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Scribe of Kellindil

By GODoom

Scribe of Kellindil is the property of the author, GODoom and is used with permission by Candlekeep.  Email the author with any comments and feedback on this story. The story tells of Kellindil, the elf from Dark Elf Trilogy novel: Sojourn, who accompanies Dove, Fret and Gabriel.

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In a small village outside Sundabar, was born an elven child named Kellindil, born into a world in which chaos was about to erupt. Born from a mother that survived a drow raid he was as tough as a child could be, but with the gentleness of a panther. From the time of birth until the age of 5, Kellindil was living the life of a normal elven family. He fit in with most children reasonably well, playing together and laughing together. Only difference was that Kellindil didn't have a father, he sadly died from an unknown cause when he was out hunting. They never found him again. Everything was normal for Kellindil until that faithful day when everything changed…

A clash of thunder struck the ground outside the house in which Kellindil lived.

"That was a mighty close call, hope it doesn't get any closer," says Duranelle, Kellindil's older sister. "If it gets any closer, I reckon we should get out of here."

And into the night it went, thunder striking in all directions but never hitting their house. Then came a knock on their front door followed by a low grumble, "Please, help me…" and then a thump as the speaker collapsed onto the ground outside.

Duranelle and Kellindil's mother, Ploferina, ran to the door and opened it to discover a man in his late 50s sprawled on the ground before them, they carried him in and lay him down on the wooden couch.

"Duranelle, go grab a towel from my room. Kellindil, go out to the well and get some water, I'll be starting a fire to boil the water," Ploderina said as she quickly rushed off into the kitchen. Duranelle did as she was told and found a bunch of towels to cover this strange man and make sure he doesn't get hypothermia. Kellindil grabbed a bucket, ran outside and a hauled back a bucket of water.

They got the water boiling and the children watched as their mother tried to nurse the poor man back to good health. They fell asleep right there on the living room floor.

Later on the night, Kellindil opened his eyes, and felt a tingling sensation down below. He headed outside into the forest and did his business. He heard a thump coming from inside the house and thought it probably to be his mother checking on their unexpected visitor. He went back inside and found the door open and the old man missing. He rushed over to his mother and sister and rocked them back and forth but they wouldn't wake. Kellindil turned their oil lamp on and fell back in disgust, there lay his only known family motionless and bleeding with a butter knife protruding out from each of their backs.

Kellindil did what any 5-year-old child would've done, he ran. He ran until he became too tired to run. Then he lay down against a tree and cried until he fell asleep, hoping that it was all a dream.

Kellindil woke up and discovered that he was in a puddle of his own tears, and that it was not a tree he was leaning against but a city wall. He didn't care that he was outside the city of Sundabar, all that he was thinking about was of his mom and his sister, all to be murdered by the man they found and tried to save. All they were trying to do was help the poor old man, in return for their help, he slaughters his family in their sleep and leaves 1 elven child to live on his own. After what felt like eternity, he realized that he was extremely hungry and thirsty so he followed the city wall until he founded the gate into the city. No one paid much attention to him, everyone just considered him to be an elven child doing his mother's groceries.

Kellindil didn't know any human families that would take him in so he stole a loaf of bread and a flask of water and ran out into the wilderness. He ran into the direction where his mom always used to say that an elven family lived. He ran on and on, for days on end. After what seemed like a week but was actually 2 days. He saw a dirt trail staring to from. He ran along that trail until he saw a chimney, then the roof, and then the entire house came into view. Before he could reach the house though, he collapsed just outside the door and then everything went black.

Morning dawns and Kellindil opens a peep of his eyes, he notices the fine wooden furnishing that surround him. He realizes that he's lying on a wooden bed inside what seems to be a normal wooden cabin. Kellindil sits upright, lets out a massive yawn and stretches his arms out.

Kellindil thinks to himself, "Maybe I should just leave, but how would I thank them. I'm still hungry and homeless anyway. I guess I'll stay for a little while."

An older elf walks into the room and Kellindil asks, "Where am I? Who are you? What…" But the older elf silenced him and said this, "All your answers will come soon."

As it turns out, he came to the elven village his mom told him of, the village Iqoal. Iqoal was made of 8 families, all elves. There were the Stilers, Ilers, Piqus, Jigby, Komad, Otlem, Wijka and Bruffer, all of which have their own specialty. The Stilers, the family that found Kellindil, specialized in furniture and carpentry. The Ilers specialized in weaponary and armory. The Piqas specialized in medicine and how nature works. The Jigbys specialized in traps and hunting. The Komads was a family of morals but specialize in ranged weapons. The Otlem specialized in religious and scientific studies. The Wijkas specialized in arts and geographical studies. The last family, the Bruffers, led this group of elves as they specialized in warfare tactics and are considered the warrior family.

