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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Wooly Rupert Posted - 09 Jan 2019 : 16:19:25
It occurs to me that Ed has been posting Realmslore on the Twitter, and not everyone has the Twitter.

So I thought a single place where such lore could be collected would be a good thing.

Ed is a frequent poster there, adding all sorts of Stormtalons and Epic Fantasy stuff, but for the purposes of this thread, I'd like to keep it focused on his Realmslore.

(I'm also stickying this thread, to make it easier to find)

Ed Greenwood (@TheEdVerse) on Twitter

The #Realmslore hashtag on Twitter
30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
questing gm Posted - 02 Dec 2023 : 02:53:44
On why is the month of Uktar also called "The Rotting"

Dec 2, 2023


Dear sage @TheEdVerse, why is the month of Uktar also called "The Rotting"?


It's the month in which winter-killed outdoor wild plants (underbrush) have rotted everywhere, and boughs/cut plants laid atop farm beds to protect plants beneath through the winter have also that part of the Realms where the creator of the calendar dwelt.
sleyvas Posted - 01 Dec 2023 : 19:37:01
Originally posted by questing gm

On most comprehensive look at Abeir

Dec 1, 2023


After years of requests, I've finally done it!

Please enjoy this video, my most comprehensive look at Abeir, as told by a halfling adventurer to the "Old Mage," Elminster of Shadowdale!

#realmslore #dnd #forgottenrealms #baldursgate3



My hat off to the sage. Though it may (or may not) conflict with some of what I had been doing with the region, I have to give the man props for not glossing here. He did try and throw a decent amount of regional names, individual names, etc... in this. By chance has anyone got a transcript of this to read rather than listen to? I'd be intrigued to see if anyone has tried to lay this out in some form of map.

Some takeaway notes that I quickly noted

Dark elves are in this world in the "Nardark" and are called the Narren Drow ... their term for underdark. Yet elves supposedly are NOT. To note as well, the worlds separated supposedly prior to the arrival of Fey in Faerun. Some of these dark elves are also said to "worship the Queen of Chaos"... which hints to god worship on Abeir despite us being told otherwise (or perhaps it might be better said "demon lord worship").

Secondarily... one thing we had wondered is if this world might not be anything like Toril ... in that it might be a world primarily inhabited by reptilian/draconic/amphibian humanoids. But most of what he seems to be describing would fit with most other worlds (i.e. humans, dwarves, halflings, limited numbers of genasi, etc...). He does say its a world of no elves, but at the same time, he mentions a group of drow in the world... so....

Some notes on "regions" that I'm making

information is thirdhand from a halfling Dhalk Marrowsar, and this information seems to be post spellplague... but possibly pre second sundering (i.e. I don't know if Dhalk came to Toril as a part of second sundering)

Four continents since Laerokand came to Toril. The boiling sea replaced Laerokand, but isn't hot.. its turbulent with whirlpools and strong currents.

Largest continent. Mountainous masses and huge sea cliffs. Roughly diamond shaped "twisted into a curve from due south around to northeast". Seems to have 13 "lines" of mountains (or 12 valleys) that seem to cross the continent like a somewhat parallel set of stripes. Dragons hunt herd beasts in the valleys and endlessly compete, plot, etc....

East of Marranth "across the arserpent sea"

long narrow north-south continent of rolling lands with fewer mountains, the main mountains being on the coast facing Marrath. Its southern two thirds is jungle and filled "with what we deem monsters", including tentacled things and snakes and "more than snakes" and beholders. Some rare genasi and some dragonborn who "live close to the land" are here as well. The northern third of Irronther, north of Vast Lake Yaeranche which is roughly kidney / bean shaped north-south, is temperate and largely forests. Forests slowing getting cleared by the halflings and humans living there ruled by various petty "wizards and armored bullies". NOTE: WIZARDS .... doesn't have the weave, but has wizards... of course.. perhaps Torilian imports? Perhaps doing magic in a different way?

