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T O P I C    R E V I E W
EricMinde Posted - 28 Sep 2021 : 03:36:56
Ty'Garlan A.K.A. Crystal Garlin

(2nd Ed. Character and future 5th Ed. NPC.)

I'll keep her stats and how she engages enemies private until after I'm done writing the adventures. However I learned about the site you can make custom miniatures and I decided to make and order a coloured version of how I'm reimagining her (minus the colour choices I want so I'll repaint it)

Align: CG (LG)
Character level: C20/W14 (5e:SP12)

She has been through an insane amount of adventure, starting from before the Time of Troubles to having a new life as an imprisoned Hero of the Realms. Finding portions of her character folder sparked the idea for the latest adventures and the search for more of her folder contents.

Ty' has been changed physically between male and female several times. She has had her race changed to human and stayed human for a number of years while she learned arcane magic eventually deciding that being an elf had alot more benefits. Her upper body in now sculpted to body builder levels too.
What changing race did for her was instill just a touch of compassion and wonder for humans. Such short lives and yet they accomplish so much.

Ty' has been travelled to the Greyhawk lands,The Dread Domains of Ravenloft, The Darksun campaign, Dragonlance and the world of Krynn, The Abyss, several layers of the nine hells, Sigil, Mechanus, Astral, Ethereal and all element (and para-elemental) planes. +/-material planes, and loved spending time in all the good aligned planes. She has never been to the Feywild although she does have an idea about it.

One of her favorite pastimes since acquiring the full staff is to travel to the negative material plane to train herself to face liches by staying in the plane for days and constantly fighting.

She has met most characters from the Dalelands, sometimes many times. She has walked the ridge of the spine of the world, dove deep into Undermountain', helped clear out The Ruins of Myth'Dranor, stood beside The Symbol while fighting against Thayan Wizards. Brokered peace with the Witches of Rashamen, poked around Halruua for a decade and has time travelled to Netheril and had a ton of adventures culminating with the party running away from the Tarasque.

She knows about Spelljammers but has never seen one and has a deep burning hatred for illithid although between a mindflayer and undead, she will always choose undead to destroy.

She partied with a Paladin, Wizard, Ranger, Four Bards (btw, bards explode spectacularly and dramatically), an Illusionist, a thief and roughly 100 others over the years under the same illuminated being. Her worst experience of her life involved a Kender and she will stay flying out of Kender reach if any Kender have been seen in an area with only the statement "They have sticky hands".

The staff is a named artifact and is bonded with Ty'Garlan.

There are several possible outcomes from the new adventure she is in so her future is in flux.
19   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
EricMinde Posted - 19 Mar 2022 : 21:53:04
The cool rosey light filled Crystals' mood with all the wonderful emotions. Everything was as it should be. Bless Lathander.

Her eyes opened and she saw the soft light of Dawnstone. "That was so hard, let's see what this new one has to offer." Jumping slowly from the bed, her feet slipped and she landed spawled on with her hands on the floor. She could see now that the paint was everywhere. Everywhere except for the new paintings lining the walls. She had no words for this. The last in the series was brain shaking.
EricMinde Posted - 18 Mar 2022 : 21:00:41
Crystals vision blurs and her head spins, everything spins and visions of words and emotions swirl around her foggy brain. Somewhere in the cacophony of sensory input she sensed a hurried calm.

The floating text around her took on the comforting rosey glow she has come to love as the letters flew in all directions. She recognized part of a phrase as it rushed past. In bright bold purple text was "her twig pen". The words were hers. This was the message returned. She was heard.


Bring this only lit candle light along with it is fire icy in opportunity she pondered;
Current, caught within this particular fifty percent lifestyle condition included a lot of brand-brand new difficulties.
Knowing ways to work as well as interact were actually just the initial steps, similar to exactly how these actions I get currently were actually therefore challenging prior to.
This was actually most likely to be actually a difficulty of a completely brand-brand new size.
Exactly how perform you get in touch with a taken in god?


