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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Wooly Rupert Posted - 09 Jan 2019 : 16:19:25
It occurs to me that Ed has been posting Realmslore on the Twitter, and not everyone has the Twitter.

So I thought a single place where such lore could be collected would be a good thing.

Ed is a frequent poster there, adding all sorts of Stormtalons and Epic Fantasy stuff, but for the purposes of this thread, I'd like to keep it focused on his Realmslore.

(I'm also stickying this thread, to make it easier to find)

Ed Greenwood (@TheEdVerse) on Twitter

The #Realmslore hashtag on Twitter
30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
questing gm Posted - 11 Jul 2024 : 12:05:43
On drow and tattoos

Jul 10, 2024


I figured I should go straight to the source on this one @TheEdVerse Drow and tattoos? Inquiring minds are having a discussion that’s pretty split down the middle.


Well, here's the thing: as drow of old used tattoos to mark slaves, many drow detest tattoos. However, early Lolth priestesses used progressively-augmented tattoos (down their right inner thighs, eventually to the ankle) to mark ascending clerical rank.

Drow who don't venerate Lolth usually dislike tattoos (on drow) for that reason, in addition to the slavery. However, among Vhaeraun worshippers in the early 1300s DR, a fashion arose to tattoo around one's right eye (bare ring around the eye, then an elaborate design radiating out over brow and cheek on one side of the face only). This was regarded as beauty enhancing, not a mark of devotion to the god.

In addition, certain drow sorceresses hit upon the notion of storing self-renewing spells in right forearm tattoos.

So as you can see, drow are split, just as the gamer debate is. Most drow detest tattooing, seeing it as marring drow natural beauty. However, drow who see themselves as ugly usually reason that they have nothing to lose by getting tattoos.

And a drow who bears slave tattoos and gets the opportunity to do something about them will almost always expand the tattoos into a larger, more beautiful design that seeks to obscure the original slaving marks.


This is incredible info thank you!


My pleasure! Always happy to talk lore with you! (Though it's past three in the morning here and I have to show up at work tomorrow, so I'll stagger off to bed now.) ;}
questing gm Posted - 11 Jul 2024 : 10:22:08
On Ao dealing with a god/goddess doing a terrible job of fulfilling it's duties

Jul 9, 2024


@TheEdVerse if a god/goddess was doing a terrible job of fulfilling it's duties or downright neglecting them, what are the methods he'd use to deal with the issue if he didn't want to "get his hands dirty" (Have someone or something take care of it instead of him)?


Ed saith: Give the deity’s rival deities more power, and disrupt the deity’s hold over their portfolio in the same stroke, with visions and magical energy sent through major temple altars of those rivals.


Interesting info, but who is “he” referring to, in this case?


Ao the Overgod, indeed.
questing gm Posted - 11 Jul 2024 : 10:19:32
On Miior in "The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar"

Jul 9, 2024


@TheEdVerse Hi Ed! As someone who has been running personalized variations of your module "The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar" to introduce new players to AD&D for many years, I've always wondered about Miior—Is there more to her character/story? (art by the amazing @AnIllustrator)


Okay, here's the short version...

Miior was the consort of the bandit lord Rivior. When Queen Enchara of Esparin lured Rivior out of the Haunted Halls, and ambushed and slew him, she sent a small band of warriors, along with her ally, the adventurer-wizard Thorond Halavur, into the Halls to secure it (make certain Rivior didn’t have a secondary force still inside). They slew the few bandits still there, except for Miior, who barricaded herself in Rivior’s bedchamber and defended herself with spells.

Thorond wore her down (ran her out of spells) with spells of his own, and then the Esparrans charged in. Thorond used a vial of venom (that he forced her to drink) to make Miior helpless, searched her and took away her wands and spellbooks, then chained her in the closet and cast temporal stasis on her. He intended to return later to question her thoroughly, but was killed in fighting several days later.

After chaining Miior, the Esparrans then plundered the bedchamber and the rest of the Halls (in a hasty, slapdash manner; they were mainly searching for bandits in hiding), and Thorond cast a powerful ward to “wall off” Miior and that area of the Halls from opportunistic explorers and monsters (a ward that was broken by later adventurers only shortly before before THE HAUNTED HALLS OF EVENINGSTAR unfolds, which is why no one finds Miior before the PCs in that adventure).

