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Learned Scribe

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An idea and work in progress

Another World
“No, my pupil, not wrong. Different. What you hold in your hands is a second set of names for the years, dubbed the ‘Shadow-Roll of Years’. It’s discovery in 1374 DR has brought about speculations, that there might be another Toril where history took a darker turn at a vital point. What this other-dimensional “Shadow-Toril” would be like is everybody’s guess, but among the sages it’s generally thought to be a dark and empty world. So be grateful to Ogmah and Mystra that you don’t have to live in that world and have such a nice and comfortable live here in the library, hm!? And now get back to ordering the books about the current history again will you?”-Tethtoril, First Reader of Candelkeep 1389 DR

History of the Realms

1385 DR Year of Blue Fire
Cyric is killed by Mystra in a divine battle. This starts the ‘Time of Sorrows’.

The Time of Sorrows
The Fall of Cyric
As Cyric, aided by Shar, is in the act to assassinate Mystra, the Goddess of Magic turns around and addresses her now transfixed would-be assassin: “How stupid do you think I am? Remember when I told you that you would regret your betrayals the rest of eternity? Your eternity ends now!” With this she turns the might of the Weave against Cyric, burning the mad god with it’s power. Cyric’s burning form drops from the heavens, crushing like a cerulean shooting star into the northern Chondalwood. A wave of chaos erupts and changes the land, creating the Plaguelands. As Cyric is consumed by the flames, his highest servants and priests ignite with blue flames as well. Those few who are not instantly slain are transformed into blacksun-liches. While he fell Cyric clawed at the Weave itself, leaving huge spots of chaotic patterns, that resulted in pockets of wild magic all over Toril. The effects became known as “Spellplague”, as it warped unfortunate creatures and spellcasters into spellscarred and plaguechanged beings. It’s effects can still be felt. By destroying Cyric and due to damage caused to the Weave the god’s death throes Mystra loses the complete control over the Weave for a short time. This sets several things into motion:

The Ascension of Elminster
Directly after the Fall of Cyric Shar flees Dweomerheart and is pursued by Azuth. After a fierce battle Shar mortally wounds Azuth and tries to absorb his divine portfolios. But the God of Mages transfers his powers and some of his memories to Elminster who comes to his aid. After escaping Shar Elminster ascends to become the new God of Mages. Not wanting to spread confusion he adopts the name of Azuth and continues to grant spells to the church of the Magelord. As he has stronger ties to the people of Toril, he keeps ‘Elminster’ as his favourite avatar. He often uses his guise as the ‘Old Mage of Shadowdale’ to send mortals on quests divine laws now prohibit him to undertake himself.
A Green Moon
Selune’s magical veil fails during the time that Mystra needs to resume control of the Weave, revealing the Selunites and their realms to the eyes of Torils inhabitants.
Rift Fall
Because of the decisive battle between the dwarven pantheons and the deaths of several avatars within the Underdark two years earlier, the Underdark near the Great Rift is already structurally weakened when the catastrophe strikes. Hit by chaotic energies, a major part of the Underdark connected to the Great Rift collapses, widening the Rift and only the part later known as East Rift remains of the original Great Rift. Some of the debris is transformed into floating islands, which become know as ‘earthmotes’. Similar events can be observed at other places all around Toril.
Wild Magic
The barmaids of Waterdeeps’ ‘Crawling Spider’ tavern, who disguise themselves as drow are transformed into actual drow.

