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T O P I C    R E V I E W
questing gm Posted - 05 Nov 2023 : 14:05:37
Since starting up his own Discord server (, Ed Greenwood has been answering Realms-related questions in the #q4ed channel. Although it's free to join the Discord and view his answers, but I believe it requires a subscription to Ed's Patreon ( to be given access to ask him questions there.

So since his answers are free to view by anyone on his Discord and for the benefit of those who are not on Discord, I'm starting and updating my compilation of his answers in this scroll. I'll leave it to the wisdom of moderating scribes if anything should be changed or removed.

I won't be able to put down everything (I already have 300+ answered questions to put down), so consider updates here will be intermittent, and will take a while before it catches up to the latest questions answered. (Or just join the Discord if you want the latest )

30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 08:16:03
On Malar's origins to his followers

Malarite — 03/15/2024 12:38 AM

@Ed Greenwood What has Malar told his own followers about his origins? (And if nothing, where do many of them believe he came from?) Does he claim to be ancient? Claim to have been anything specific before becoming a god?

Ed Greenwood — 04/03/2024 10:27 AM

A future video will reveal more about Malar. :}
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 08:13:57
On cook books in noble’s homes in Suzail during Azoun IV’s reign

Jeremy Grenemyer — 03/26/2024 10:25 AM

Well again @Ed Greenwood #128075;

I’m reading Anthony Bourdain’s KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL and it has left me wondering if there were any books on cooking that the cooks working in noble’s homes in Suzail during Azoun IV’s reign swore by? How about in the High and Low Kitchens of the Royal Palace?

Also, were there any known or (in)famous chefs of that era based in Cormyr? Or cooks noteworthy for their feuds with each other?

Thank you Ed, as always. #128512;

Ed Greenwood — 03/31/2024 10:04 AM

Heh. Lore video upcoming. ;}
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 08:09:11
On the rarest diamond tints in Toril

Arya Kitty, Goth Elf Librarian — 03/17/2024 5:13 AM

@Ed Greenwood , I have a curiosity.

Diamonds in Earth comes in many shades. However, red, followed by purple and pink are the rarest shades. You can see the rarity of diamonds based on their costs per carat, or jewellery sites, etc. Wikipedia entries sometimes reference rarity.

What diamond tints are the rarest in Toril? Are there any rarer diamonds at all? Do the different mortal groups have cultural associations with these diamonds? I am curious what our dwarf friends have mined over the millennia and how often!


Best wishes, Arya

Ed Greenwood — 03/31/2024 10:00 AM

Blue diamonds, followed by green and then red, are the rarest and most expensive diamonds on Toril, and they always appear as clear, unflawed crystals (even before cutting and polishing).

Arya Kitty, Goth Elf Librarian — 03/31/2024 10:25 AM

Thank you for this information!

Ed Greenwood — 03/31/2024 10:27 AM

My pleasure!
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 08:06:50
On noblewomen carrying etui during the reign of the fourth Azoun

Jeremy Grenemyer — 03/24/2024 2:27 AM

Hello @Ed Greenwood and good morning from sunny California!

Can you please tell me if noblewomen carried etui on their person in the reign of the fourth Azoun? If they did, did the etui contain anything unique to the Realms in terms of unusual bodkins or other personal tools? Also, are there unique Realms words (in any language) for things like thimbles or needles or bodkins or toothpicks and the like?

Thank you, as always. #128578;

Ed Greenwood — 03/31/2024 9:59 AM

It depends on the noblewoman. Some rely on servants to carry such things for them, especially when clad in revealing gowns at “high” feasts and revels.

However, it is common practise for women of means to carry spare hairpins (which usually had ornamented heads at one end, and pointed other ends, like knitting needles) and slender knives (more often for eating use than personal defense) down inside-of-boot sheaths).

In addition, they carry spare red breechclouts for menstrual use, spare “handcloths” (handkerchiefs), and spare pins (for wardrobe repair; think real-world safety pins or kilt pins) in small murvaer (“personal pouches”) worn under clothing on slender thongs hung from belts or knotted around waists or even depending down cleavages from neck-loops (often hidden under pectoral jeweley and chokers).