Miior is smart, quick-witted, and observant, a seasoned adventurer. If rescued by PCs, she will likely try to befriend them, and even become the lover of one or more, for two reasons: she always wants to be linked to a stronger male as a protector, provider, and dupe (someone she can frame and/or steal from), and she is looking for a real lifemate (in other words, she will feign “falling for” a PC adventurer, strong and wealthy human male preferred, but either gender and any race if someone else seems more useful, and she’s a consumate actress, but she can very easily genuinely fall in love with either her “chosen dupe” or someone else, and with that love will come loyalty, so she may later stand beside and support her dupe, returning swindled loot, and become his/her staunch partner.

Miior is essentially a good person, but has the wiles of an adventurer who’s been burned a time or two. She was born in Chessenta, into a servant family, but her powerful Gift manifested young, and she got trained as a “house wizard” by a minor Chessentan noble who hoped to use her as a weapon against other nobles. Unfortunately, he lost his life in battles with rivals, who hunted his forces to extinction—save for Miior, who was captured for her beauty rather than slain, by soldiers who didn’t know she was a mage, used magic to escape, and fled, adventuring her way across Turmish and through Westgate and into Cormyr. Seeking a life for herself that didn’t involve being someone’s "house wizard" and controlled, she ended up in the Stonelands, among bandits…and eventually into the arms of the strongest, most successful bandit, Rivior.

[And that's the short version. :} ]


Nice pic of Miior, by the way. Captures her face and hair very well from my mental vision of her.


Amazing! So much I never knew and can now incorporate into the next time I introduce players to the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar. Thank you very much for the generous response, Ed!#128171;#128591;#128153;


My pleasure! It's up to you, of course, how much Miior knows about magic items hidden elsewhere in the Halls, that she might want to acquire before leaving, perhaps with PC adventurers not knowing or being duped into helping her.
questing gm Posted - 11 Jul 2024 : 10:16:47

Jul 8, 2024


Please enjoy this tavern tale set in the Forgotten Realms. It's got murder, betrayal, outlaws, ghosts, a chase, and much more!

My latest video is called, A NIGHT IN THE HAUNTED CASTLE. ;}

#forgottenrealms #realmslore #dnd
questing gm Posted - 11 Jul 2024 : 10:14:41
On ceremony or ritual memorial for unburied loved one

Jul 8, 2024


this might be the wrong place to ask, but working on a story for characters. the elf found out his love (that were unbonded because different paths) perished in the fall of myth drannor. is there a ceremony or ritual he would perform, like a memorial, since he is not able to bury


Yes, there is a song of remembrance he would compose, listing the dead love’s achievements in life and/or the qualities that made the lamenting singer love this individual, that the elf would sing at sunset, in a place beloved by the departed or failing that, on a height that preferably overlooks lands the dead individual knew.

Moreover, if the lamenter knows of an unfinished task or obligation, large or small, the dead elf didn’t manage to fulfil, it’s an act of love to fulfil it.
questing gm Posted - 11 Jul 2024 : 10:10:37
On Kazra Louantrar

Jul 8, 2024


Who is Kazra Louantrar?


Kazra Louantrar was a Chosen of Eilistraee during the Second Sundering. Remembered for leading drow of the Dancer in battle against Lolth priestesses, and vanquishing them. She died heroically in the battle, so worshippers of Eilistraee sometimes swear by her name.
questing gm Posted - 11 Jul 2024 : 09:50:41
On the name for the central building for the Lady's College in Silverymoon

Jul 8, 2024


@TheEdVerse Apology’s to bother you but I was curious, I’m doing some fan writing for my dnd character’s backstory & I have her main source of knowledge coming from the lady’s college in Silverymoon. By chance is there a name for the central building there? Thank you in advance!


The many-turreted main building of the Lady's College (best depicted on the 3e map of Silverymoon) is known formally as The Lady’s House, and bears the far more widely used nickname “Ladyspires” (or, “The Ladyspires”).
questing gm Posted - 04 Jul 2024 : 10:44:56
On what to call a group of dragons


What should I call a group of dragons? Flock? Pride? Pack? Other?