The Highsun-Cataclysm
Lathander resumes his role as Amaunator. Trying to bring back the Goddess Tyche, the sungod successfully tries to merge Tymora and Beshaba. Sadly the divine reunification of the two goddesses brought about a shift in the planar fabric of creation, resulting in further destruction and chaos across Toril. The greatest destruction was brought about in Lapaliiya were the goddesses avatars were forced to merge. The landbridge connecting Chult to the continent sank beneath the ocean, as did several costal lines nearby. But the most significant change, although it went largely unnoticed, was the return of a whole planet.
Return of Abeir
On the opposite side of the sun, therefore unseen by the people of Toril, the world Abeir returns.
Finder’s Bane
The dark essence of Moander, which created the twisted Beshaba, now freed, fled to the one being which had absorbed the divinity of Moander: the god Finder. Finder resisted as best as he could, but couldn’t contain the power of Moander entirely. Now Finder and Moander share one divine body, wrestling for control.
The Dragonfall-War
Tiamat unleashes a host of draconic creatures upon Unther and the Bloodstone Lands. Bahamut responds by creating a large host of Dragonborn
Talos Unleashed
The planar shift and imbalance of the Weave allows Talos to absorb another deity he once helped to create during the Orcgate War: Gruumsh. The cosmic imbalance allows several gods to revive some of their dead servants among them Talos disicple Deidre Kenndrick, with ease.
A Return to the Pit
Gargauth, Lord of the Pit secretly slays Asmodeus, becoming a Greater God in the process. For the next years he continues to play his role as Asmodeus.

In the Following year 1386 DR Year of the Halflings' Lament:
Divine Battles, paired with mortal magical warfare resulted in catastrophic tsunamis and earthquakes in the south. Luiren, the Realm of the Halflings and Var the Golden are drowned almost entirely and Dambrath’s coasts turn largely into a bayou. The later results in an uprising among the barbarians against their Crinti oppressors who wall up in their Cities, loosing control over most of the lands, except the few costal strips and the new bayous.
The Gate-War
The Deep Imaskari invade the, due to the Dragonfall-War, already weakend Mulhorand and open gates to other worlds and planes. The Mulhorandi are defeated, many of it’s people flee to the east and south. High Imaskar is born upon the ruins of old Mulhorand.
Taam’s Gambit
Civil War in Thay. The Zulkirs and Tarchions narrowly escape defeat at the hands of the Zulkir of Necromancy, but with the help of Aglarond are able to gain the upper hand over Taam. Taam’s great ritual is thwarted, but Mount Thay remains a stronghold of the undead. The Zulkirs of Thay, fearing future conflicts are now dependent on Aglaronds help. The Simbul sends centaurs into Thay, to reclaim ancestral lands. The centaurs control the wilds of Thay, while the Thayans still rule from their cities.
Return of the Dead
Velsharoon discovers the Crown of Horns. Hoping to usurp the last vestiges of the dead god Myrkul’s power, he dons the artefact. But compared to Myrkul’s ancient mind Velsharoon is relatively young and unprepared for the onslaught he faces. Myrkul defeats Velsharoon and is reborn as god of necromancy and undeath.
In the Plaguelands several forces try to rip the last vestiges of power from Cyrics dead body in a bid to gain control of the fallen gods portfolios. In the end Mask gains the portfolios of illusion and treason, while the vestige of Bhaal resumes his role as god of murder. The portfolio of madness is later claimed by Moander as part of his portfolio of corruption.
Heaven’s Call
Orcus, the demon Prince of Undeath attacks the Triad. Tyr and the reborn Tyche reach out to the planes calling for aid from their original pantheons to rebuke the attack and to bring order to the Realms. The Olympian and Norse gods respond by sending several avatars. In the end Orcus is killed by Tyr, the half-fiend Kael and Myrkul. The god of Undeath and Necromancy joined the battle only to eliminate competition.
The avatar of Heracles later slays Tchazzar, the fiend-Dragon of Chessenta, an important ally of Tiamat, ending the Dragonfall-War. Unther is divided into several City-states, each under the mandate of an untheric god.
Heavens Remade
Mystra resumes complete control over the Weave and Shadowweave. This act shifts her alignment to CN. After the Crisis is averted, the human pantheons of Toril merge to become one. The Mulhorandi, Zakharan, Maztican and Shou-Phanteons, as well as the Norse and Olympian avatars are absorbed and become aliases of faerunian deities. Almost nothing of this merge is known to the people of Toril