Outerwear carry-pouches favored by Cormyrean noblewomen are usually attached to belts or baldrics, rather than having their own belts or cords (as most real-world etui did).

Toothpicks (“fang spears” to Cormyreans) are usually double-ended and of certain flexible bladed plant leaves; in cormyr, usually of tarldagger plants (think very tiny mother-in-law’s-tongue, a little taller versions of the succulent plants we sometimes call “hens-and-chickens;” waxy and sharp and very strong and supple).

Bodkins are also “bodkins” to Cormyreans, and for-work thimbles (“fingershields” to Cormyreans) are always of metal, and sometimes have tiny side blade-edges with clefts for slicing threads or thongs, or holding an end of a thread or thong at the ready. Collectors sometimes have art-adorned porcelain ones for ornamental display, but not for “real use.”

“Sarp” look like miniature bills (the polearms), and are used to cut or scrape down broken, jagged, or overlong fingernails and toenails.

I’m saying “are” rather than “were” because none of these personal fashions have changed in Cormyr since the time of Azoun IV. Garments, yes, but pouches, etc., no.
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 08:04:50
On the High Autharch

Juniper Churlgo — 02/13/2024 10:55 AM

Thay lore Q for Ed. What does High Autharch do? Is it like a secretary of state? High Autharch Blaze Mythalanir was also a cleric of Kossuth / fire mage, so I assume clergy Autharch assignments are a normal thing? and a Q from the same source: Aglarond Blood Wine and Thayan Bloodwine - same thing? is it like hummus where everyone claims it's theirs? or different beverages?

Ed Greenwood — 03/29/2024 10:56 AM

The High Autharch settles disputes over policy (how government officials should interpret rulings/act) and disputes among government officials. Yes, clerics often serve as High Autharch (the post is rarely held for more than half a dozen years, as incumbents burn out or are assassinated), but what Szass Tam wants is a strong enforcer to keep the peace.

Aglarondan Blood Wine and Thayan Bloodwine look similar, but are very different in making and taste. VERY dark red, almost black, with the Thayan vintage being heavier/oilier, and saltier, and the Aglarondan tangy and tart and more peppery. They “sit in the same culinary role.”
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 08:02:50
On the symbolism of the Harper Symbol itself

Dudeling — 02/21/2024 1:54 PM

@Ed Greenwood wondering if you might be able to go into the symbolism of the Harper Symbol itself - is there a deeper significance to the moon and the harp themselves?

George Krashos — 02/21/2024 2:26 PM

It was the symbol of House Mistwinter of Cormanthyr. An elder house, dying out. Dathlue Mistwinter, the “Lady Steel”, founded the Harpers at Twilight - the first incarnation of the Harpers and they adopted the Mistwinter emblem as their symbol.

Ed Greenwood — 03/29/2024 10:44 AM

And to the Mistwinters, it has to do with their founding; a “moon maiden” or “moondancer” female elf who achieved ever greater magical power unwittingly when she danced to the harping of her elder female relatives. And so attracted an elven male mate whom she bore many strong-in-magic-and-wits-and-artistic-talents children, that made the Mistwinters great (and on the path of eventual nobility). This family lore is so old that no one alive today can be certain how much of it is embellished/legendary.
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 07:58:13
On becoming a god without drawing the attention of other deities

Jace Walker, Planar Traveler — 02/25/2024 3:32 PM

Currently watching your December Legends Q&A on Patreon and listened to the question about gods receiving power even if not actively worshipped. Are there any obscure areas of the arts (ie culinary, music, dance, etc) that someone could become the god of to gain a level of power, without drawing the attention of other deities?

Ed Greenwood — 03/29/2024 10:41 AM

No, no one can rise to godhood in the Realms by stealth, not noticed by other deities. The new “tug” of their divinity draining some measure of power will be felt. Whether or not specific other deities will care enough to immediately or promptly investigate is another matter.

Moreover, most mortals can’t achieve godhood without the use of an artifact (that contains divine power) or by directly dealing with a deity (slaying a deity, draining part of the power of a deity, etc.) because they just don’t know how.