There are a number of terms of venery in official Realmslore, depending on what the wyrms are doing, e.g. a flight of dragons, a dreadful of dragons, a scourge of dragons, a council of wyrms, etc.
questing gm Posted - 03 Jul 2024 : 04:29:21
On beliefs about months and dates for weddings

Jul 3, 2024


@TheEdVerse Hello Ed! My Waterdeep: Dragonheist character is getting married and I'm throwing a one-shot in the near future about it. I started to wonder if there are any beliefs about months and dates for weddings - such as some days being more unlucky to have a wedding etc?


Certainly! Never get married on Deadwinter Day (Midwinter) unless you want the marriage bed to soon be cold and loveless.

Get married on Greengrass if you want lots of children for the union (twins, triplets, etc.)

Get married on Shieldmeet only if all parties to the wedding are political and enjoy negotiations and agreements…or the marriage won’t last.

Get married on Highharvestide if you want the union to enrich all involved (worldly prosperity).

Never get married on the Feast of the Moon unless you want the marriage to be haunted by dead ancestors whispering advice or disapproval.

And then there are specific family beliefs and traditions rooted in past family history (many noble families have these).
questing gm Posted - 03 Jul 2024 : 03:24:53
On swearing in a god's name

Jul 3, 2024


what’s the lore accurate DnD way to say “jesus ****ing christ”


So in the Realms, everyone sane believes in all the gods, wherefore they swear by either the deities they most revere, or that anger them the most.

So for Mystra, THE goddess (of magic), the equivalent oath would be: “Elminster Farruking Aumar!”

For Chauntea, it would be “Janness Farruking Harvestmother!”
For Bane: “Iyachtu Farruking Xvim!”
For Shar: “Dazhra Farruking Headless!”
…and so on.

However, in the Realms, the style of holy swearing is more often “By the [attribute] of [deity]”

So: “By the Unholy Madness of Cyric!” or “By The Unfailing Lash of Loviatar!” or “By the Blessed Blood of Ilmater!”


Can you give the example of holy swearing for Hoar?


By the smiting lightnings of Hoar!
By the three thunders of the Doombringer!
Jaxanaedegor Farruking Doomfall!


O Sage Greenwood... how do I curse as an Eilistraee worshiper?


Like this:
By the Divine Dances of the Goddess!
Pissed Off:
Kazra Farruking Louantrar!
By the Bared Beauty of the Dark Dancer!


#129315;#129315;#129315;#129315;Elminster annoys the Lady of mysteries that much???


Heh. No, that sort of oath is what other mortals swear by, citing a divine servitor (0r literal son or daughter) of a deity.


#129325; I could already picture Mystra rolling her eyes, pulling her hair, just cos Elminster exists to torment her#129315;#129315;#129315;


They were lovers, so there's torment and "torment." ;}


What are the swears for a Myrkulite?


Ketheric Farruking Thorm!
By the endless bones of the Lord!
By the tireless smile of the Reaper!


More drow insults please! I’ve been saying ibilth far too long! #128514; Lolth born insults in particular would be swell #129392;


Sure! Here are some widespread ones:

In the style of the OP’s requested oath equivalent:
Danifae Farruking Yauntyrr!

Eltiah Lolth!
Transliteration: Spit/Spurn Lolth
Translation: Lolth Spit!
Meaning: Lolth disapproves!

Ua tah phind thlah ea Lolth!
Ua tah (By the) + Phind (deadly) + Thlah (kiss) + Ea (of) + Lolth!
By the deadly kiss of Lolth!

Sakrask ea Lolth!
Damnation of Lolth! (or: Lolth damn you!)

Dobluth = outcast
Duthlur = unclean
Elamshin = destiny, the will of Lolth
Laelwael = madness, insanity, raving and/or wild, erratic behavior
Ogglin = rival, opponent, enemy
Uln’hyrr = liar
Wael = fool
Waela = foolish, unaware/unwary




3 more!

Kapr ea Lolth! Kapr (bite) + Ea (of) + Lolth! = Bite of Lolth! [used by drow in the Realms when we in the real-world might say “God DAMN!” i.e. flare of exasperation]


Kulrag qlor! Kulrag (insulting, offensive to me/us) + qlor (garbage/trash/refuse)

This second one is used when we might say: Don't give me this sh*t!

