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 Proper Adjectives of the Realms

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Chyron Posted - 16 Jun 2004 : 05:41:12
Has there ever been an extensive listing of proper adjectives for the Realms (either here or in a sourcebook). Are people of Toril, Torilians? How about citizens of Silverymoon, Silverymoonies? Ok bad one….but you see where I am going? Sometimes I am not sure what the proper adjectives of certain places or religions might be. I know that in various editions there have been mentions here and there, but wouldn’t a compiled list would be very helpful?
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Sarta Posted - 22 Jun 2004 : 03:56:46
Originally posted by Wooly Rupert
[brAfter the ToT, the proper adjective for a worshipper of Bhaal is "dead."

While it would have made more sense for the clerics to die in the ritual, it was only the assassins that did. Most Bhaalists switched to Cyric worship (and referred to him as Cyric-Bhaal until Cyric's purge when the survivors switched to just Cyric) or did not make the switch and were granted spells from Cyric until the purge when they stopped being granted spells (in which case the survivors switched to Cyric, Xvim, or non-human deities).

Wooly Rupert Posted - 22 Jun 2004 : 00:58:16
Originally posted by aragorn II

What about pople who worship Bhaal? Bhaalites, perhaps?

After the ToT, the proper adjective for a worshipper of Bhaal is "dead."

Garen Thal Posted - 21 Jun 2004 : 21:50:05
"Priests of the Lord of Murder were known either as Bhaalists or Bhaalyn (the latter term being most favored east of the Dragonreach, the former west to the Sword Coast)," according to Faiths & Avatars.
aragorn II Posted - 21 Jun 2004 : 21:30:31
What about pople who worship Bhaal? Bhaalites, perhaps?
SiriusBlack Posted - 17 Jun 2004 : 14:38:55
Originally posted by Sarelle

From Faiths & Avatars/Powers & Pantheons can someone tell me what the term/s for Lathander worshipers/clergy are? I've been wondering for some time.

Faiths and Avatars gives Lathanderites as the term.
Sarelle Posted - 17 Jun 2004 : 12:52:57
From Faiths & Avatars/Powers & Pantheons can someone tell me what the term/s for Lathander worshipers/clergy are? I've been wondering for some time.

I've heard Lathanderites, Lathanderians, Lathandrans, and (of course) Morninglords. Which are correct? Any others?

SiriusBlack Posted - 16 Jun 2004 : 18:53:28
Originally posted by The Hooded One

Now, why would they have to do that?

To mess with me. That's the sole reason. Take for example this thread, I'm now seeing double on someone's post.


Seriously, according to Ed,

Thanks for sharing this information that provides some explanation for the various different terms/spellings.
The Hooded One Posted - 16 Jun 2004 : 18:36:47
Now, why would they have to do that?
Seriously, according to Ed,
“Cormyrean” is the formal Court term, used by sages, heralds, and court scribes. As in our own real-world medieval and Renaissance period, some people are a little wonky on their spellings, especially for vowels, and it seems the Wizards editors settled on “-ian” whereas Ed clings to what Elminster first imparted to him: “-ean.”
“Cormyte” was originally a Sembian insult, but was proudly and defiantly adopted by folk of Cormyr who lived near the Sembian border, as in: “Aye, we’re the CORMYTES who defeat you, with all your coin and airs, time and time again!” (Hence the “Cormyte Bold” folk song that appears in the relevant Volo’s Guide). The term has since passed into general usage, and lost its pejorative meaning (among folk of Cormyr, at least).
The other forms mentioned are incorrect, and exist, however fleetingly, because only the gods are perfect, I suppose, and them only for ah, fleeting moments.
SiriusBlack Posted - 16 Jun 2004 : 15:05:40
Originally posted by Garen Thal

To chime in on the Cormyr issue...Any of the three are acceptable, however.

Thanks for the information GT. All three are acceptable? And here I thought people were just trying to drive me crazy.
SiriusBlack Posted - 16 Jun 2004 : 15:04:17
Originally posted by Wooly Rupert

Optical Character Recognition.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 16 Jun 2004 : 14:55:22
Originally posted by Faraer

"The Everwinking Eye: Words To The Wise" (Polyhedron #74), which I posted most of the rest of in Ed's thread, has a longer version of the list in FRA (following subject to OCR errors):