Lastly achieving the makeshift church, she choices up sharpened twig as well as establishes the candle light to illumination her work area. Along with a couple of dips of her twig she readies to composing on her report scraps.

This is actually certainly not the world of perfect however although maybe. Like those ideas that happened prior to, once again they occur as well as there's a method to carry the tricks of the multiverse ahead. You pursued this function as well as it taken in you. I discovered this after viewing the occasions with your phrases. It takes idea as well as belief to press with the mayhem as well as you dove in, one of the absolute most prepared to compromise whatever to conserve our team coming from it. You most likely assisted conserve me coming from it. The world should understand of the risks I have viewed. To believe that entropic mayhem will certainly be actually included within one world is actually folly. I have actually been actually caught within this particular location for over 150 years therefore I inquire that you sign up with Lathander in my help. Mayhem should certainly not be actually enabled to suggestion the equilibrium therefore our team should produce.

She establishes her twig pen to completely dry out as well as views the Dawnstone begin to lighten up in rosey shades. "Another brand-brand new time. I believe this creates 54,962." Gazing into the radiant orb that drifts a couple of feets away she gradually talks along with determined breath;

A woman of some advanced age with a white beard of paper and quills sits below intense violet eyes. Hers robes covered in all manner of inkspots and glyphs. In her hand, a simple scrap of paper. It was the one Crystal had just written on. Lifting it up to her eyes, she read it aloud.

"Our team revel within this particular brand-brand new time, thanks Lathander.
Along with all of it is magnificence as well as secret however to unravel, thanks Earthmother.
Thanks for enabling me to perform being one of your overviews as well as allow mayhem never ever lower our illumination. It is actually the will certainly of Lathander.
Along with dancing as well as tome as well as heartsongs radiance, carry brand-brand new trends to the innovative stream. Lathanders illumination luster after all of."


Everything trailed off to black silence the moment Deneir finished the last word. There was no more warm rosey radiance, no more words zipping by like agitated moths, no more violet eyes. Just the hard stone floor and alot of drool. Wait...I'm drooling she thought. Oh god, I'm on the floor! Lifting herself into a sitting repose she took a few deep breaths to calm down. "Lathander bless me what does it all mean? Those were and wern't my words. That was Deneir!" Grabbing her twig she started transcribing it detail, trying to piece together what it meant and as she wrote, a frenzy took hold. Simple insinuation and minor detail turned in on great detail and instructions. Every word, every phrase was complex and finished. Deneir never left.

(The between the lines text above was my previous post put through an online sentence rewriter. I thought it would be an interesting way to get to the meta and Deneir.)
EricMinde Posted - 18 Mar 2022 : 19:26:23
...carrying this lone lit candle with it's flame frozen in time she pondered; Existing, trapped in this half life state came with so many new challenges. Learning how to function and communicate were only the first steps, much like how these steps I take now were so difficult before. This was going to be a challenge of an entirely new magnitude. How do you contact a consumed god?


Finally reaching the makeshift altar, she picks up sharpened twig and sets the candle to light her workspace. With a few dips of her twig she sets to writing on her paper scraps.

This is not the realm of ideal yet although it could be. Like those thoughts that came before, again they happen and there is a way to bring the secrets of the multiverse forward. You pursued this work and it consumed you. I learned this after seeing the events through your words. It takes belief and faith to push through the chaos and you dove in, the most ready to sacrifice everything to save us from it. You probably helped save me from it. The world must know of the threats I've seen. To think that entropic chaos will be contained within one universe is folly. I have been trapped in this place for over 150 years and so I ask that you join Lathander in my aid. Chaos must not be allowed to tip the balance and so we must create.