Kottaglath! Kotta (dung) + glath (head) So: sh*thead or dung-for-brains

There. Now you can curse out the daily drow around you. ;}


What about for Eilistraee ?#128064;


In the style of the OP’s requested oath equivalent: Qilué Farruking Veladorn!

Mild oath, like “Darn!” for us: Happy dancing hollyphants! And: Happy dancing hollyphants to you!

Formal oath: Dance fail you!

Fiercer personal cuss:
May you fall in the Dance!
(sometimes shortened to just “Fall!”)

More biting personal insults:

Maiden Spurn You!




May Lolth have you!


My partner plays a rich half-elven bard of Oghma from Neverwinter. They studied at Candlekeep for a long time and aquired tomes and artifacts for them as an adventurer. Any particular turns of phrase I could share with them?


Oh, yes. The Avowed of Candlekeep have quite a few favorite phrases.
“The tomes know, and tell. They always tell.”
“Lore is neither a hoard-pile nor a finished thing. Lore is lifelong pathways. Our lives run out before we reach the ends.”

“Knowledge is more than a candle in the dark. Knowledge is a bridge between us all.”
“Lore contradicts not just due to lies, but because we see the same things differently. Lore tells about ourselves, not just about what it describes.”
“You can’t eat lore, but lore can tell you where the edibles are.”
“Lore is the cloak that never fails when storms claw.”
(They have lots more homilies, but these should be a good start.)


So wait... Is "By the tits of Sune" appropriate or is it "by the fiery hair of Sune"?


Polite: By the matchless charms of Sune!
Colourful: By the welcoming warmth of Lady Firehair!
Slightly raunchy: By the hot ruby kisses of Sune!
Avid: Caresses of Sune!


Makes me wonder how would the Gond version be like.


OP Requested Format: Hont Farruking Anarmand! [Hont Anarmand was a priest of Gond who rose to fame in Tethyr before dying in a crash of his corkscrew-rotor flying machine that didn’t work.]

Polite swear: Cogs and bolts!

Stronger swear: Boilerblast!

Even Stronger swear: By Machinery Misused!

Strongest Swear: Wrath of Gond! (Be upon You!)


On whose tits would you swear on in the realms?


The publicly polite one in the Realms is:
Milk of Chauntea!
(which is short for:
By the milk of Chauntea, that gives life to us all!)

- Edited on 4/7/24 to add new tweets
- Edited on 6/7/24 to add new tweets
- Edited on 11/7/24 to add new tweets
questing gm Posted - 30 Jun 2024 : 02:24:43
On some dwarven words for family relationships

Jun 28, 2024


@TheEdVerse Hi Ed! I was wondering what some dwarven words for family relationships were?

My cleric is in self-imposed exile but is probably going to encounter her brother soon due to some political shenanigans in the Dwarven Valley #129763;


Okay, here we go...

Note: In the Realms today, many dwarves use the Common Tongue studded with words in Dwarvish. Terms such as aunt, uncle, cousin, niece, and nephew are in Dwarvish rendered thus: “aunt” is sister-of-father or father-sister (“kralvade-karra”), and a cousin is son-of-aunt or aunt-son (“kralvade-karra-aurvel”) or daughter-of-uncle or uncle-daughter (“kralvade-kral-auva”).

aurvel: son
auva: daughter
ilith: deal, agreement, trust of one’s word or honor
karra: my heir or I am the heir of (female)
karravade: mother of (speaker or another)
kral: my heir or I am the heir of (male)
kralvade: father of (speaker or another)
krauth: immediate kin, daily living-with family (bloodkin as opposed to friends and companions)
larrul: to weep
luthkarra: sister by birth/blood
luthlarkarra: sister by marriage
luthkral: brother by birth/blood
luthlarkral: brother by marriage
mur: to disagree
murmel: to argue, debate
murmelings: arguments, criticism, words of dissention
runedar: home, familiar place, haven
sakrauth: trusted kin
samman: trusted friend, shield-brother (battle companion)
taerin: love (true love, ‘deep’ love)
tah: converse, discourse, discussion
tahul: to speak, to discuss
thalorn: kindness, caring, good deed
tulvade: an elder or senior (dwarf of a community, clan or family)
uldoum: favored dwarven settlement, meaning favored by the speaker, which is a formal way of saying “I am of that settlement”
vakrauth: distant bloodkin (lineage, not just of the same clan)


Hi Ed,

Would "uncle" and "aunt" also be rendered from the mother's side or is the heirship ("karra"/"kral") always spoken of as inheriting from a male?


