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Great Reader

2950 Posts

Posted - 19 Jan 2012 :  17:15:57  Show Profile Send Jorkens a Private Message  Reply with Quote
You know, I am a bit unsure about how one can really be pre-Grey box as the information given in the various Dragon articles are far too sketchy to constitute a picture of the Realms as a whole.It would be my dream to see this version, but it is impossible for me to get a coherent picture of how it was.
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Posted - 16 Jun 2012 :  01:44:19  Show Profile  Visit MrsDrasek's Homepage Send MrsDrasek a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Post Time of Troubles Realms (2E)
Old Grey Box - original published Realms (AD&D)
Return of Shade Realms (3E)

All excellent for their time. I simply can't get into 4E so I am glad that time does not allow for it anymore and I know I'm not missing out on anything.

Part Well...Regret Nothing
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Senior Scribe

505 Posts

Posted - 16 Jun 2012 :  04:24:25  Show Profile  Visit Darkmeer's Homepage Send Darkmeer a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I simply chose post-return of shade simply because it's the first grouping I DM'd for.

I loved the 2e stuff that I got my hands on, as well as all the 1e stuff I've seen thus far.

The spellplague hit me very wrong, so I am choosing not to use it in my home games, openly presenting this to my players. The game I run is MY Realms, which can contradict novels (since I've not read many of them), so I don't use that as a storehouse of knowledge entirely. There may be bits I use from finding out from the various scribes here at the 'keep, but nothing is ever certain.

Everyone has a different idea of what they want in their 'realms and their novels. That's what's making this so interesting for me to read, and enough so for me to even comment!

(yes, this is my first post back in over a year).

"These people are my family, not just friends, and if you want to get to them you gotta go through ME."
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Old Man Harpell
Senior Scribe

495 Posts

Posted - 17 Jun 2012 :  18:43:23  Show Profile Send Old Man Harpell a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Wow...can't believe I didn't see this...

Greenwood is my poll choice.

#2 is the Old Grey Box. Along with the accessories for it, it captured the Realms like no product since.
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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 18 Jun 2012 :  11:35:59  Show Profile Send Tarlyn a Private Message  Reply with Quote
1. Post Time of Troubles Realms (2E) - difficult choice, I like Bane and Bhaal far more than Cyric. However, the amount high quality lore pushed it over the top. Also, I can just have Bhaal and Bane return in my own campaign.

2. Greenwood - (pre-Old grey Box) (pre-AD&D) - just curious what realms looked like before publication.

3. Return of Shade Realms (3E) - specifically at the beginning of 3E before all of the other RSEs started.

Tarlyn Embersun
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Learned Scribe

268 Posts

Posted - 20 Jun 2012 :  10:45:15  Show Profile Send Venger a Private Message  Reply with Quote
My vote's for either the Post Time of Troubles Realms or Return of Shades Realms. It's all the same as I'm fond of the whole era, really.

"Beware what you say when you speak of magic, wizard, or you shall see who has the greater power."
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Realms Explorer extraordinaire

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Posted - 20 Jun 2012 :  15:04:49  Show Profile Send Markustay a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Same with me - I kinda see 1e/2e/3e FR as all the same setting (settings do not have to remain static - they can move forward at a leisurely pace.

"I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me" --- Dudley Field Malone

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Master of Realmslore

1267 Posts

Posted - 29 Jun 2012 :  20:16:08  Show Profile  Visit Delwa's Homepage Send Delwa a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I voted for Return of Shade era as my #1 choice. My #2 would be 2E Era. Number #3 would technically be post Spellplague, but the decade preceding the Year of Blue Fire and forward in my Realms is completely different in my home game and has little to do with the Published timeline.

- Delwa Aunglor
I am off to slay yon refrigerator and spoil it's horde. Go for the cheese, Boo!

"The Realms change; seldom at the speed desired of those who strive, but far too quickly for those who resist." - The Simbul, taken from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Conspectus
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14 Posts

Posted - 01 Jul 2012 :  04:40:13  Show Profile Send archmagestar a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I believe the post time of troubles era was not only the richest in lore but also in all things Forgotten Realms. Having fell in love with the Realms and read all of the novels I can honestly say that the Spell Plague killed the Realms. The timeline jump destroyed the Forgotten Realms novels, there has been so few that are even worth reading now. As for gamming post spell plague, I cant stand it. It should have been its own world or perhaps a dimensional option if need be.

Forgotten Realms Junkie
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