She sets her twig pen to dry and watches the Dawnstone start to brighten in rosey hues. "Another new day. I think this makes 54,962." Staring into the glowing orb that floats a few feet away she slowly speaks with measured breath;

"We revel in this new day, thank you Lathander.
With all it's glory and mystery yet to unfold, thank you Earthmother.
Thank you for allowing me to serve as one of your guides and let chaos never dim our light. It is the will of Lathander.
With dance and tome and heartsongs glow, bring new tides to the creative flow. Lathanders light shine upon all."
EricMinde Posted - 05 Nov 2021 : 15:28:07
Originally posted by LordofBones

The real truth behind Alaundo's prophecies is that half his time was spent looking up dictionaries and thesauruses for words that would rhyme.

Probably the absolute truth but the process delivers impact and that's what counts.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 05 Nov 2021 : 09:44:28
Originally posted by LordofBones

The real truth behind Alaundo's prophecies is that half his time was spent looking up dictionaries and thesauruses for words that would rhyme.

LordofBones Posted - 05 Nov 2021 : 07:49:39
The real truth behind Alaundo's prophecies is that half his time was spent looking up dictionaries and thesauruses for words that would rhyme.
sleyvas Posted - 05 Nov 2021 : 00:06:58
Originally posted by EricMinde

“When Nightal is almost at a close
There from the gate wall shall descend
A serpent to blow the Horn of Doom
At the graveyard Kingdom of Man.

If the Star of Storms is its brightest
When the dulcet ballad is played
Soundest ground shall be torn asunder
The tapestry forever frayed.

But if the Raging King has failed
To keep his five retainers true
Come ‘morrow, the blessed sun will rise
And no chaos shall ill ensue.” ~Alaundo

The adamantine sai floated above a copy of "The Collected Prophecies of Alaundo", its blade, or monouchi, moving from side to side as though it were dutifully reading. Suddenly it exclaimed excitedly, "Look mistress," and suddenly a blue semi-transparent, young woman appeared in the pulled out seat in front of the book, "here's the passage I think we were looking for".

The two perused it together, before Jillian began to translate it, "So, at the end of the year, a serpent will descend to blow the horn of doom at the fields of the dead? Dendar or some yuan-ti or ophidian from Najara?"

"Yes Mistress, and look, if the Star of Storms, which I expect is likely Talos, is something when the horn is blown then an earthquake shall ensue and the weave negatively impacted. But if Talos has not kept his five retainers true.... hmmm, that is likely Auril, Umberlee, Malar, Velsharoon, and possibly the drow Malyk.... then the sun ... hmm, Lathander... will rise"

"Lorey, I don't think we quite have this right, but if there's an of those gods that's no longer true to him, it'd definitely be Velsharoon. Perhaps I should look in on the tomb in Aglarond via the mirror of viewing on the 4th floor and see if his body has arisen again. Meanwhile, why don't you contact my father-by-vow and that dragonborn? I bet that silly old man is having a good old time talking that Bahamutan's ear off."
EricMinde Posted - 04 Nov 2021 : 19:41:20
“When Nightal is almost at a close
There from the gate wall shall descend
A serpent to blow the Horn of Doom
At the graveyard Kingdom of Man.

If the Star of Storms is its brightest
When the dulcet ballad is played
Soundest ground shall be torn asunder
The tapestry forever frayed.

But if the Raging King has failed
To keep his five retainers true
Come ‘morrow, the blessed sun will rise
And no chaos shall ill ensue.” ~Alaundo
EricMinde Posted - 04 Nov 2021 : 15:30:59
I'll just leave this here so certain parties can see it...