Rendered from both sides (I just happened to give male side in that example).

Twitter is a real pain for long lore missives (hence my Greenwood's Grotto Discord server and my Patreon).
questing gm Posted - 28 Jun 2024 : 01:17:19
On doppelgangers in the Realms

Jun 28, 2024


Doppelgangers, doppelgangers everywhere! ;}

Join me as I take a look at these shapeshifting imposters (known to themselves as Shallar) and expose the truth about just how many of them are lurking in the Realms! #realmslore #forgottenrealms #dnd


questing gm Posted - 22 Jun 2024 : 07:03:50
On first video of Sembia

Jun 22, 2024


This is the first of several videos I have recorded on Sembia, the "land of fat rich merchants."

After a long and difficult Netherese occupation, the attitudes of Sembia's nobility have changed! #dnd #forgottenrealms #realmslore

questing gm Posted - 18 Jun 2024 : 01:38:44
On House Halaut coat of arms

Jun 18, 2024


@TheEdVerse Hey Ed, starting your Novel Spellstorm because of an interest in Cormyr nobility for a character idea I had and just wondering, did you ever visualize what House Halaut coat of arms was sorta leaning on this house for a character and would love to stay in lore.


Sure! In modern heraldic cant, House Halaunt’s blazon is thus:

Arms: Pean on a Bend Sable fimbriated Or between two Eagles displayed Argent beaked legged and crowned Or three Estoiles Argent.

Crest: Rising from a Mural Crown Or a Sun irradiated proper.

Supporters: On the dexter a Pegasus Argent crined unguled and winged Or and on the sinister a Lion guardant winged at the shoulders Or the whole upon a Grassy Mound proper

In everyday speech, this is:

A face-on shield of slate gray with a gold-edged diagonal gray stripe crossing it from upper left to bottom right, with three silver six-wavy-pointed stars spaced evenly along the stripe. Above and below the stripe are mirrored fields of gray with many small identical gold charges that all look like a point-up equilateral triangle of gold balls with a straight-down three-pointed tail decending from the triangles, spaced in a pattern all over them, and centered in the lower left and the upper right fields are two silver eagles, wings raised and splayed out, gold legs also splayed out, beaks to the left (so, heads side-on), and these eagles are wearing little gold three-squared-off-pointed crowns. Floating just above the shield is a side-on golden crown that has four squared-off points (spikes); these points are the crenelations of a castle wall (battlements), because the crown itself is made up of visible gold blocks (you can see the joints between them, so it looks like a brick wall humped in the center like a footbridge over a river that curves up and down in an arc).

Rising up out of the crown (so that its bottom rays are “behind” the crown’s inner two crenelations/points) is a sun: a gold disc with five straight rays or points (up, left, right, and two diagonal lower ones), with a second layer of wavy golden rays behind it, so that there’s a wavy ray between each straight point.

A silver pegasus is standing on its hind legs, on a ground made up of little green (grassy) humps, holding up the viewer’s left side of the shield. It is looking straight at the other supporter (so, head side-on to the viewer) and has uplifted golden wings (big feathers) and golden hooves. On the right side of the shield, also standing on its hind legs on the grassy ground, is a red-clawed golden lion, also with uplifted big-feathered golden wings, but it’s snarling right at the viewer (head turned to face the viewer).