The Realmslore I and others have crafted over the years carries a clear message: trying to seize enough power to become a god is perilous at best, folly for most, and doomed to utter disaster at the worst (Karsus, for example: failure plus punishment/torment to serve as an example to others).

Some see the endless pursuit of power as a desired career path or even their destiny, but it’s clear the Realms universe doesn’t share that view.
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 07:53:49
On patronage in the Realms

Reedhalloran Duskfellow — 03/08/2024 3:01 AM

@Ed Greenwood thank you for the past year of amazing content and to all the contributors as well! Big thank you to Ivan as well for making this happen. I'm glad to see this server and your patron count growing! Patronizing the arts and the things we love is such a simple (in dollar terms) thing yet it hasn't been a recent habit in modern times–though it used to be in the olden days.

It makes me wonder about the nature of patronage in the realms. I know it seems like a big part of how bards and other artists get by, but curious how it is viewed broadly speaking (i.e. beyond the arts)? What are the traditions/etiquette? Does that vary by region?

Ed Greenwood — 03/29/2024 10:20 AM

Patronage video coming up. Sometime this year.
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 07:48:50
On gods of war playing dragonchess

Ed Greenwood — 03/29/2024 10:15 AM

Derric Greene asked: @TheEdVerse I can't help but wonder if the gods of war ever get together for games of dragonchess? I mean, what do gods DO in their spare time?

....And my lore reply:

Stay tuned for some upcoming videos. SOME deities war on each other in playful (game board) manner, and others more literally, and many gods occupy themselves with side-hobbies and work linked to their portfolios and expertise (Gond tinkers and invents, and so on).
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 05:39:51
On deities allowing couples to be together in the afterlife

Zeph — 03/29/2024 12:11 AM

@Ed Greenwood it was something that was brought up during discussions on another server so I'm curious what your take is on it.

For couples who follow different deities or are claimed by different ones, would deities who are on friendly or good terms with each other, allow couples to be together in the afterlife as petitioners. And on a similar note, is it rare in the realms for families in one way or another to be together in the afterlife? do animal companions or pets go to the plane of their owner/friend?

Thanks for your time!

Ed Greenwood — 03/29/2024 10:04 AM

Aside from clergy and paladins, no one in the Realms except the occasional zealot would consider "allowing" a deity to dictate their relationships. The Realms is polytheistic, with everyone believing in all of the gods and worshipping most of them. Afterlives are influenced by gods but even more by the hearts and minds of mortals...but there's also a random factor (see other answers from me on this server). So it might be "mildly unusual" but not rare.
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 05:14:39
On collaborations or chats with authors/writers from the other worlds

Reedhalloran Duskfellow — 03/24/2024 5:57 AM

@Ed Greenwood this is more of a D&D history question but I'm curious if you have any stories to regale us with about your collaborations or chats with authors/writers from the other worlds. Particularly wondering about Krynn. How would you guys talk about world building or cross pollination? Are there untold stories of Elminster visiting these locales?

Ed Greenwood — 03/28/2024 11:59 PM

Yes, there are many untold tales of El visiting the other "D&D Worlds," and if you tune in to the Six Sides of Gaming channel on YouTube on Tuesday evenings, you'll see his current jaunts in LEGACY OF WORLDS. Check out Jay Scott's channel (as LordGosumba) for his Gabbin' series (currently there are 293 episodes) for my rare appearances to discuss Greyhawk and Realms lore with Anna Meyer and Jay. I've also written Krynn lore. This is a huge topic, so more later, when I have time (if I ever have time!).
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 05:10:51
On what module/adventure is on Ed's wish list to get an update/upgrade

Reedhalloran Duskfellow — 03/25/2024 11:46 AM

@Ed Greenwood for D&D's 50th anniversary, what module/adventure is on your wish list to get an update/upgrade that we should all play?

Ed Greenwood — 03/28/2024 11:43 PM

Heh. The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar, compelte with the entire village of Eveningstar, the temple, and the outlying Caverns of the Claws all detailed. The way I wrote it. Won't happen in this year, as budgets and schedules are already set. Next year? There Are Plans, but NDAs forbid...
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 05:08:42
On inspiration for cuisine of the Realms

Ilabode — 03/15/2024 9:51 PM

Where do you draw inspiration for your cuisine of the realms. You talk a lot about what the cuisine is but what is the process to come up with those answers and inspiration for some of the dishes?