Faraer Posted - 16 Jun 2004 : 14:15:24
"The Everwinking Eye: Words To The Wise" (Polyhedron #74), which I posted most of the rest of in Ed's thread, has a longer version of the list in FRA (following subject to OCR errors):
Amn: Amnian
Anauroch: Anaurian
Arabel: Arabellan
Athkatla: Athkatlan
Baldur’s Gate: Baldurian (Never “Balduran,” which is the name of the city’s founder. To misuse his name is to insult his memory and the city.)
Berdusk: Berduskan
Calaunt: Calauntan (Not “Calauntian” or “Calaunan.” “Calaunthead” is a deliberate outlander’s insult heard often among Inner Sea sailors).
Citadel Adbar: Adbarrim
Citadel of the Raven: Ravenar (A citizen; garrison soldiers are referred to as “Citadel-helms,” or, less politely, as “stone-heads.”)
Cormyr: Cormyrean or Cormyrian (“Cormyte,” a more slang, familiar term, is also used, and is favored by the current monarch, Azoun IV)
Daerlun: Daerlunian
Elturel: Elturian (Not “Elturelian.”)
Elversult: Elversian (Not “Elversultian,” which is much used in Calimshan, and considered an insult by Elversians.)
Eveningstar: Evenor (An archaic, little-used, formal term.)
Faerûn: Faerûnian
Gond: Gondryr (Not “Gondian,” although this old term is sometimes applied to temples, vestments, and other items.)
Hillsfar: Hillfarian (The old, scholarly term “Helvar” is also sometimes heard.)
Immersea: Immersean (“Immerian” is also sometimes heard, but is frowned on locally, because it was used in the past to refer to smugglers, slavers, and pirates.)
Iriaebor: Iriaeben or Iriaeban
Lantan: Lantanna
Luskan: Luskar
Marsember: Marsembian (“Marsemban” is also correct, but rarer.)
Melvaunt: Melvauntian
Mintarn: Tarnian (Never “Mintarnian.”)
Mulmaster: Mulmasterite or Mulman (The former term applies to people, the latter to things.)
Myth Drannor: Myth Drannan
Neverwinter: Neveren or Neverwintian (The second term is rarely heard outside of poetry, pedantic peech, or among the arrogant Calishites.)
Nimbral: Nimbran or Nimbrian (Either is correct; the former is usually applied to beings, and the latter to things, but not always.)
Ordulin: Ordulian or Ordulan (The rarely-heard second term applies to goods, companies, animals, and items, but never to people.)
Procampur: Procampan
Ruathym: Ruathen
Saerloon: Saerloonian or Saerlunan (The second, older term is heard less often.)
Scornubel: Scornubian or Scornubrian (Both are correct, but the second term is little used.)
Selgaunt: Selgauntan or Selgite (The second term applies only to art and workmanship.)
Sembia: Sembite or Semmite (Either term, applied to the citizens, is correct, the former is used most often in the north and in the Dragonreach lands, the latter used more in the south. One speaks of a chair or sword of “Sembian” make, but of “Semban” habits, beliefs, or style of workmanship. Outlanders often call citizens of Sembia “Sembians,” and the citizens usually don’t bother to correct them.)
Shadowdale: Dalefolk (Like all other Dale-dwellers; they use no other term; in Sembia, Westgate, and the Vilhon Reach, where folk of the Dales are thought of as backwards bumpkins, the term “Daler” is sometimes heard; it corresponds to “dungcarter” or “hayseed.”)
Sossal: Sossrim or Sossar (Use the first term for beings, and the second for items.)
Suzail: Suzailan
Tantras: Tantran
Tashluta: Tashlutar (The term “Tashalar” refers to the surrounding coastlands, subject to the rule of Tashluta.)
Thay: Thayan
Tilverton: Tilverian (Never “Tilvertonian;” locals refer to themselves as “Gap folk,” and will say, “I’m from the Gap.”)
Urmlaspyr: Urmlassan (Not “Urmlaspian,” although snobs from Selgaunt use this term, which is resented in Urmlaspyr.)
Waterdeep: Waterdhavian
Westgate: Westhavian or Westar
Yhaunn: Yhauntan (Not “Yhauntian.”)
Zhentil Keep: Zhent or Zhentish (The former term applies to a being [plural: “Zhents”], the latter to work or goods produced by those citizens. The archaic term [used today mainly for artifacts and other olden-work] is “Zhentarian.” The term “Zhentilar” refers only to Zhentil Keep’s soldiers, and the term “Zhentarim” only to the mages, priests, and agents of the evil organization that currently controls Zhentil Keep).
Capn Charlie Posted - 16 Jun 2004 : 11:18:08
I have found that the best way is to use a little of them all.

No, seriously! Depending on the character I might use any of a number of adjectives, and sometimes several depending on the character as well. I believe it was best illustrated by teh passage in Curse of the Azure Bonds that there is no need to have a single "proper" way that is universally adghered to within the setting, in fact it is better not to. At least that's my opinion on the matter.
Garen Thal Posted - 16 Jun 2004 : 06:38:37
To chime in on the Cormyr issue: Cormyrean, Cormyrian and Cormyte are all correct. Cormyrean and Cormyrian are alternate spellings of the same word, and depend on author preference (3E favors -ian, Ed seems to favor -ean). Cormyte is a less formal slang term, used in speech but not in written documents. Any of the three are acceptable, however.

The "Cormyran" mangling has appeared in published works, but isn't correct; it originally showed up in Nightmare Keep (the old high-level module), and is now also in Player's Guide to Faerû. Cormyrite hasn't appeared anywhere, and hopefully won't in the future.
Garen Thal Posted - 16 Jun 2004 : 06:32:06
There is a short listing in the old Forgotten Realms Adventures hardbound book, but that's pretty much it. Religious titles appear in the Faiths & Avatars/Demihuman Deities/Powers & Pantheons series.

Other titles can be found sprinkled throughout various sources of lore. Citizens of Silverymoon are Silvaeren, for example, and someone from Eveningstar is Evenor. A Waterdeep native is Waterdahavian; Ed has noted that "-ahave" (forgive me if I've mangled the spelling) is a suffix that originally meant "I am from," so that we get words like Waterdahavain, Thayvain (sadly lost in 3E), and similar titles.
SiriusBlack Posted - 16 Jun 2004 : 06:31:33
I know one that used to drive me over the wall. For citizens of Cormyr I've seen Cormyrians, Cormyreans, and Cormyrites all used by different players/DMs.

I've given up trying to figure out which is correct. Cormyr citizens sounds just fine.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 16 Jun 2004 : 06:28:58
The old Forgotten Realms Adventures did have a list of regional adjectives, like Westhavian and Baldurian (Westgate and Baldur's Gate, respectively), but it was only for the cities of the Heartlands. To the best of my knowledge, that's the only such compiled list.

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