1386 DR Year of the Halflings' Lament
This years sees the End of the Time of Sorrows.
1387 DR Year of the Emerald Ermine
A whole population of genasi flee Abeir’s continent of Shyr via a gate, arriving in the torilian realm of Chondath, which has been heavily depopulated in the past 2 years, forming the new nation of Arkanûl. Another wave of genasi emigrants arrives in Zakhara’s xy desert intermingling with the jann-genasi. They raise the realm of XY.
1388 DR Year of the Tanarukka
The tanarukka take the ruined kingdom of Axxxxxx as their new home.
1389 DR Year of the Forgiven Foes (Current Year)
Return of Eilistraee: As a reward for her role in the rebirth of Eilistraee (as well as an order to mend some of the damage she has done in the past), Liriel Baenre is given the divine spark, that was once part of Qilué Veladorn, turning her into the fallen Sisters replacement among the Chosen of Mystra.
Rise and Fall of the ‘Abolethic Sovereignity’: A strangely angular black monolith is sometimes visible breaking above the waves along Cormyr's coast, never in the same place twice. It’s discovered, that it’s a scouting device of an Aboleth-City bent on conquest. The threat of the ‘Abolethic Sovereignity’ is put down by heroes, before it’s able to truly manifest itself, but some aboleths escape the destruction of their city.
The Great Rift Pact: An xyxyxyxy-attack hailing from the ruins of Lurth Dreier forces the dwarves of East Rift to forge an alliance with the also threatened drow of the Great Rift.