Dwarves are the strongest force in this northern territory. Staundoun is the main dwarven realm ruled by it Iron Council. Ahezurt in the extreme northeast is a splinter realm and ruled by two outcast clans (Hezmur and Nornhammer). Hezmur was kicked out because it believed in a meritocracy versus "elders" ruling, and Nornhammer because they pushed for a turn to agriculture versus forging. Boldaunth is a second splinter realm to the southeast are splinter realms which broke away because they wanted to explore the world and trade versus forging and hoarding.

Below the dwarves in the "Nardark" are the "Wild Deeps" in which reside monsters and drow (called the Narren drow). Sidenote: given that they are called "Narren Drow" ... I would really like to connect these dark elves to Narathmault/Dun Tharos.... which existed prior to the dark elven forced descent to note.

Lake Yaeranche has human dominated villages along its coast, but still apparently a diverse population that is open to new ideas/new innovations (including spell experimentation). This region is often known as the Cauldron for its brewing of new ideas.

Kannath - off east coast of Irronther, archipelago range of large and small islands, filled with various races... not detailed what the races are. The seas surrounding it are the Dun Seas and are muddy in color.

East of Kannath is where Laerakond used to be and the "Cold Straits"... but now its the "boiling sea"... a dangerous area of whirlpools and currents. Few sail this region, and north of it is the "Ice Run"... a series of rocky islets that are often plagued by dangerous whales and squids that attack ships

second largest land mass... east of where Laerakond had been... which was the boiling sea during the spellplague... so in theory where Faerun is kind of.

Karshimis ruled SOME of this continent (Karshaunt now... eastern most portion of Shyr). He ruled from "Soaring Mount Vore", which in theory would be where his Citadel of Burning Ice was located. Human and dragonborn inhabited. Used to be called the "Lands of the Rising Dragons" because young dragons would come here seeking to make a name for themselves. After spellplague, much of it became "The Mistlands" and were areas of hot springs, volcanos, and flowing lava.

Two thirds of the continent (the central heart of it) is "The Dragon Realms" where dragons rule over humans, dwarves, halflings, and a few dragonborn. Dragons have internally warred to great scale apparently in the past with the 1st, 2nd, and third Wyrmstrife.

Western of the dragon realms are two regions

the "Sarcoast Lands"... a swampy place where halflings live in the southern portion and "tentacled things of monstrous size" rule tiny realms over the rest of this region. The halfling section is called Narragult . The sarcoast lands are twice as wide as its northerly neibhbor of Carngor, but both are equally "long" in the north/south perspective.

Carngor is also on the other side of the dragon realms and is human ruled lands in hilly territory, with a lord loosely ruling from Harhult the Hollow Mountain. Lots of baronies. It would seem to be to the north of the Sarcoast lands, but west of the dragon realms... since the sarcoast is mentioned as bordering the Tarsark mountains... but at the same time an earlier reference to Narragult mention it as east of that land... so perhaps its "northeast" of the sarcoast lands and perhaps the sarcoast area is more trapezoid in shape... fatter at the bottom

Between the Sarcoast and Dragon realms is a "knife edged" mountain range called the Tarsark Mountains, named after a primordial who supposedly was torn apart there... and the reason that this region is inhabited by numerous "ghostlike or varied undead". Above one of the peaks is the city of Xxiphu (from the abolithic sovereignty... whom they refer to as "The Qua"). More monstrous creatures have appeared in teh Tarsark mountains of recent. Safe passes thru these mountains are Glander Pass, the Wideway, and High Vaerult. These passes link the westernmost dragon realms with the long slender hill realm of Carngor.

The southwest portion of the continent of Shyr must be Thultyl, a seacoast plateau in a higher altitude than the sarcoast lands to the east... filled with dragonborn who feud nigh endlessly, paying at least lip service to an overking named Vraelyn. The region is divided into regions ruled by local lords at ports or "High Holds" (regions farther up and off of the seacoast). They drop their feuds to hunt any dragon dumb enough to enter their territory from the Dragon Realms. Its said that Thultyl... like the Fens and Carngor .. stretch a long way north and south.