It's unfinished and I feel good about the start. Hopefully i'll be able to get ahold of the group to finish the details later.
sleyvas Posted - 14 Oct 2021 : 00:25:57
Your story reminds me a little of my own original story of Sleyvas (who was also a PC turned NPC, way back in 2nd edition days). Mine was decidedly darker though, as it started out with his wife being accidentally murdered by a paladin chasing a criminal while Sleyvas was out cheating on her. He could not afford to have her raised, and in grief he went to the temple of Shar to "confess his great secret" and he spiraled down a path of that led him to become a killer for hire in Thay (specifically hunting mages and paladins). Later, when he had the money and power to have his wife brought back from the dead, he found her body was gone (f'ing Sharrans). Pretty much from then on he became an NPC, though periodically I would brush him off for conventions. I had him go to Ravenloft at one point, where he was working for Bane as an enforcer. From Ravenloft, just because I was talking with another person about his character, he went to the Masque of the Red Death campaign (i.e. Earth in the 1890's but darker), and eventually came back to Toril. I adopted that other person's character as "my son", as in I wrote up that one of his NPC's had been his wife until they had a falling out, and she never told Sleyvas she was pregnant. He only found out when his son discovered him... but didn't tell him who he was.... and Sleyvas USED his son to beat time and recover his dead wife (sending the boy to the past to rescue her). Only when his son returned, Sleyvas' misunderstanding of what time was... he thought of it like a beast that wanted a death in return for a life.... he tried to kill his own son.
So, he ends up rescuing his wife, and he thinks life will be great... only now he realizes in his paranoia... he can't protect her. So, he goes to Elminster, via the witches of Rashemen, and he requests that the old mage hide his wife from him, so that noone who ever captures him can ever turn the knowledge to ever hurt him. In this act, he is eventually caught and rumors begin to circulate in Thay that he's turned against the Zulkirs and is helping Rashemen (lies). He flees. Takes up residence in Soorenar. Meets a young priest-mage of the red knight, and proceeds to make sure this person survives (giving him gear, etc...). He gains a great respect for the red knight.
Meanwhile, remember that son.... well the person I had been collaborating with actually wrote up that he had become involved with one of my NPC's (Lady Jillian Doncastle of Neverwinter, a mage-priest "detective" of Deneir in Waterdeep, with her intelligent sai companion, Lorey). I went along with it, and then the two of us fell out of contact. Years later, I was wanting to write a short story, and I started theorizing "what if Jillian had had children and the man she fell in love with had left her... and then Sleyvas found out he was a grandfather". I never finished it, but it really stuck with me... that Sleyvas would turn his life around.... become the guardian he always felt he should have been. He might secretly watch over his grandchildren and spontaneously show up to help them.

Then when the sundering novels came out and Mirt was returned, I started asking the question.... what would have happened in Waterdeep when Mirt disappeared? I hit on this idea that it would make a great story if Jillian had become obsessed with finding him, and that she gets in over her head.... Sleyvas shows up when the powers that be try to silence her by kidnapping her children.... they rescue the kids but decide they're going to end the threat. This eventually leads them into the bowels of Waterdeep, and this is where they are when they find the people who captured Mirt.... and that's where they are when the spellplague hits. Jillian prays to Deneir and is pulled into the weave. Sleyvas meanwhile bonds with his spellbook, his deck of wheel of spells, and his weapon, and his body is destroyed.... and he becomes "The Red Book of Spell Strategy", an artifact which seeks to teach mages the value of tactics. Meanwhile, all three of them (Lorey, Jillian, and Sleyvas) end up on Abeir, where they find out many supposedly "dead" gods from Toril have gone over time.... because gods like Deneir want to revive Mystra and send them to recover divine artifacts (travelling back and forth between Abeir and Toril). The 3 of them don't see the big picture mind you... they just know that they must collect a lot of divine artifacts and bring them past the skriaxits surrounding the island known as the ship of the gods on Abeir. Many other people in Abeir are sent on similar missions, bringing objects to other holy places.

I don't have the full story laid out, but its fun to do hints here and there, but I've got the idea. As I've gotten older, I don't play near as much, so its become more the fun of storytelling, even in snippets. I do have it in my head though that the gods Savras, Leira, Velsharoon, Mask, Lathander, Deneir, and the red knight... even Talos.... as unlikely a crew as that seems... worked together on Abeir to revive Mystra.