1390 DR Year of the Walking Man
Waterdeep statues are animated by xyxy
1391 DR Year of the Wrathful Eye
Stormstar Requiem: Talos leads the Gods of Fury in a surprise assault against Arvandor but is beaten.
Auriel xy
The Eldreth Veluuthra, a militant group of human-despising elves, seize control of the Hullack Forest.
1392 DR Year of the Scroll
The Empire of Netheril battles and annexes the Kingdom of Many Arrows. King Obould bows to the Shade-Emperor of Netheril.
Sembia sets up negotiations with Netheril, effectively becoming a vassal-state.
Marriage of King Azoun V of Cormyr to Nalara Marliir the daughter of Lord High Marshal Dauneth Marliir and Krystin Lhal.
1393 DR is the Year of the Ring
Foril Obarskyr, son and heir of Azoun V and Nalara Marliir, is born.
Declaration of the Empire of Cormyr: Azoun sends an offer of protection against the threats of Netheril and Sembia to all cities of the Dragon Coast and the Moonsea willing to accept Cormyr’s rule. The Dragon Coast city of Pros petitions the Crown to become a vassal-state of Cormyr in order to gain protection. By year's end, Pros' sister-town of Ilipur joins the Forest Kingdom as well.
1394 DR Year of Deaths Unmourned
The Hellstorm: All across Toril warlocks who had pacts with infernal powers suddenly start fighting against each other with no apparent reason. These conflicts, that will collectively be called ‘The Warlock-War’ is in truth just a minor manifestation of a larger planar conflict: The Hellstorm. Asmodeus is revealed to be Gargauth and attacks his fellow archdevils with a host of deposed archdevils and other allies. Surprised and betrayed by more than one traitor among them, the ruling archdevils fall one after another.
A brief conflict between Cormyr and the Eldreth Veluuthra of the Hullack Forest breaks out, ending when King Azoun V turns his full attention to more pressing threats from neighboring Sembia and Netheril.
Zakhara: The pirate-haven of Hawa is conquered by crinti-pirates from the Bayou of Dancing Dolphines.
1395 DR Year of Silent Death
Sakkors, the Netherese floating enclave not seen since the days before the Fall of Cyric, makes a reappearance over Daerlun in the dead of night. The following morning civil unrest breaks out throughout the city. Azoun V sends elite warmages to restore order in the city. Daerlun and Urmlaspyr, swear allegiance to Cormyr.
The Sakkors Enclave comes to rest above the sembian capital of XY.
Plaguebringer's Blight - Sickness and pestilence spreads throughout the North, as the Putrescent Anathema is unleashed from Stump Bog to the northeast of Waterdeep, hitting the temple-farm of Goldenfields particularly hard.
1396 DR Year of the Secret
Dowager Dragon Queen, Filfaeril Selazair Obarskyr, dies. Alusair attends the state funeral, argues briefly and privately with her nephew the king, and disappears altogether from Court. Rumors persist of her riding through the frontiers and borderlands, but no confirmed reports of her appearance exist following the burial of Filfaeril.
Impiltur’s king marries XY(succubus Queen).
1399 DR Year of the Fallen Friends
Tsarra Blackstaff Chaadren, her heir and many of the Tel’Teukiira die fighting a coven of vampire-wizards of the Stump Bog. Kyriani Agrivar risks her sanity by bearing the Staff and the powers of the Blackstaff back to Waterdeep.
Kyriani Agrivar becomes Blackstaff. To acknowledge her legitimacy as the city’s archmage, she proclaims it from atop Blackstaff Tower, with Open Lord Caladorn at her side. This form of proclamation of the inheritance to the titel of Blackstaff becomes tradition.
1400 DR Year of Lost Ships
Kyriani Agrivar steps down as Blackstaff in favour of Khelben Blackstaffs son Krehlan. The young Arunsun becomes Blackstaff and regroups the remaining Tel’Teukiira under Kyriani’s guidance.
Sembia is fully absorbed into Netheril
1404 DR Year of the Sceptered One:
After the surprising death of his wife, Lionel Carrathal marries Deidre Kendrick in Amnian Exile. Council of Five agrees to invade the Moonshae Isles. Caer Westphal is siezed and Snowdown Isle subjected to Amnian rule.
1407 DR Year of the Halls Unhaunted: Unexpected death of High Queen Alicia Kendrick. Carrathal loyalists ignite uprisings in Caer Corwell and Caer Callidyrr.
The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar
1408 DR Year of the Solitary Cloister
Lionel Carrathal claims the throne of Corwell in challenge to newly ascended High Queen Feithline Kendrick of Callidyrr.