Thultyl supposedly shelters the fens/Sarcoast Lands from the "ever more frequent storms blowing off the boiling sea".


"Far to the East" ...Across the Oshlar Sea, beyond Karshaunt... or not so far west of Marranth, across the Andol Sea. Some say it stretches into the Frozen seas of the North Pole. They provide little information about this land, but it would seem to possibly have people from Toril. Also, not visited by the halfling, so all he has are unconfirmed rumors.

So, that's the words from this halfling... its possible that there were only 4 continents... but he may not have known everything that "swapped" during the spellplague. Lhoraun would seem to be the perfect place to drop in Anchorome, Maztica, Lopango, Katashaka. For all we know, Lhoraun is actually the largest "continent", because everything is skewed by what this halfling "knows" to be true. He may also be working from old data as well. If we dropped those continents in there, then the nearest other continent is Marranth.. which seems to primarily be mountains and valley hunting grounds for youngish dragons that internally feud. These dragons, if not as organized to have realms, might have been easier to turn away than say the ones in Shyr.

Hmmm, also... not sure if Ed produced anything like a map... but I threw together this to get a ROUGH... I mean ROUGH ... MAY BE WAY OFF... idea of the layout based on his conversation.
questing gm Posted - 01 Dec 2023 : 15:00:55
On most comprehensive look at Abeir

Dec 1, 2023


After years of requests, I've finally done it!

Please enjoy this video, my most comprehensive look at Abeir, as told by a halfling adventurer to the "Old Mage," Elminster of Shadowdale!

#realmslore #dnd #forgottenrealms #baldursgate3


questing gm Posted - 29 Nov 2023 : 05:21:26
On roleplay tips or personality traits of Halaster pre or post madness

Nov 29, 2023


@TheEdVerse Hey Ed! I'm running Dungeon of the Mad Mage & I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to portray Halaster when the time comes. I was wondering if you could share a few roleplay tips or personality traits of his pre or post madness? Thanks for all you do!


Hi! Pre-madness, Halaster was a calm, patient listener and “gentle lecturer,” except when fools took such traits as signs of weakness—whereupon he became a cold rock of fearless obstinancy, his eyes as hard as two stones and his tone grim.

“Mad” Halaster glares silently more than he speaks, and when he does speak, is emphatic and not-quite-sneering and speaks in clipped phrases. He comes and goes in silence, often “fading out of thin air” and departing in a blink (there one moment, not there the next). #realmslore
questing gm Posted - 29 Nov 2023 : 05:11:04
On the faithful of Primordials sent to their 'gods' Planes in the afterlife

Nov 29, 2023


Quick lore query, @TheEdVerse! Since most Primordials (apart from Kossuth) are said to be indifferent to their human faithful, are faithful of these Primordials sent to their 'gods' Planes in the afterlife similar to petitioners of true Deities? Or just forgotten? Many thanks!

Asking because I randomly became curious about the afterlife for primordial followers since they follow no true deities. Like, do they become elementals, perhaps?



In the rare event that a mortal devoted themselves to a primordial above all other deities, they would go to the plane of that primordial (note that some primordials are on/in Toril itself). And yes, likely become elementals (retaining their memories of their mortal lives).

Otherwise, they go to the plane of the deity they most actively venerated in life (remember, every sane sentient being in the Realms “believes in” all of the gods).
questing gm Posted - 29 Nov 2023 : 05:05:42
On the Biomes of the Realms bundle

Nov 28, 2023


Sad that @dms_guild missed Amarune's Almanac for the @TheEdVerse's Forgotten Realms bundle today

So... I've dropped the price on the Biomes of the Realms bundle to 75% off until I remember to put it back!