Oh, and part of that was Leira and Savras, working together to get Velsharoon raised up as a god, pushing Tam over the edge that now the god of necromancy that he ostensibly should like... is his old enemy. Larloch betrays Tam and gives him an artifact that will push him to greater and greater acts of evil. Leira, Mask, and Deneir betray Tam by Leira becoming the "Tome of Fastrin the Delver" and convincing him that he can become a god if he enacts a certain ritual. They all do this because Savras vaguely knows one thing. He needs Tam to build a construct that can draw upon the artifact buried beneath Thay.... an artifact that can repower a goddess.... the energy of such an artifact can push apart worlds.... and so Tam's plan to become a god is instead what brought Mystra back to Toril, and what kicked off the Second Sundering.... and it took about ten years to slowly take effect.

So, why would all these gods work together? Leira, Mask, and Talos all saw that Shar would try to consume them, and so this was a method to oppose her without her even knowing it. Velsharoon was a pivotal player, serving both sides as it were, and thus serving himself. Lathander has obvious reasons to oppose Shar, and Savras and Deneir have good reason to serve Mystra. The red knight is just doing "what's tactically sound and joining the side who will win".
EricMinde Posted - 13 Oct 2021 : 17:33:25
The way I originally envisioned it was it coming down to the choices of the party.

If the party works within the realm of good, I'll keep a tally of their deeds and weigh them against their choices. If they operate in the grey area of choices, those will be considered too. In the event their choices lead to an overall grey/black scenario, the chance exists that the mists sense Ty'Gs drive to help and aid the downtrodden and her deep sense of loss she never got over. I feel the mists will create a place for her and enact a custom curse. The constant need and pressure to help and protect and the unerring curse forcing her to get there just in time to see herself fail and the people she's trying to save die.

The curse plays on the fact she has always succeeded at saving anyone she's decided to help....except Thorne. He was her biggest failure and she's never forgiven herself for his death. She will hunt for Thorne like Strahd hunts for Tatiyana only to find Thorne as a raised undead she has to lay to rest again and again. Each time reminding herself of her failure to save him. The land around her will adapt to a domain for 'The Morninglord'. By day, she is a tired and overworked woman running a healing temple in a graveyard of her own failures that grows every dawn. By night, the undead swarm the graveyard and forests. Undead rise by the thousands and every night Ty'G has to fight them, exhausting herself more and more. Setting herself up for an extreme failure nightly that ends in a fight with Thorne.

The final result could be insanity, where Ty'G finally breaks from all the failure and loss and gives in to the darkness. She might become the Spellscarred Witch, a healer that takes a heavy cost for her services or she may think of herself as Lathander due to the corrupted piece of her staff and go on a constant crusade against undead, a fight that is never ending and one she'll never win. I've also thought of an theoretical escape clause enacted by players to help return her to the Astral prison if they are determined to save her involving the spirit of Thorne and giving Ty'G closure.

Ty'G knows she can't save everyone because of the lessons learnedfrom watching Thorne die. She's developed an iron will determination to still try. So much so that she's reached out to other worlds to spread Lathanders blessings. The mists of Ravenloft wouldn't dare pass up a chance to twist the Lady of Light with a curse of the ages.

At least that's a possible story in my brain. For all I know, they players might never find or free Ty'G so she'll never ascend to a higher plane of existence and that in itself is a fun possibility. I have a rough outline in my brain and some story points to build off of but the final outcome will be determined by dice rolls and player choices.

At least that's my rough idea of possibilities.
Delnyn Posted - 12 Oct 2021 : 21:59:55
Why would the Ravenloft mists claim Crystal? The mists respond to great evil and great tragedy.
EricMinde Posted - 12 Oct 2021 : 03:51:25
Originally posted by Delnyn

Since you mentioned you would DM in 5th edition, you could use Crystal as a patron for celestial pact warlocks. Priests of Lathander could commune with her and wizards could ask her questions via contact other plane.