1409 DR Year of True Omens
Filfaeril Tanalasta Obarskyr, Daughter of AzounV is born.
1411 DR Year of the Wrathful Vizier
Crown Princess Cymidei Carrathal leads an army against the fey within Deachtere Wood southeast of Cantrev Dynnatt. After first successes her army is destroyed and she is taken prisoner by the fey.
1412 DR (Year of the Dauntless Dwarves): The fey of Sarifal and the elves of Synnoria savagely drive all non-fey settlers from Gwynneth Isle.
The Moonshaes’ armada is victorious over Amnian warships in the epic Sea Battle of Mog Goidel
1413 DR Year of Sunken Vessels
Lionel Carrathal flees as Caer Corwell is overrun by fey. Leviathan sends the king's vessel to the bottom of Corwell Firth as it tries to reach Snowxy.
1418 DR Year of the Lords' Coronation: The Shadovar of Netheril 'accidentally conquer' Featherdale after years of Sembian investments into the dale.
1420 DR Year of the Dark Goddess
Impilturs’ Queen xy is reveald to be the succubus Soneilon
1424 DR Year the Dog-Eared Journal
Chartham Dellenvol kills Krehlan ‘Blackstaff’Arunsun Blackstaff Tower
(Ches) Ashemmon of Rymanthiin becomes Blackstaff.
1425 DR Year of Seven Sisters The age-old Dales Compact is reaffirmed with Myth Drannor and the Standing Stone is restored.
The Simbul leaves Aglarond
After she believes Aglarond and Thay relatively secure against the undead of Mount Thay, the Simbul leaves the nation in the hands of her apprentices and moves to live in Shadowdale by Elminster’s side.
1428 DR Year of the Elfqueen's Joy: The Seven Burghers of Harrowdale announce a formal alliance with Myth Drannor and rename the city New Velar.
Crown Princess Filfaeril Tanalasta Obarskyr marries a renowned hero of the Forest Kingdom, a decision not well received by many hopeful nobelmen of the realm. Crown princess Alusira Obarskyr is born to Filfaeril suspisciosly close to the marriage.
1430 DR (Year of Stalking Horrors): Crown Prince Foril Obarskyr marries Jemra Rhindaun, niece to Queen Sybille of Tethyr.
1436 DR (Year of Silent Shadows): Zakhara
1437 DR Year of the Silent Flute: Crown Prince Foril dies in an ambush by Sembian forces south of the Vast Swamp. In the same month, an assassination attempt on the king fails.
1440 DR Year of Azuth's Woe
The Connection between Azuth and Elminster is discovered. Pilgrims arrive at Shadowdale and a temple is erected to honor The Azuth Elminster.
1441 DR (Year of Resurrections Rampant): Resurrections Cassana
1442 DR (Year of Darkenbeasts): Demonlands form
1443 DR (Year of Silver Bell Tolling): A golemwork clock called the Timehands is finished by a collaboration of Waterdhavian guilds and installed into the Lords' Palace.
1445 DR Year of the Malachite Throne: Death of King Azoun V. Traitorous Nobels in league with Netheril try to wrest control of the forest Kingdom from the Obaskyrs. A netherese invasion on the almost defenseless Cormyr is rebuked by the Empire of Cormanthor.
1446 DR (Year of the Queen's Honor): Coronation of Queen-Empress Filfaeril Tanalasta Obarskyr.
1449 DR Year of the Godly Invitation: Abeir
1454 DR Year of the Emerald Sun: Kara-Tur
1459 DR Year of the Forged Sigil: Azalar Falconhand resigns his lordship of Shadowdale, passing the Pendant of Ashaba to young shieldmaiden Addee Ulphor.
1460 DR Year of the Malachite Shadows: Some of the nobels or their heirs, who tried to take the throne from Queen-Empress Filfaeril 15 years ago, return from exile to conspire against the royal family again, but the conspiration fails again.
1464 DR Year of the Six-Armed Elf: The Waterdhavian archmage Ashemmon (formerly of Rhymanthiin) dies, passing the mantle of Blackstaff to Samark Dhanzscul
1479 DR Year of the Ageless One
Samark ‘Blackstaff’ Dhanzscul is murdered by Khondar ‘Ten Rings’ Naomal. Naomal’s bid for power over the city is foiled by the Open Lord’s son Renear Neverember and his companions, the ‘Heirs of Waterdeep’. Samark’s apprentice Vajra Safahr becomes Blackstaff.(Blackstaff Tower)
A vigilant avenger called Shadowbane (Downshadow)
The elven bladedancer xy is challenged by the human swordmage yx and loses a hand. With the greatest effort he slays the rabid scoundrel in the duell. Although many attest, that he slew yx in self-defends he is banished from Myth Drannor and his severed hand isn’t healed by divine magic, but is replaced by a prosthetic mechanical hand. He becomes a hero. (Swordmage)