Underneath is a gold-hued scroll (its back surface is shown at either end, where it’s curved in a frozen “flapping-tail” position, and is revealed to be scarlet) bearing a motto (not officially part of the blazon, but still regulated by the High Heralds), which reads in the Common Tongue: “Stand True"

And there you have it: the blazon/arms of House Halaunt.
questing gm Posted - 17 Jun 2024 : 14:38:46
On dragons playing strategy games

Jun 17, 2024


Hey @TheEdVerse — have you ever wondered....... :-)



Oh, yes. In the Realms there are dragons who play strategy games against each other that involve unwitting human rulers, adventurers, and wayfaring merchants. That's been part of the setting since before there was D&D.
questing gm Posted - 14 Jun 2024 : 18:01:52
On the canal near Innarlith connecting the Nagaflow to the Lake of Steam

Jun 14, 2024


@TheEdVerse Was the canal near Innarlith connecting the Nagaflow to the Lake of Steam finished & is it still extant? It is only on maps in the Watercourse trilogy(?). IF this exists, what prevents a city on it from becoming a MAJOR trade hub rivaling any Sword Coast port? Thx!



The canal was finished. However, it started to silt up due to the velocity with which the Nagaflow emptied through it almost immediately, and the canal quickly became impassible to deep-draft ships: only small boats, coracles, and rafts could pass through it reliably. On several occasions, larger ships “ran aground” in it and became obstacles that had to be set afire (to burn to the waterline), and then the hulls dragged out with the assistance of water elementals and the like. Eventually barge travel began along it, but was immediately plagued by fighting between mercenary forces hired by various Calishite straps, the Zhentarim, and various merchant costers who set up bases in Innarlith and in encampments and nearby keeps. Barges were sunk, burned, boarded and taken, retaken, and then ships were hired to blockade the Lake of Steam end of the canal, then deliberately sunk to block the Lake of Steam end of the canal (as the silt brought from the Nagaflow piled up around these hulks)…all in the name of controlling canal traffic to enrich this or that interest.

In the end, the canal never became a fast, profitable trade route for anyone, because the fighting was still going on when the canal was utterly destroyed in the Second Sundering (in 1482 DR), blocked by a mountain range from Abeir that changed the course of the Nagaflow 107 years after the canal was completed. When the Sundering was done (Abeir and Toril had “passed through” each other and moved on—for now), the canal was little more than tortured ground, full of mountainous heaps of loose rock, and no water. With various Red Wizards sent to spy on, and prevent, any Zhentarim (or anyone else’s) attempts to dig a new canal.

So, entrenched interests successfully prevented this new competition for trade flows between the Sword Coast and the Sea of Fallen Stars.
questing gm Posted - 11 Jun 2024 : 08:52:49
On beholders dealing with logs and specks in their eyes

Jun 11, 2024


Do beholders know how to deal with the logs in their eyes yay the specks in others. Now there's a condundrim


Beholder spittle, swiped out of their maw with one eyestalk and swabbed in any other eye, cleans it without irritating it. Don’t try this your own spittle!
questing gm Posted - 11 Jun 2024 : 08:47:34
On Clarorna Amaerityl

Jun 11, 2024


She looks like she means business. Who is she? @TheEdVerse #Realmslore


That’s Clarorna Amaerityl, wizardess of Athkatla, often hired by House Selemchant when they ran into mercantile resistance that might involve violence. Known to be researching longevity alternatives to lichdom, as her years weigh on her (she’s over ninety, though she looks about 48 winters old) and her body starts to ache, pain, and become increasingly frail. Her everpresent pain has noticeably shortened her temper.

A brilliant woman who is kind to simple and common folk, but expects the wealthy and powerful to behave responsibly. Has been known to speak very bluntly to the Council of Five when she thinks their policies are cruel or shortsighted.

A formidable foe in a fight, thanks to her chain contingency spells, that unleash four to six “hanging” spells in succession, once triggered, that usually whisk her away from a fray to healing elsewhere, and unleash various “parting shot” magics.

A friend to Laeral, but cool to Alustriel. Regards Elminster as a useful “loose cannon,” and has been known to jest with him.
AJA Posted - 10 Jun 2024 : 01:45:08
questing gm, thank you for continuing on with your efforts here. I continue to get a great kick out of coming in here every week or so and finding bundles of Edlore, just waiting to be read!

– One minor housekeeping note, there was no dates given in your post for the pair of On "awesome facts" about Ilmater and Malar tweets (both Jun 05, 2024)

questing gm Posted - 10 Jun 2024 : 01:21:54
On mimic reproduction

Jun 10, 2024


@TheEdVerse How do mimics reproduce?