Ed Greenwood — 03/28/2024 11:40 PM

The inspiration is a lifetime of cooking and eating widely (many cultures, many cuisines) across the real world. I then imagine what fantastic ingredients (dragon meat, basilisk tongue, umber hulk liver) might taste like, and use my experience to concoct seasonings and preparations to invent dishes that I think “fit” locales, peoples, and lifestyles in the Realms.
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 05:04:38
On any descendants of Florin Falconhand alive in the 15th century

DMeyer33 — 03/28/2024 5:33 AM

Greetings @Ed Greenwood! I was hoping if you could tell us if there are any descendants of Florin Falconhand alive in the 15th century and what they might be up to?

Ed Greenwood — 03/28/2024 10:49 AM

The short answer: yes. This has been answered before, and I will skate around some NDAs and see what can be added. (This will take time.)
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 05:02:15
On airships and their prevalence in the 1490s DR

Reedhalloran Duskfellow — 03/27/2024 6:47 AM

Dearest @Ed Greenwood, I hope Gary Con treated you well. I'm wondering if you can provide some guidance regarding airships and their prevalence in the 1490s DR. I imagine with Halruaa gone for so long that put a serious damper on their availability for much of the 1400s. Were there others that successfully made sky ships?

It also sounds like from your awesome Patreon update about Halruaa that getting those Wiley wizards back doesn't necessarily increase the supply more recently.

How would your average adventuring party based out of Waterdeep go about requisitioning an airship? Could they have one custom built? If so, who/where would they go?

Ed Greenwood — 03/28/2024 2:32 AM

I survived Founders & Legends and GaryCon and had a GREAT time seeing old friends and making new ones. Hopefully the pics are neither too numerous nor too incriminating. ;} Yes, others have made skyships, some of them spelljamming vessels (notably the elves), and I've even answered questions at Candlekeep about where the operating ports for such ships are, in Faerûn. However, the makers and maintainers of such craft tend to keep such work secretive, and they are few. You're correct about Halruaans not leaping to fill any "sales void" when it comes to skyships, in the Realms recently. I will do a non-exhaustive video about where and who to see to get a new skyship, or get one repaired or refitted. The elves would seem to be the most reliable source of supply, but are adamantly against supplying any non-elves with skyships, or even selling them transport on elven skyships. So, think criminal, and think: how might beholders make money, when they wanted funds for some purpose?
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 04:59:27
On Lake Thaalmir

Lucio — 03/27/2024 6:01 AM

@Ed Greenwood Is there any info on Lake Thaalmir? I am curious about Sschindylryn but I'd like to know more about its surroundings as well.

Ed Greenwood — 03/28/2024 2:25 AM

It's on my list. Expect lore in a video, some time this year.
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 04:57:25
On the significance of drawing blood have for followers of Eilistraee

Claire — 03/27/2024 4:14 AM Hello @Ed Greenwood ! I had a quesiton about my favorite goddess of the Realms, Eilistraee.

I was reading about her rites and rituals, specifically the Sword Dance rite – this rite involves dancing around a blade and drawing blood form each limb in order to bless the sword, as described in Demihuman Deities. Additionally, in Larian's Baldur's Gate 3, Phalar Aluve – a sword of Eilsitraee – is drawn by shedding your own blood. What I wanted to ask is, what significance (if any) does drawing blood have for followers of Eilistraee? Do any other Eilistraeean rites involve bloodletting?

Thank you!