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Learned Scribe

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Dragonborn: were brought about by the Dragonfall-War and are mostly found in Unther and the Bloodstone Lands.
Fey’ri: are rare, often soltitary creatures as the main branches of the demonfey have been destroyed during the Elven Crusade.

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Learned Scribe

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Learned Scribe

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Heroes and Villains

Liriel Baenre
now a cleric of Mystra. In Waterdeep she was entrusted with the divine spark that once was given to Qilué Veladorn, making her one of the Seven Sisters.

Azariah Craulnober
Daughter of the once feared crimelord Elaith Croulnober
Wears Elaith’s returning dagger and the Croulnober Moonblade

Tabra – Voice of the Oracle
Was captured by the Shadovar in XXXX DR, tortured to reveal information about her former master Ioulaum. She bravely refused but in the end she was broken by the shades magic. She told the Shades where she thought Ioulaum took his supposed last stand against his allhoon students. The Netherese investigated the ruin of Elyn’tall and discovered the grotesque elder brain lich Ioulaum had become. They nonetheless invited the powerful spellcaster to join the reborn empire of Netheril – and Ioulaum accepted. Ioulaums whole lair was transported to the fallen underdark city of Oryndoll below the lands of Netheril. Tabra, his former apprentice, was given to him as a slave. Although Tabra is a powerful spellcaster herself and a good-hearted being, she is rarely able to act out on her own wishes. She is like a handpuppet Ioulaum sticks his tentacles into in order to show his visitors a pretty public face.

Ioulaum – The Oracle of Elyn’taal
Guarded by alhoon

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Learned Scribe

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Gods and Primordials of the Realms
Aliases: Kukul/Maztica (Maztica), the Celestrial Emperor (Kara-Tur), Io (Dragons)

Aliases: Horus-Re (Mulhorand), Amaterasu (Shou-Towns along the Silk Road, Kara-Tur), Tezca (benign aspects, Maztica), Kor the Venerable (Zakhara)
Aliases: Elminster
Aliases: Gilgeam (Unther)
Aliases: Kazgaroth (Moonshane Isles)
Returned and reclaimed his portfolio as the god of murder, revered in Unther
Aliases: Marduk (Unther), the Paladin, Qotal (Maztica)
Aliases: Demeter (Chessenta), Earthmother (Moonshane Isles), Watil (Maztica), Jisan of the Floods (Zakhara),
Preservation of Lore, Genius / Corruption, Decay and Madness
Moander mostly appears as did Beshaba before.
Aliases: The Faceless God (Zakharas’ Yak-Men)
Slew Asmodeus
Aliases: Hephestus (Chessenta)
Aliases: Heimdall (Illuskans)
Aliases: Migal (Zakhara)
Aliases: Hades (Chessenta)
Aliases: Herne (High Forest), Kiga the Predator (Zakhara)
Aliases: Loki (Illuskans), Leira (Nimbral)
Shadows, Lies, Thievery, Illusions and Treason
Aliases: Bala of the Tidings (Zakhara)
Aliases: Nula (Maztica)
slew Velsharoon and became god of Necromancy and Undeath
Helped Tyr to slay Orcus.
Aliases: Mystryl (Netheril, Halruaa), Isis (Mulhorand)
Aliases: Thoth (Mulhorand), Zann the Learned (Zakhara)
Aliases: Sehaine Moonbow (Elves), Selan the Beautiful Moon (Zakhara)
Aliases: Apophis (Mulhorand), Erishar, Destroyer of Delights, Sunderer of Societies (Zakhara)
Was reduced in power by Lord Ao for the attempted murder of Mystra, Mask is freed of her influence, is left with the portfolios of Darkness and Entropy.
Some Zakharans consider the Spellplague to be the first signal of the world’s end and have give name and face to the Destroyer of Delights, Sunderer of Societies: Erishar, inspired by the ajami goddess of Shar. It seems that the conflict of the sisters Selûne and Shar has come to the shores of Zakhara at last or was at least renewed after times not memorable.
Aliases: Bastet (Mulhorand), Zandilar (Elves)
Aliases: Pag (Zakhara)
Aliases: Ishtar (Unther), Hanali (Elves), Aphrodite (Chessenta), Freya (Illuskans), Kiltzi (Maztica)
Aliases: Gruumsh (Orcs), Kozar (Netheril)
Aliases: Ares (Chessenta), Zaltec (Maztica), Vataqatal the Warrior-Slave (Zakhara),
Aliases: Thor (Illuskans), Herakles (Chessenta), Hajama the Courageous
Aliases: Fate (Zakhara)
Tymora and Beshaba merged.
Tyr: especially among the Illuskans
Aliases: Poseidon (Chessenta)
Aliases Jauhar, the Gemmed (Zakhara)


Non-Human deities:
Aliases: Freyr (Illuskans)
The Masked Lady
Labelas Enoreth:
Aliases: Odin (Illuskans)