This series is ESSENTIAL for wilderness, countryside, "what's along the way" encounters in the Realms and for any FRP world. Useful and baneful plants, beasties, and more!
TBeholder Posted - 24 Nov 2023 : 11:27:54
Originally posted by questing gm

Summon greater steed.
Giant Tressym.

If it's a steed, it's not a familiar. Also, the Giant Tressym has a specific name: griffin.
questing gm Posted - 24 Nov 2023 : 10:23:56
On a God taking a mortal form infected with an Illithid tadpole


@TheEdVerse I was wondering, in TFR what would happen if a God taking a mortal form would get somehow infected with an Illithid tadpole ?

Nothing ? some horrific new Illithid God ? anything else ?


It's highly unlikely, with an established God, that the tadpole could establish control over the divine brain. So, nothing: the deity would shatter the sentience of the illithid and subsume it.

However, with an insane god like Cyric, a new illithid god COULD arise.
questing gm Posted - 23 Nov 2023 : 06:42:58
On Eldritch Knight and Paladin of Ilmater with a Tressym Familiar

Nov 23, 2023


Eldritch Knight and Paladin of Ilmater with a Tressym Familiar.

Summon greater steed.

Giant Tressym.

What say you, Saer @TheEdVerse? #128513;



Oooh. A purr that can mix cocktail drinks and thicken gravies and massage aching warrior bodies!
questing gm Posted - 16 Nov 2023 : 01:06:36
On the relationship between the dragonborn race native to Abeir and the Dragonborn of Bahamut

Nov 16, 2023


Please expand on this. I love the Dragonborn as Erin has written them, but I feel like this kinda steals some of their valor and makes them less special. "A dragon god did it" isn't quite like a race being made to be servants & rockin' out against their oppressors (w/out gods).

Not trying to be flippant, btw, we've chatted before and I'm a huge FR lore nerd. I'm just going a little crazy bc this tweet does a lot of heavy lifting on the wikia/fandom and casts question marks over aberian dragonborn's self-authority and self-determinism. #128532;

Ed. Please. #129402;#129402;#129402;#128591;#128591;#128591;


I'll get to this in four hours or so. Have just come from the day job to help someone to medical help, then have a library board meeting. But I'll get there!!


Okay, the medical thing took an astonishingly short time, so I JUST have time to squeeze in a lore reply before the meeting...

Here we go!

The relationship between the dragonborn race native to Abeir and the Dragonborn of Bahamut is this: Bahamut used the dragonborn of Abeir as his models for “his” dragonborn, studying willing members of the race closely to learn their body structure and what powers he could infuse them with, so as to transform the non-draconic volunteers to become “his” dragonborn (emissaries of Bahamut to mortals).

The few “very old dragons” who know about this are servants of Bahamut who served as steeds to carry the handful of willing Abeiran dragonborn individuals to Bahamut for his study, and back again.

(BTW, I’ve just covered Abeir itself in my Realmslore videos.)

None of this changes or diminishes the deeds and history of the dragonborn of Abeir (such as their rebellion).

I was trying to remain as vague as possible about this to preserve maximum author/designer freedom, but it’s in my lore notes that an ever-wider circle of creatives have seen, so I’m happy to set you at ease.
questing gm Posted - 13 Nov 2023 : 13:46:18
On video about Alustriel Silverhand

Nov 12, 2023


Today's video is about another of the 7 Sisters, Alustriel Silverhand, aka "Lady Hope!"

Strong, immortal, and Chosen of Mystra, which sister would you like the next video to be about? #dnd #realmslore #forgottenrealms



questing gm Posted - 11 Nov 2023 : 02:37:20
On Abeir with Elminster

Nov 10, 2023


I've just released a new video on my Patreon! This bit of Realmslore has been one of the most requested over the years.