Ed Greenwood — 03/28/2024 2:23 AM

TSR's Code of Conduct cut back on many magical (and especially ritual, involving worship of the gods) instances of human fluids (tears, blood, and even earwax) being used to work magic. Originally, many rituals for many deities involved the shedding of one's own blood, as part of tying the magical effect directly to a specific worshipper, or infusing something (like a sword) with magical borne by the blood-shedder, or creating a link between that entity and the item. So it's not unique to Eilistraee, but "her instances" survived into print. In Eilistraeen rites, it's creating a link between worshipper and item, or infusing an item with magic or intent (alignment, ethos, purpose) from the worshipper.
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2024 : 04:50:32
On Kuldahar in Klauth Vale

n00b — 03/16/2024 4:54 AM

Im gonna bootlick here... AND again ask controversial question

OH GREAT AND POWERFULL SAGE @Ed Greenwood Father of Forgotten Realms, bless this ignorant fool with You knowledge and answer me one question that only YOU as author of Dragons of the North have:


Ed Greenwood — 03/27/2024 2:01 PM

No, Kuldahar is outside the Vale.
questing gm Posted - 20 May 2024 : 15:54:57
On the history of the Blackstaff

mark630 — 02/28/2024 8:51 AM

Hey, can we possibly get a video on the history of the Blackstaff (both the personage and the magic item)? I just watched the water deep video and it made me interested in some of the gaps in my information

Ed Greenwood — 02/29/2024 1:34 AM

It's on the list!

George Krashos — 02/28/2024 3:54 PM

He’d need about a dozen YouTube clips.

Ed Greenwood — 02/29/2024 1:34 AM

questing gm Posted - 20 May 2024 : 15:25:12
On common expletives heard in Cormyr or the Sword Coast

Chris L — 03/12/2024 8:19 AM

@Ed Greenwood We need a list of common expletives! my players figured out that saying "Jesus Christ!" with intensity wouldn't mean a thing in the FR! What are some common expletives heard in Cormyr or the Sword Coast? I suggested "Ilmater's balls!" as one but then again, I might have stolen it from BG3...

Ed Greenwood — 03/13/2024 1:00 AM

Check Candlekeep (the site, online, Questions For Ed Greenwood) and "Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster's Forgotten Realms" (the hardcover sourcebook) for literally pages of them.
questing gm Posted - 20 May 2024 : 15:22:08
On dumplings

Juniper Churlgo — 03/06/2024 2:57 AM

a quick food Q for Ed. Seeing how im making dumplings this weekend and how very few types of dumplings actually appeared in print, what are some regional varieties? There are kozakuran, amn's boar dumplings, cormyr's sweet, and occasional pork, as well as some dough dumplings. What else? in the real world, there are hundreds of types from all over the world, i'm sure FR is the same.

Ed Greenwood — 03/06/2024 3:23 AM


In the Tashalar and all around the Shining Sea coasts, there are water-boiled dumplings (like real world shui jiao), usually filled with leek-dominated vegetable and herb mixes (dill, peas, waterchestnuts and other edible shoots), but also with lamb and braised goat, ox-meat (they are THE best method of eating “old ox,” the toughest meat, after it’s been marinated in wine vinegar for a tenday or a month), and rothé.

Pan-fried dough dumplings (like guo tie or “pot stickers”) in the Realms are eaten everywhere the caravan roads run, having spread from Murghôm and Durpar centuries ago, and can now be found in all Sword Coast and Sea of Fallen Stars port eateries (usually cheap/lower class, sailors’ and laborers’). They tend to be filled with ground meat (all the meat sources I just listed, above) mixed with diced pickled vegetables, and cooked in a rich gravy that’s drained off (for other cooking purposes) but of course leaves its flavor behind).

What the real world calls “wonton dumplings” are typically found up and down the Sword Coast and all along the Great Sea coasts, and are filled with fried and sauce-seasoned diced shrimp, prawns, scallops, and clams. Note: real world “heavy-salt” sauces like soy, and fermented hot sauces like Thai fish sauces, aren’t popular in the Realms and are found only rarely (as this or that cook experiments). The Realms alternative is to fry fillings with various spices and pork belly.
questing gm Posted - 20 May 2024 : 15:18:21
On an alliance between Eilistraee and Vhaeraun posing a threat for Lolth

Ninjanurse29 — 03/01/2024 1:11 AM

@Ed Greenwood In current DR would an alliance between Eilistraee and Vhaeraun pose a legitimate threat for Lolth?