Dead Gods:
Cyric: died during his attempted murder of Mystra
Deneir: sacrificed himself to protect the Lore of Faerun
Velsharoon: was overpowered and slain by Myrkul
Vhaeraun: killed by Eilistraee
The Forgotten One: (Kiaransalee) was forgotten due to the casting of a High Magic spell

Primordials/ Elemental Gods:
Aliases: Eha (Maztica)
Aliases: Plutoq (Maztica)
Aliases: Azul (Maztica)
Aliases: Tezca (dark aspects, Maztica)

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Learned Scribe

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Archdevils and Demonlords of the Realms

After the Hellstorm the first layer of the nine Hells, Avernus, is ruled by Duchess Zariel again. She killed her tormentor Bel, who feasted upon her flesh, not knowing that in the end Zariel would transform his body into her new form, that of a huge female pitfiend.
The former captor of Elminster, Lord Nergal, took control of Dis after he slew Dispater.
The centre of the realm is now dominated by a gigantic ziggurat, as Nergal was once part of the vanished untheric pantheon. A dark god of destruction, pestilence, the harsh aspects of the sun and most importantly the underworld of the dead Nergal died during the Orcgate Wars. Nergal was slain twice, but seems to have a knack to return from the dead.
His symbol, a circle of spiked chain is again seen quite often within the city-states of Unther.
Lord Laduguer the Vestige of the slain duergar-god was elevated to archdevil status by Gargauth for bringing a large force of duergar under the devils sway. Laduguer replaces Mammon and rules the now mountainous realm of Gloomforge, the former Minauros.
Countess Fierna helped to betray her father Belial to Gargauth, take Phlegethos,
The Lord of Stygia, Urussh the Frozen Wrath, is no devil or fallen god, but a primordial. Urussh was roused from his sleep by the Highsun-Cataclysm. Still trapped and ailing from his bindings the gods put upon him, Urussh was approached by Gargauth with promises of revenge. Urussh agreed to lend his power to the dark god’s cause, but forgot that freeing him was never part of the deal. Urussh, still frozen in a block of ice, replaced Levistus. He now uses his legions to fulfill his dreams of revenge on the gods (including Gargauth who tricked him).
Glasya Queen of Witches
helped to betray her father to Gargauth,
Rules Malbolge
Bhaal Lord of Murder
Destroyed Baalzebul.
Realm: Rules Maladomini.
Malkizid, the Branded King
The former Exarch of Corellon and exiled Archdevil killed Mephistopheles.
Rules Cania now a realm of hellish forests, from which obsidian cities rise skywards
Gargauth, Lord of the Pit
secretly slew Asmodeus some years ago, becoming a Greater God. Masking as Asmodeus, Gargauth prepared the Hellstorm to take revenge on his old enemies.
Symbol: a broken horn above a ruby sceptre and a mage’s staff
Realm: Rules Nessus.

Malcanthet Queen of the Succubi
Symbol: Rose, those thorns drip blood
Wendonai Champion of Lloth
Spider-creature Balor of seduction
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Learned Scribe

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Great work!!!

Ingo Djan
"I see the future repeat the past. It all is a museum of great news. The Time do not stop."
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Learned Scribe

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Nice one!
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Senior Scribe

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Very interesting, especially what you've done with the gods aliases and the hierarchy of Hell.

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Master of Realmslore

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Gargauth is way cooler as an outcast imo.
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Learned Scribe

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I never liked the pseudo-christian-judean arch-devils, so I replaced them with more 'realmsian' Beings/Names. It's one of my few complaints about Pathfinder's Golarion as well.
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Yea, that can be a problem, my players would not take seriously names like Satan and Lucifer, Asmodeus tough was too obscure, less mundane.

Ed wrote the Nine Hells, they're genuinely Realms-ish. The neglect of the interaction with the planes in FR books caused the perception that they aren't.