Would you have Crystal found a new order within the Church of Lathander? If you choose to create an order, it could specialize in long distance travel, exploration and scouting? Rangers and bards would fill out most of the membership. Missions do not include striking out at distant enemy armies or saving frontier towns because the Order of the Aster already handles military operations.

I feel she's strong enough to grant spells considering she is carrying some gifted divine essence and is fused with the vessel carrying it. She might grant boons to people if anyone ever needed aid and asked her for it. I never thought about celestial warlock pacts. That's an interesting turn.

As for starting a new order, Ty'Gs focus has been serving Lathander. Starting a new order takes time and energy and Ty'Gs mind is laser focused on servitude and self improvement. The ending might change her race to Astral Diva (keeping her off the prime for the most part unless summoned) or may turn her into a Baelnorn/Lich (in Ravenloft as the cursed mists have a way of twisting even the most stalwart good) depending on player choices during the adventure.

She'll never make it back to the realms as a PC although I will always have her character sheet. The new world would crumble under her steps because she did survive the Blue Breath of Change mostly unscathed(much like Volo from what I've gathered, although I had no idea they had similar situations before I started the restoration) and no one that I know about could challenge her vision of remaking countries in Lathanders glow (Thay, I'm looking at you!).

on a bit of a related tangent;

Out of the original core crew for Ty'G, 3 players just became free for the next indefinite period and so has the original DM so I'll be moving the project forward a bit faster that I expected. I've already gotten the players hooked, the DMs health isn't great so we have to wait to see if he can play on a schedule or if we can work a schedule around his needs. I know he wants to play for a change since he has a horrific case of FDS(Forever DM Syndrome).

Delnyn Posted - 09 Oct 2021 : 14:25:08
Since you mentioned you would DM in 5th edition, you could use Crystal as a patron for celestial pact warlocks. Priests of Lathander could commune with her and wizards could ask her questions via contact other plane.

Would you have Crystal found a new order within the Church of Lathander? If you choose to create an order, it could specialize in long distance travel, exploration and scouting? Rangers and bards would fill out most of the membership. Missions do not include striking out at distant enemy armies or saving frontier towns because the Order of the Aster already handles military operations.
Gelcur Posted - 08 Oct 2021 : 20:06:35
My PC was no world shaping wizard or demi-god priest. He was entrepreneurial rogue, who stumbled into random positions of leadership. I played him through multiple AD&D quests into 3.0e and 3.5e and later in an online perma-death persistent world. He was never the most powerful, but he was a problem solver, the right connection or the right amount of coin could get him the spell or sword he lacked and much more.

When I realized I may never actually play him again was kind of sad. So my first thought was well let me build him up to level 20 in case someone said "Hey, lets play a quest at level X" I could pull out a character sheet ready to go, no chance to miss an opportunity to play him. He had been leveled up multiple times in different incarnations and the last one I think reached level 14. Of course this was a chance to make the best adventurous "rogue" I could come up with.

Well no one else DMs in my groups, I decided I guess I have this NPC that can act as a quest giver. Always at a higher level than the PCs, already has a reason to show up anywhere in the Realms, or the planes for that matter. And he specializes in business and adventure. So when I started toying with coming up with an Epic quest, well figured I should take him to level 40. As far as I'm concerned 3.5e caps at 40.

The most "optimized" feature of his was that he had Leadership and had two faithful cohorts, a griffon mount, and a song dragon. The rest of his followers and his cohorts' cohorts/followers were all contacts and running the business empire he built. He had several "tricks", 10' step instead of 5', Shadowdancer Hide in Plain Sight, mounted combat, but nothing broken by wizard standards. At Epic levels I decided he would become a bit of a recluse. I found the Void Incarnate PrC. Though many many people worked for him no one knew anything tangible about him. Over the years he became sort of a myth or personification for the business minded halfling.