I'm tempted to reply "Very carefully."

However, there is a canon answer for this: when a mimic eats enough to grow too big for its personal body chemistry, it splits into two smaller mimics.
questing gm Posted - 10 Jun 2024 : 01:19:02
On Elminster's magical pipe

Jun 9, 2024


Why not repost this fellow hmmm?



Do you have the D&D stats for the five pipes? #128521;

Did @TheEdVerse ever give Elminster a magical pipe? #129300;


He did. There's a published, canon article describing Elminster's Eversmoking Pipe, in all of its magical might.
questing gm Posted - 07 Jun 2024 : 02:29:32
On Daggerdale

Jun 7, 2024


Do you think Shadowdale is the only place of note in the Dalelands? Think again!

Join me as we adventure through Daggerdale, home of Dagger Hills and Dagger Falls!

This is also the first video using the new footage!

questing gm Posted - 06 Jun 2024 : 09:03:46
On "awesome facts" about Ilmater and Malar

Jun 6, 2024


My greatest Man! I love Malar and FR bald Jesus aka Ilmater! Can you name some awesome facts about them as well?


And now, lore of Ilmater:

* Most Ilmatari clergy who advance in the regard of the deity accept pain and suffering to aid others rather than self-inflicting. Self-inflicting is usually done only as self-punishment for transgressions from tasks set for Ilmatari by superiors. In the original Realms campaign, the only Ilmatari cleric who sought out harm for himself was driven to do so by dream-visions he believed were sent by the god as guidance. Most Ilmatari think self-harm is “cheap show” rather than real devotion.

* The Book of Torment isn’t the same as the Tome of Torment (which is a hair shirt I detailed in the Prayers From The Faithful 2e Realms sourcebook). The Book of Torment began as an in-house (not for public eyes) Church of Ilmater account of the times that Ilmater directly responded to prayers, entreaties, and queries from his clergy. Copies were made and distributed to every temple. And then, over time, spells and rituals and church rulings were added, new editions of the book produced, and old copies “retired” to altar flames. Each new edition has multiple copies written out by hand, so they can be distributed to every temple (not all the shrines, just full temples).

* Priests of Ilmater can and do fight on behalf of others, but when their own faith is attacked, are essentially pacifists; they’re “turn the other cheek, take the punishment” sorts (with a few paladin exceptions).

* Ilmater will occasionally send altar-visions or dream-visions to his faithful (clergy and lay worshippers, adventurers in particular) that to achieve a specific result, battle, aggression, and even deception on their part are approved by him—but only for this particular purpose. As a result, no others can “depend” on Ilmatari “always” surrendering or standing aside or submitting.


Here’s a quick list of interesting Malar lore:

* Worgs worship Malar, as “The Great One,” who rewards them when they pass by accepting them into the Great Hunt that never ends; bloodlust time, when they can savage former masters along with all other juicy prey.

* The more “elemental/natural” the essential nature of a deity (Malar, also Auril, Chauntea, Eldath, Silvanus, and Talos), the more they feel the need to connect directly with the land.

* Followers of Malar openly seek to destroy the church and works of Helm.

* Malar personally hunts and seeks to slay and devour other deities (of a power level he thinks he can overcome), quasi-deities, and the divine servitors of other deities. He lurks and watches such targets for weaknesses, and so, knows more about their doings and habits than many. His goal? To replace deities, receiving their worship (and granting spells to their clergies in their name, so not even their churches will realize what he’s done). It remains to be seen how far Ao will let him go, down this murderous path.

- Edited on 10/6/24 to add dates. Thanks for the heads-up AJA!
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On Bane's first appearance

Jun 4, 2024


Another week, another Monday and another #RandomWhiteDwarfCover

Issue 60. December 1984



Interesting that "The Fear of Leefield" features a worshipper of Bane (later to find fame in the Forgotten Realms)! Had to check when he first appeared, and it was 1981 in Dragon Magazine (created, of course, by @TheEdVerse)


Bane first appeared in the Mirt the Moneylender short story "Even Her Fangs Had Talons" published in SWORDS OF THE NORTH Issue #2, September 1968. (Yes, before D&D was created.)
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On word for the troglodyte language or culture

Jun 4, 2024


Building a setting primer for a particular sword coast ting, largely as a fun worldbuilding exercise, n finding myself wishing there was a word for the troglodyte language or culture - idk if @TheEdVerse has one anywhere


Troglodytes in the Realms use scent, gesture, and spoken language to communicate, but beyond lone marker glyphs, don’t write. The language they use is Draconic (with a simplified vocabulary), but troglodytes just call it “Glav” (which is “speech” in Draconic).