Please enjoy this conversation with Elminster about Abeir. :} #realmslore #dnd #forgottenrealms

Here is the link:
questing gm Posted - 08 Nov 2023 : 10:11:26
On Florin Falconhand and Alura Durshavin fighting Baerem the Dread Doorwarden

Nov 8, 2023


@TheEdVerse Hi Ed! I'm having a friend do a commission piece of art for me. It will be a scene from Swords of Dragonfire. I hope he can capture Florin Falconhand and Alura Durshavin fighting Baerem the Dread Doorwarden. Any tips or things to be highlighted before he starts?thanks



Pennae: looks like a scruffier Shadowheart from BG3 (hair, eyes), all clad in well-worn, dusty-gray-faded (from original black-dyed) dark leathers, black metal throat gorget, thigh-high soft-soled boots, many daggers sheathed all over.

Florin: Unlike SPELLFIRE cover, is not a ginger, or bearded. Tousled hair, jaw and nose as in the attached photo. Always looks calm and unruffled, “in charge of himself” in any situation. A man you instinctively trust.

questing gm Posted - 08 Nov 2023 : 10:05:44
On the mysteries of Veldorn: The Land of Monsters

Nov 7, 2023


Join me as I begin the unravel the mysteries of Veldorn: The Land of Monsters!

One of the things I love most about this project is having the chance to reveal the stories of some of the lesser-known areas of the Realms. :}

#dnd #realmslore

questing gm Posted - 06 Nov 2023 : 13:45:47
On becoming gods at will or random chance

Nov 6, 2023


What even is the logic of half these gods. At least destroy someone I don’t like or give me an amazing hat.


Bhaal is an ascended mortal… imagine what kind of Mortal becomes that kind of god #128556;


Yikes. Why not just become a constellation. Which Artemis is always doing to things.


I don’t know that becoming a constellation is an option on Toril… apotheosis is relatively common, though.


Is it all will to power or is there the randomness that makes myths pretty fun?


Wow, thatis a good question… there’s a lot of feuding, and ascension is tied in part to belief… but randomness? Now I’m really thinking about this.

I wonder if @TheEdVerse has thought about this or has an answer?


Oh, yes.

First: the game posits fallible gods (flawed, make mistakes, can't foresee, are not all-knowing). Otherwise, PCs can't be heroes, just pawns following a script (and, having no agency, lack moral responsibility, too). So the best way to view D&D gods is that they are akin to the Greek and Roman gods: superpowered humans, who behave like humans (lying, cheating, childish tantrums, etc. as well as noble and kind acts).

We have some maniacally power-hungry gods (the Dead Three), we have insane gods (Cyric), and we have selflessly generous deities (Eilistraee). We have gods who didn't want godhood (Finder) and we have gods who, yes, achieved godhood randomly (Moander). And yes, godhood or the thought of achieving it (Karsus) does funny things to the minds of mortals. We even have fusion deities (Angharradh). The idea is to provide a full array of divine minds and characters, not just alignments and portfolios, so there will be constant drama = maximum adventure opportunities.


Thanks so much for answering the question of two Catholic theologians muddling through the Realms!


My pleasure!

The Realms is a giant step sideways from real-world religions in that no one has to root their belief in "faith," as they see avatars and manifestations of the deities often enough that they KNOW.

And "believe in" all the gods.

All the moral battles, however, remain.
questing gm Posted - 04 Nov 2023 : 13:50:50
On Bay of Chessentia based on Chesepeake Bay

Nov 3, 2023


@TheEdVerse - Hello Ed. My son and his friends adventuring party are currently up to various hijinx in the Sea of Fallen Stars, with a lot of time in Bay of Chessentia. They are convinced it must be based on the Chesepeake Bay, and asked if I would ask you.


No, I avoided all direct real-world analogues when creating the Realms, and when I made up Chessenta, bay and all, I was six and hadn't traveled anywhere into the USA except Detroit and Dearborn, Michigan. ;} Chesapeake Bay is beautiful, though!
questing gm Posted - 04 Nov 2023 : 13:44:39
On Ed's first 'storytime'

Oct 30, 2023


I have released my very first "Storytime" video!