But I did change some layers and their names, e.g. Nessus was kinda weird, replaced by Maladomini, or Avernus better fits the third layer according its mythological origins. Also altered the baatorian nomenclature, not just devils from various mythologies thrown in together. The oldest ones have Sumerian names, they're more Lovecraftian, then the Akkadian names, like Tiamat, are serpentine hellions, the Firstfallen. Then follow Canaanite/Phoenician fiends who are either yugoloth spies or remnants of the lawful part of the Heart of Darkness purge (e.g. names with Bal, Bel, Ashtaroth ...). Greek or Latin names are the newest, pure baatezu. Except Dispater, who has Etruscan origins, he is the reaction to fey, and the gnostic ones who are fallen archons.

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I like your version.

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Updated the gods part as well.
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This is so great :O)

Great work

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Posted - 12 May 2010 :  04:50:47  Show Profile Send Jakk a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Just finding this scroll now... very well done! I may be using some of this for my Spellplague revision, which has taken far too long to put together; for the last three years, I've been playing in a post-1400-DR Realms in which the Spellplague never happened, so (largely because I'm not DMing) there hasn't been a lot of pressure on me to complete my work.

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Posted - 12 May 2010 :  13:32:02  Show Profile Send Elfinblade a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Ah my thanks for the bump Jakk! Can't believe i missed this. This is good stuff indeed
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Posted - 12 May 2010 :  13:50:27  Show Profile Send Asharak a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Very nice work

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Oh, damn. I liked Mephistopheles. He was a cool villain archdevil and his intrigues are the best.

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In this timeline he died because of his name being to similar to a certain real-world devil-name. But Gargauth can be used in just the same fashion, as he took his place (and his stuff);)
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Very interesting, that could inspire me for one campaign.

Just a problem, with the Untheric gods who are only aliases for Faerunian gods.

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Posted - 21 Jul 2010 :  16:50:24  Show Profile Send GRYPHON a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Nicely done...
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I love the amount of "xy" or "axxx" in the 1st post.
Besides, very nice. I'm tempted to post my own version of Realms now...
Especially love the names Azoun V chose for his children - I really think he would honour his mother and aunt and the rest of the family.
Oh, and some canon event are there too, that's just masterwork!

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Sweet! Been looking for this!

Consider a fair portion of all this nicked and integrated into the next game I run. Good stuff.

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Posted - 17 Feb 2011 :  11:06:50  Show Profile Send Ayrik a Private Message  Reply with Quote
You, sir, receive my heartfelt (if somewhat tardy) congratulations for presenting this fine work!

Though I see no sorrow in Cyric's death nor Elminster's ascension, so I shall instead call this the Time of Transformation.

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Posted - 22 Sep 2011 :  23:43:52  Show Profile Send Snow a Private Message  Reply with Quote
This is some absolutely terrific work, Lirdolin. I am borrowing a sizeable chunk of these alternate events for my 3.5 / 3.75 Forgotten Realms campaign world. We tried 4E F.R. .... and none of our players cared for it. :-/

Lirdolin, have you updated any more of this alternate timeline recently?
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Posted - 23 Sep 2011 :  16:42:02  Show Profile Send idilippy a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Interesting stuff, if my Kingmaker game lasts until 1385(we're just at new year's day of 1371 at the moment, but with a long way to go), I'll definitely take pieces of your version of events over the canon events.
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Posted - 24 Jan 2012 :  23:55:49  Show Profile Send Jakk a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Snow


Lirdolin, have you updated any more of this alternate timeline recently?

I'll renew this request... anything more for us here, Lirdolin? I know we've got 5E on the horizon now and all, but I'm still interested in seeing anything else you've come up with.

Playing in the Realms since the Old Grey Box (1987)... and *still* having fun with material published before 2008, despite the NDA'd lore.

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It is great and nice to go down memory lane once in a while that will get you familiar with the earlier implementations of the game.

I have actually thought of creating and designing my own realm so that it will be better or at least how I will be more familiar with it.

Thanks for sharing this good list!
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quite extensive.

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