. Today, that ends. Today, I challenge evil itself. Perhaps I am not worthy to challenge such evil. If that is the case, so be it. I will not die in fear. I will die with purpose. I will die with honor. I will die, to send a message that we of Chult are not an easily defeated people. Honor to my ancestors! Honor to my tribe! Honor to Ubtao!

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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Great Reader

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From the Kettle to the Fire

I am Surrounded by Morally Ambiguous People

Tags: #contract #Cultists #Weshtek

21 MAY 2018

As we gather up our things, and the items the fallen orc had upon his person. I am left shaken. Originally, I was grateful for the aid these people have offered me. They have shown compassion towards me. Offered me shelter, and gifted me with armaments. I felt gratitude and a desire to earn my place within this group.

Now, I walk together, and feel apart from everyone. Tuck has always been a difficult person to read, but now I question my original impressions of each of these people.

Rakor, a orc cleric who has had a crisis of faith, and appears to have found his chosen path. Following illmater. From what I am hearing, Illmater is a good god. Yet Rakor had no problems dealing with that, thing. That horrible incarnation of evil, to fight evil. I do not know if I can ever truly trust Rakor after this. A man of faith, principle. A man who is giving up so much, to follow his faith, and to trust in his god, only to throw it away at when confronted with an overwhelming evil. I do not know the ways of the gods, and doubt I will ever understand it.

Shino & Donjo. Two people I am still trying to understand their culture. So different, so foreign to everything I have encountered. I have watched Donjo read a book about gods. Gods I am told, hold to a ideal of good. Yet he has no qualms agreeing with this evil being we somehow summoned.

DID we summon him? Or is he just another part of this horrific life under the mountains? Did we just end up getting tied to another evil being, being used as pawns in their evil games? Death will not be a release from this. I am loathe to continue my existence, with the thought that my every action is aiding these evil denizens. Yet, if I die, am I really limiting their impact, or adding to it?

Sahil, the quiet man. He joined me in our fight against the evil. He kept silent during everything with the horrific being and his faceless companion. Ultimately, he signed over to this person as well.

I do not believe a word this creature has said. I know, in my heart, that I am still tied to the Wraith and now this creature. Now, I am tasked to stop the remaining threats to the Wraith, as well as find some questionable ore. The task sounds simple, but no task ever is.

I am surrounded by morally flexible people. People who will utilize anything they can, to accomplish a task. I do not feel comfortable being around such people. People who looked at me, as another of their troubles they have to remove, to continue on.

I saw the look in Shino & Donjoís eyes. I know that trust has been broken. By the fallen, my trust has been broken with them all. Do I keep myself in a perpetual state of awareness, slowly falling into madness, do I leave, hoping I can escape this location, or do I act like I was wrong, and move forward. Hoping to find an escape from this place, and these people.

Having no one to talk to, no one to share my thoughts with is going to be difficult. I have taken to sharing so much with these people. That has to stop now. A facade, thin tho it may be, will have to be the slight veneer that keeps this civil. We all have a single shared goal. To escape this mountain.

Ubtao help me, I do not know how long I can hold out against all this evil.

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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Dear Journal

07 JUN 2018

We stopped the cultists. Was the cost something worthy of our souls? Before, my soulís ownership was in question, now I have no doubts.

At first, I thought my rescuers were decent people. Each with their own agenda, but overall good. Yet the more time I spend with them, I wonder how they cannot see that their actions are not the actions of good people.

Their actions are of the desperate. I find myself withdrawing from social interactions. Keeping my interactions to a minimum. I am now a prisoner. How do I proceed. How do I find my way when everyone I see is lost.

We found another halfling, naked. Some kind of blessing I suppose. Not sure on this personís sanity, after having to experience and witness the things I can only guess at.

I am tired. I am so tired. I just want to lie down and never wake up.


And so he did..., RIP Weshtek of Chult

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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