@Papat0k and I have been experimenting with various storytelling formats lately and we hope that you will incorporate bits of these flavorful little vignettes into your campaigns! #realmslore #dnd

Irennan Posted - 31 Oct 2023 : 10:12:10
So, basically, they wear Griffith's helmet from Berserk:
Zeromaru X Posted - 30 Oct 2023 : 20:00:35
Thanks for your continued updating of this topic, Questing DM.
questing gm Posted - 30 Oct 2023 : 12:18:34
On specifications for a Eilistraee Paladin/cleric

Oct 28, 2023


@TheEdVerse hey Ed! I had a commission of an Eilistraee Paladin/cleric based on your specifications (Hair color was my choice). How close does it look to your mind's eye? Her name is Nightshade.




As I said in the Grotto, Eilistraeean helmets have overlapping metal-plate “skirts” out back, like flowing, unbound long hair between “behind the wearer’s ears” and a curved, hawkbeak-like protruding nose out front, with brow-ridges to match to shield the wearer’s eyes in battle. Chin-straps with gorgets, always.
questing gm Posted - 30 Oct 2023 : 12:12:23
On Maglubiyet exterminating and/or hunt heretic and apostate tribes

Oct 28, 2023


@TheEdVerse So I was gonna ask a jokey question since it seems you are partially keen to answer, but I genuinely want to ask: are goblin tribes sworn to Maglubiyet directed to exterminate and/or hunt heretic and apostate tribes by their god?


No, but they are asked to do so by some of M's clergy. There's an ongoing debate, sometimes fierce, about how much personal animosity and gain plays into such directives, as opposed to the god's wishes.

(Maglubiyet is a whimsical, capricious change-mind-often deity.)
questing gm Posted - 30 Oct 2023 : 12:00:51
On Asmodeus as Ahriman and Jazirian

Oct 28, 2023


Dear @TheEdVerse questioning have is it true or not true that Asmodeus actually a titan size snake named Ahriman and with Jazirian created the outer realms?


Not true. Neither.

Asmodeus has occasionally taken serpent shape, large and small.

I'm not sure what you mean by "outer realms," but although he likes to paint himself as a master controller, Asmodeus struggles to even shape, let alone create, the layers of the Hells.
questing gm Posted - 30 Oct 2023 : 11:27:06
On common knowledge of Ao

Oct 28, 2023


@TheEdVerse sorry to bother you for a dumb question, but is Lord Ao's existence common knowledge among the populace of Toril?


There are no dumb questions except the ones folks don't dare to ask!

By the 1460s DR, the populace of Toril knows there're something called "Ao the Overgod," but priests of other gods say little about him, and what they do say is vague and contradictory.


I assume that Gale from BG3 knowing as much about him as he does is NOT common then?

Was he known about before the time of troubles by mortals?,


Yes, by sages and the Chosen of Mystra and all deities and many senior clergy of many gods. To other mortals, he was the stuff of minstrels' tall tales.
questing gm Posted - 24 Oct 2023 : 10:44:04
On Chosens and anchors

Oct 24, 2023


So not all Chosen are anchors, right? I’ve been playing BG3 and I assumed Gale was an anchor before he pulled a Karsus 2.0, which would make his whole story (tried to return Mystral’s power and swallowed up with an anti magic bomb) that much worse/more ironic.


Correct! Not all Chosen are anchors. Most anchors aren't beings, but items (the more immobile, the better) like the Athora. Beings are mobile and hopefully hidden-in-nature anchors...but, yes, not all Chosen are anchors.


One question for Ed Greenwood. Can Weave Anchors (except living beings like the Chosen) have additional or hidden magical abilities/functions (like artifacts and multiple spell-laden magical items) and with some research and experimentation be activated when conditions or command activating words are met. I can see spell glyphs or even Living Spells residing in area that are Weave Anchors.