At this point I've decided he's passed away by 5e timeline, likely for a while. Haven't figured out how just yet but I'm toying with and "Epic" end. And what his afterlife will be like.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 06 Oct 2021 : 16:23:47
Originally posted by Gelcur

I will say the tradition of turning a PC into an NPC is a fabulous one. I have been working on stiching together all the "lore" of my favorite PC through the years and various DMs and incarnations. It isn't an easy task. Then taking them into Epic levels also a bit annoying but gratifying. Though no where near as Epic as Crystal. Some day I will post the full stats if I ever finish.

I've done the PC-to-NPC routine, myself, but I just pick a reasonable level and stop there; I don't go epic. I tend to favor something betwixt 12 and 19 as the sweet spot for powerful but not too powerful NPCs.

I've only done one NPC over level 20, and he was specifically intended to be the "powerful wizard that shapes the world" type, though I did tone him down somewhat, later on. Still powerful, but not to the point of everything revolving around him.

I have another wizard NPC that is demigod of sorts, but in his case, he merged with the last essence of a dying deity -- so he's more than an avatar, not quite a deity, and no one knows he's more than the image he presents.
Gelcur Posted - 06 Oct 2021 : 16:05:22
Wow, nearly 25 years of lore. And getting 26 DMs to do any one thing seems like a nightmare.

I will say the tradition of turning a PC into an NPC is a fabulous one. I have been working on stiching together all the "lore" of my favorite PC through the years and various DMs and incarnations. It isn't an easy task. Then taking them into Epic levels also a bit annoying but gratifying. Though no where near as Epic as Crystal. Some day I will post the full stats if I ever finish.

Have you considered getting your miniature made in bronze? It basically looks like a tiny golden statue. When a character has this much history sometimes it's nice to have something extra special. I never thought it would be used in game but sure enough my players are about to stumble on an old "warehouse" that this NPC owned and it will have his golden statue in the middle of like a magical foyer.
EricMinde Posted - 28 Sep 2021 : 06:03:48
She's an immortal and completely playable by today's standards with a few modifications.

Awhile ago, I decided I wanted to get back into DM-ing. I thought about 1-shots, quick one nighters(usually a couple weeks) and adventures (multi-month campaigns) and none of them gave me that same thrill as the epic campaigns I've been in as a player.

With that in mind, I set off to write an epic campaign designed to show players how wild and unexpected persistent campaigns can be.

My character is a wonderful example;

She starts out her life looking like this;
(picture for referrence)

Ty'Garlan, known better as Crystal to he party members, started life as a devotee of Lathander. Her decision to follow Lathanders teachings over her familys devotion to Correlon caused alot of strife. While her family believed that they specifically were the inheritors of Corellons legacy, they carried it further and would not associate with anyone not of highborn descent and showed open contempt for anyone of a lower financial class. The open and welcoming embrace that was shown by the priests of Lathander was exactly how she viewed life and so she began her service.

Our DM introduced us to every campaign he could get his hands on in random orders, parts inserted here and there, adapted ones from Dungeon magazine into various journeys and admittedly shoehorned in a bunch just to see what we'd do. Now she looks like this, is trapped in an astral based prison, lost but not unaware and she looks like this;

When she was retired, it wasn't any of the players choice. Everyone was retired that day.

Now, thanks to cannon lore in the game and the entire world changing she has a new lease on life.

If I may, a bit more of the lore I'll be using in the new game;

Across the Realmspace, unexplained events attributed to Lathander have been occurring (26 DMs added a random event to their game worlds involving a healing mist), I didn't know this at the time but as it happens, it would cost an immortal a bunch of points to get to the Torillian prime and at her power level, she would feel like she's close to being able to get there through self powering a planeshift-esque ability but in practice she has a total of 40 points to spend and the ability costs 50 to shift a single plane. This ties in with the failed attempt and produces the mist effect.

The ascension of Lathandars imprisoned Morninglord.

I don't even know what's going to happen yet and it's exciting.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 28 Sep 2021 : 04:42:57 quite a lot for one character to have done. She puts to shame the most overpowered NPC I ever came up with.

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