Ed Greenwood — 03/01/2024 1:24 AM

So it's another "it depends" answer from me. For drow on the surface, very much yes. For drow of the Upperdark who trade with the surface regularly, yes. For some Lolth-venerating drow cities, isolated from drow who openly worship anyone other than the Queen of Spiders, not at all. And so on. But if you're really asking if such an alliance affects Lolth's personal power and reach worldwide, yes. Lolth, like Shar, has had great luck in her divine career despite loss and setback after loss and setback, but she's made many divine and mortal foes and nigh no friends, so she's outnumbered and overextended (ripe for an overreach fall).
questing gm Posted - 20 May 2024 : 15:15:47
On Azoun IV's adventuring party The King's Men

Joe Chang — 02/28/2024 3:02 PM

Another video suggestion: how about Azoun IV's adventuring party The King's Men? I mean, their story must have been EPIC for Azoun to have leveled to 20 as a fighter.

Ed Greenwood — 02/29/2024 1:35 AM

I have to dance around some NDAs, but that's already on the list.
questing gm Posted - 20 May 2024 : 15:12:54
On Ed's favorite drow

Ninjanurse29 — 02/28/2024 11:51 PM

@Ed Greenwood who is your favorite drow character you created and why?

Ed Greenwood — 02/29/2024 1:34 AM

Eilistraee, because I got to step aside from Lolth's attitudes.
questing gm Posted - 20 May 2024 : 10:13:47
On Szithlin

Melody — 02/23/2024 7:47 AM

@Ed Greenwood Is there anything you could tell us about the drow city of Szithlin? It's one in a list of drow cities mentioned in the 2E book Drow of the Underdark but I haven't been able to find anything else about it!

Ed Greenwood — 02/25/2024 1:44 PM


Szithlin was a drow city ruled by rival noble houses who were a lot friendlier to each other than the vicious infighting we see in, say, Menzoberranzan. They worshipped ancestors (the individuals who’d led them in their earliest days in the Underdark), not Lolth, and Vhaeraun and Eilistraee, granted their clerics spells in the names of the Venerated, but the worship remained ancestor cults and not “revering Vhaeraun and/or Eilistraee.”

Szithlin was dedicated to progress in drow living standards by increasing mastery of alchemy, magic, farming of Underdark fungi for food and medicine, and hunting and capturing Underdark “monsters” for study and exploitation (both using body parts in alchemy and medicine, and as food).

It was this last field of endeavour that eventually led to Szithlin’s doom, and made it the abandoned city/many-monsters lair it is today: monsters they captured that were “lures” sent to them by aboleths erupted and overwhelmed the folk of Szithlin, who frantically fled (literally dropping everything and running, with no time for fighting or salvage) or perished. This befell in 1385 DR (yes, the same time as the Spellplague).

The aboleths were annoyed by the presence and increasingly wide-ranging explorative forays of Szithlar drow seeking Underdark flora and fauna—and occasionally harvesting or blundering into flora and fauna that were aboleth experiments, and wanted Szithlin eradicated. They succeeded.

What’s left of Szithlin may be found by going deep, below even ...the Lowerdark city colloquially known as Earth’s End. Locate Earth’s End on this map: …and imagine it as the center of a clock dial. Head away from Earth’s End along the 8 o’clock line.

Find the tag (label of written words) that reads “The Darkgulf” on the same map, not far away from Earth’s End, and draw a horizontal, east-west (3 o’clock to 9 o’clock) line from the “T” of “The” due west until it intersects the diagonal line from Earth’s End. Where they meet is where abandoned Szithlin lies, now a labyrinth of chambers and passages inhabited by all manner of Underdark monsters, but dominated by fungi colonies that daze, feed on, paralyze, or otherwise entrap those creatures.