Oh, yes. Many of them do. The Athora, for instance, makes all of Thay magical. Moonwells, and sacred groves, have their own innate magic. That's the very thing that makes them suitable as Weave Anchors.
Joran Nobleheart Posted - 10 Oct 2023 : 21:55:33
Out of genuine curiosity, is there another way to ask Mr. Greenwood a question? I'm one of those that really doesn't use any social media of any sort, so another way of posing a query would be fantastic.
questing gm Posted - 08 Oct 2023 : 11:04:31
On Aearaera Roszarre

Oct 8, 2023


Looking for a way to intro your party more info about THAY without needing to resort to a hostile Red Wizard? ;}

Watch my newest 2-part video on Aearaera Roszarre, an incredibly savvy merchant, hailing from Thay, with many hidden gifts! #realmslore #dnd
questing gm Posted - 08 Oct 2023 : 11:01:58
On the biological viability of kobolds and tieflings

Oct 7, 2023


@TheEdVerse Mister Greenwood we the community of @TieflingMelissa have a purely hypothetical question.

Are Tieflings and Kobolds biologically viable? We need a ruling regarding the sudden arrival of 85+ kobolds at her cottage bearing a striking resemblance to her kids.


Yes, of course!

Just as with human-human couplings, not every union results in pregnancy, and certain couples will never conceive, but yes, a tiefling and a kobold can have offspring. Most children "favor" one parent's race over the other, but note that "most."
questing gm Posted - 08 Oct 2023 : 10:57:20
On equivalent to John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich in the Realms

Oct 6, 2023


I was wondering @TheEdVerse if there is some equivalent to John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, who creates sandwich in order to gamble late into the night?



In both Cormyr and Waterdeep, there have been nobles who long ago adopted the custom of eating “handpies” (think Cornish pasties: savory pastries filled with cooked meals) filled and seasoned to their tastes and not overly messy to eat (so, thick syrupy sauces or none at all, not watery/runny) so they could pursue various pastimes away from their home dining halls (or country lodge feasting tables). However, none of these are celebrated for innovations in the thinking of “present-day” Realmsfolk, either during the 1300s DR or the 1400s DR; cities across Faerûn adopted handpies as street food for laborers and shopkeepers centuries ago.

The closest we come to the Earl of Sandwich (as in, a noble remembered for a lasting food innovation named for him) in the Realms is a certain Lady Calyth “Steeldance” Ebonhawk (pronounced “Kh-AL-ith” and the nickname came from her habit of donning silvered plate armor to dance in at revels, rather than gowns, which kept many dance partners at bay), a woman of spirit and whimsical sense of humor. She liked to eat highly-seasoned pastes of minced meat, with a dessert of cinammon-flavored almond paste, but hated to sit down and interrupt what she was doing to dine, so she had servants follow her with wine to hand her goblets of, as she requested, and wore a belt-satchel containing leaf-wrapped (to guard against spillage; she didn’t eat the leaves) mussel-shells that had been emptied of their mussels, washed and dried, and then stuffed with either the meat paste (think: deviled ham with very-finely-diced pickles) or the cinammon-almond paste). She’d dig out a shell, part its halves with a thumb, use her fingers to scoop the paste into her mouth, lick her finger clean, and go on with her day, slaking her thirst with wine.

These snacks are known as “calyths” to this day, and many noble ladies still do this, though the habit hasn’t spread outside the ranks of Cormyrean nobility (and copycat Sembian “wannabe” nobles). However, many traveling merchants and cooks know what a calyth is.


Mr. Greenwood, I bow to your excellent worldbuilding. Now I have an idea of what kinds of snack foods to serve in the fantasy casino once it gets running!