They call themselves Vechrand, a name derived from the Draconic versvech = strong and arand = core, heart of, and when speaking of something they own or have made or that is of their culture, will say “uvech” which means ours, us, of us


would this mean that "Uvech Glav" or some variation would be a suitable way for one of the Vechrand to refer to their particular dialect / way of communicating?


Sure. Just "Glav" with one another (fellow troglodytes) in daily usage. "Uvech Glav" only when they're trying to distinguish between Vechrand converse and, say, a dragon and a human wizard speaking Draconic.
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On weddings

Jun 3, 2024


a question for science: does anyone know how tieflings get married? or how people in D&D get married in general? do they give vows in front of their deity? are there any interesting rituals?


I can't speak for D&D in general. In the Realms, ceremonies vary over time, place, budget, clan, and species, but primarily by the clergy the couples want to wed them (i.e. predominant faith, out of all the gods that everyone believes in). Over the years, I've detailed over a dozen wedding rituals. Tieflings in the Realms don't have "tiefling weddings" based on race, no. As in our real world, ceremonies can vary if you're noble, if you're wealthy, and if the clergy approve of you or not (i.e. how much control you can get over the ritual and surrounding celebrations). Some priests want a large donation, some (clergy of the Joybringer, for example) are happier with a huge feast with good musicians, dancing, and revelry...the same things that would offend other clergy.


all my weddings are at the Temple of Karsus


Heh. Reminds me of Mirt's old jest: "All MY weddings are in the end bed, on the right."


thank you so much for giving an answer!


My pleasure!

For most weddings, in the Realms these days, the couple crafts their own ceremony with the clergy (or paladin) they want to wed them.

For tieflings, I'd expect they'd entwine tails during their vows, if said tails are long enough.


Ed Greenwood, on Forgotten Realms weddings!

If my Adventurers League Conjurer ever gets married, I'd want to attend since she follows Azuth; my Illusionist's might be confusing, her veering towards Leira and all... #128569;#128575; "Are you two married, now, or not...? What's goin g on?"


Those who venerate Leira strongly discover: for major life choices (getting married, sacrificing one’s own life, taking a life) Leira wants NO deception, but The Truth of Revelation (“Truth Revealed”): showing the world plainly and clearly where one stands.
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On the D&D cartoon set in the Forgotten Realms

Jun 3, 2024


@TheEdVerse I was wondering if you could settle some speculation for me from fans of the D&D Cartoon from the 80s? There are some saying the show took place in Forgotten Realms back in 1983-1985. But most know it was called “The Realm” created just for the show.


The D&D Cartoon was deliberately set in its own "world." Not the Forgotten Realms.

The name "the Realm" was likely borrowed from FR, which was well established in the pages of The Dragon (DRAGON Magazine); Realms articles started appearing therein in 1979.
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On Jergal still a god

May 31, 2024


@TheEdVerse Is Jergal still a god? Is he a quasi-diety, or something else even? Are quasi-dieties considered gods?

Pendantry is fine; the specifics matter for my campaign! Thank you in advance


Jergal remains a god. All gods are divine beings, but not all divine beings are gods. For instance, many deities have servitors (e.g. the Chosen of Mystra). Some are effectively immortal, unless destroyed; they are divine but not gods. "God" is just a mortal label.
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On drow craft mechanicals

May 30, 2024


More drow lore!

This time, we're talking about the process by which the drow craft mechanicals, magical devices, and even prosthetic limbs. :}

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On the Night of Too Many Wizards

May 23, 2024


It's time for another Edtime Story™#65039;!

This time, we follow a king hoping to impress a princess by reclaiming his lost youth and the wizardly shenanigans that follow! ;}


#dnd #realmslore #forgottenrealms


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