The descendants of the few Szithlin survivors mostly made their ways to the surface, and dwelt in the most mountainous areas of the Tashtan Coast, SW of Procalith, and in the Wyvernwatch Mountains west of the Forest of Amtar (and east of the Bandit Wastes).
questing gm Posted - 20 May 2024 : 07:39:22
On taste of drow breastmilk

Goose Bolton — 02/24/2024 9:39 AM

Hello @Ed Greenwood big fan! I have specific lore I seek to ask you. It's very important to me on a personal level that this is answered for me: Since elven breastmilk tastes minty, does drow breastmilk also taste minty? If not, what would it taste like? Thank you for your consideration on my lore questions

Ed Greenwood — 02/24/2024 2:05 PM

Drow breastmilk, thanks to those who produce it having centuries of exposure to cave fungi and molds and the faezress, tastes a little more mushroomy than minty elven breastmilk. To any humans who sample it, the result is a little more chalky, and ever so slightly tart/hot (the same way those tiny cinammon heart Valentine's Day hard candies have heat), but to elves who sample drow breast milk, it tastes sweeter than it seems to humans (and far less minty than their own breast milk). Interestingly, to dwarves, both elven and drow breast milk taste a lot like (original, unsweetened) licorice.
questing gm Posted - 20 May 2024 : 07:36:11
On title shift of Open Lord of Waterdeep according to holder's gender

Kannonball — 02/20/2024 10:28 AM

@Ed Greenwood a quick question

When giving formal address the Open Lord of Waterdeep, does the title shift according to holder's gender (i.e. would Laeral be addessed "Lord Silverhand" or "Lady Silverhand")?

Ed Greenwood — 02/20/2024 10:42 AM

She is "Lady Lord of Waterdeep" in verbal address. Formally, written, it would be:

To Laeral Silverhand, Open Lord of Waterdeep, these: ...and then separated below,: From XXXX YYYY, title if any...[and then the text of the letter, ending with something like "May all the gods smile upon thee, yours under their watchful eyes" followed by [[monogram, signature, or sigil]] and then the name of the sender.
questing gm Posted - 20 May 2024 : 07:31:32
On singularly unique instruments that were never reproduced

Melody — 02/20/2024 5:49 AM

@Ed Greenwood Ed! I'd love to know more about some of the instruments of the Realms. Have there ever been any singularly unique instruments that were never reproduced? Any particularly intriguing ones not yet covered in lore?

Eric L. Boyd — 02/20/2024 5:54 AM

Not Ed, but I assume you mean in addition to the article in Dragon #123?

Melody — 02/20/2024 5:55 AM

Yes! Anything new beyond that. I'm always intrigued by new possibilities for instruments, the stories behind them, the plot hooks, etc! I use them in my campaigns and love knowing more.

Ed Greenwood — 02/20/2024 7:17 AM

Well, there is the roster (a sidebar) in the 2e Realms boxed set, and I've scattered some lore over the years at Candlekeep. And then there are the more mundane everyday ones, like the "janglepoles" used in many villages (festivals) and by clergy: wooden staff to which are affixed, via cords, old scraps of (usually rusty and bent) metal, so that when the staff is thumped on the ground (keeping a beat in music), all of these metal pieces clash and make a jangling sound, as if windchimes were acting as percussion in instrumental music. And there are also (everyday mundane) various curved animal horns that get their points cut off and sung through (humming but keeping tunes), and tend to get called "garands." As for unique instruments, there are enchanted handchimes that do things (akin to a Chime of Opening) but my notes for those are out in a container in the snowy forest right now.
questing gm Posted - 20 May 2024 : 05:54:49
On proper term of venery for beholders

Eric L. Boyd — 02/20/2024 12:31 AM

Hi @Ed Greenwood. Critical question here, as I can't seem to find it in any of the sources I scoured (including the unpublished ones): What is the proper term of venery for beholders?

Ed Greenwood — 02/20/2024 4:28 AM

It's "a gaze of beholders," and 'always has been,' as in: lore from one of my 1986 Realms turnovers. But I LIKE "glare of."
questing gm Posted - 20 May 2024 : 05:51:24
On current gods of the Realms that were once player characters in D&D games

DMHWolf — 02/19/2024 1:26 PM

Hola @Ed Greenwood . Hope all's well. Quick question: how many of the current gods of the realms were once player characters in D&D games? If any, are you able to say which ones and who played them? I'm raising a tankard to your health while I ponder the faerunian gods... #128578;

Ed Greenwood — 02/20/2024 4:23 AM

Zero. No player characters have ascended.

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