Ah! Casino! All the best gambling houses on the Sword Coast, Marsember, and Sembia also serve spiced clams: steamed in the shell, open shells kept warm submerged in poultry broth until served. As served, adorned with a smear of curried thock-sauce (like hummus).
questing gm Posted - 08 Oct 2023 : 10:53:08
On famous cats in the Realms

Oct 6, 2023


Soooo would it be heresy to name this sweet little new cat Guenwhyvar even though she's not a black cat? #129300;

Quick! @TheEdVerse ! I need the names of some other famous cats in the Realms!


Sure! Grabbing just the female names from my notes I can find in a hurry

A tressym pet of Storm Silverhand’s: Little Anvil

Syluné had three or four cats at a time for most of her time dwelling in Shadowdale, including: Midnight Bones, Sharranthra, Bellszarra (inevitably shortened to “Bells”), Ladydaggers, Tigg, Quillaquerra, Phaera Furrdragon, Arqueene, Rallarue, and Tantamma

Queen Filfaeril had at least two cats at a time throughout her marriage to Azoun IV, and they included: Yanthra, Stillfeather, (inevitably shortened to “Whisper”), Dazaerre, Lady Talons, and Skweeve

Lord Piergeiron of Waterdeep had one cat at a time, and his included: Lioness, Baerabravva (said to be named for a catlike, purring, plump unwed noble aunt who courted Piergeiron aggressively), Taela, and Troona

Manshoon had one cat at a time in the days before he rose to power in Zhentil Keep, and this line of feline pets included: Tzingazaerra, Houloone, and Reljaws

Balduran of Baldur’s Gate is known to have kept cats, including: Lady Tiger, Azeera, and Ithquil

Sharantyr of the Knights of Myth Drannor had two cats at a time in the 1360s DR, including: Daeradaggers, Malynx, and Tuthtuth

...and that's all I can find at this time of night, with my real cat clawing me to come to bed. ;}


Also, what are the origins of the tressym?

I lost all my Forgotten Realms books in a housefire and I am sure there was an entry for them in a module.


I introduced them in The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar module (along with the Lock Lurker).
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On where in the realms is Kedgeree most commonly eaten

Oct 6, 2023


Hi, @TheEdVerse for #Cooking in the #ForgottenRealms i'm working on Kedgeree next - beef, ham, taters, and parsnips in green simmersauce. Where in the realms is it most commonly eaten? It sounds like something from the Dalelands and Silver Marches. Also, what is a good garnish?


It’s most commonly eaten along the Heartlands overland trade routes (Scornubel, Elturgard, Berdusk, Iriaebor, easternmost Amn, the Sunset Vale, Priapurl, Elversult, and Teziir), though it’s spread to the Dales, the Silver Marches, the Vilhon Reach’s southern shore and the lands south of that, as far as (and including) the Border Kingdoms. It’s still spreading, via caravan merchants, along the trade routes.

Rosemary is one good garnish, and so is lemon pepper (but go easy on the latter).

{The green simmersauce is like real-world green curry.}


I wonder if there is anything akin to South Carolina style hash which has an interesting history.


If you mean South Carolina Barbecue Hash, yes, but…I’ve eaten so many variants, I’d better specify: in the Realms, such a hash is thick, not runny, and includes all the “bits and pieces” of hogs, like tongue and the rest of the head meat and brains, kidneys, and hearts (but not trotters; they went into other dishes). Like South Carolina hash, this sort of hash in the Realms has potatoes and usually onions (or leeks, or shallots) in it, as well as mustard, garlic, and some hot spices—but the seasoning mix varies widely from cook to cook; this is a way to use up leftovers.

In the real world, I’ve usually had such a hash served over rice, and this would be done in the Realms, too, but often in the Realms this dish is served over green beans or cabbage or other greens (like diced artichokes or even sunchokes) that are otherwise bland and bulky. Tomatoes may even get included, though this is detested by some diners.

This hash in the Realms goes by various local names, the most popular of which include Hoghall (shortened from Hog’s-all-for-the-dining-hall), brownback, yellowfire, and goldcloak.

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