As Kellindil recovered, the Bruffers ordered for a town meeting, the main topic being Kellindil. The Stilers led the young elf into the area that is surrounded by all the houses and they all sat down in a circle to discuss.

"Who are you young elf and why have you stumbled upon our humble village?" asked the father of the Bruffers in a most commanding voice.

Kellindil spoke up without fear though, "I am Kellindil, son of Ploferina, the only survivor of a drow raid." Low murmurs spread across the crowd as the young elf continued. "An old man came by about 3 days ago who sought shelter, we took him into our house and nursed him back to good health. But late in the night when I was doing my personal business, he slaughtered my mom and sister and… and…" And Kellindil broke down into tears as the Wijkas embraced him.

Then the father of the Komads spoke up, "Dear child, you are welcome to stay in our cabin as long as you please. We would gladly take you in as a child of our own." And so it came to past that the Komads took Kellindil in, taught him the way of the bow and they even preached to him of the morals he should hold. Even though Kellindil could've left whenever he wanted, he had no where go. So eventually, Kellindil became an excellent hunter and was gladly accepted as a part of the Komads family. The entire village worked as one. The Stilers repaired and made any necessary furniture and appliances. The Ilers made weapons and armory for whenever wild animals or beasts and like attack their peaceful village. The Piqus was the kindest family and brewed remedies and potions for anyone suffering diseases or any physical harm. The Jigbys set up traps around their village for extra protection and bring in meat and water to eat and drink. The Komads were the organizers of the village, they made sure everything was in line and assisted the Jigbys in hunting. The Otlems do their studies and research in solitary, but contributes to the village as often as they can. The Wigkas decorate the village accordingly and are often out on expeditions to research any change in the environment. The Bruffers are the main decision-makers and protect the village when attackers get past the Jigbys' traps.

Days went by, weeks turned into months and months turned into years, and Kellindil has grown up.

One day, the father of the Komads says, "We have taught you all you need to know, you won't learn anything more from us. Go out and explore, use the skills we have all taught you and become even more."

So the next day, Kellindil was off into the wilderness. On the trail he came by, he took one last look at the village he's lived at for all so many years and raced into the dense forest. He followed the river and came back and heads off back into Sundabar back to civilization.

As he enters the city gates, he realizes that something is wrong, terribly wrong. The streets that used to be crammed full of people are now deserted. Not a soul in sight, all is quiet. Then all of a sudden a low rumbling sound that steadily increased to become a thunderous roar. Off in the distance, a mountain of dust was being picked up. As it came closer, Kellindil suddenly felt himself being pulled into a building where a dark figure covered his mouth, indicated for him to be quiet and pointed out the window where whatever it was arrived.

Kellindil slowly peeked over the windowsill and spotted a band of at least 4 dozen masked riders all coming to a stop on their well-trained horses.

One that resembled the leader spoke out to the others, "There's no fun out here no more. Let us be off to the palace where we'll have some real fun." A chorus of cheers and hollers came and they all galloped off towards the massive palace.

Before Kellindil could say anything, the dark figure spoke up, "You shouldn't be running around the streets with these people on the loose." The voice sounded feminine to Kellindil as the dark figure continued and showed herself under the light. "I am Dove Falconhand."

That's when Kellindil spoke up, " So I stand before thy famous ranger, Lady Dove Falconhand herself." He spoke in the most polite manner he knew of and bowed down in respect.

"There is no time for this," says Dove, as she notices the quivers on Kellindil's back, "are you experienced with the bow?"

"I am an amateur in the arts of ranged weapons."

"You will have to do, my partners have been captured and are being held captive inside the palace. You must help me save them, surely you may help me so some degree."

"I will do my best."

And so they set off together along the back alleys, always in the shadows. Hidden from view of anyone on the main road with Dove leading the way. As they approached the palace, they climbed to a rooftop for a better view of their surroundings.

"There aren't many guards posted on patrol, if you can take one of them out without anyone noticing, we can probably sneak in unnoticed until they discover the body," Dove noted. "Remember, you only have shot at this, if you only strike a minor flesh wound or a complete miss, reload as fast as you can and fire again. If you hit and kill, we will climb that wall, rescue my partners and retake the city."

All was quiet as Kellindil repaired his arrow. He took aim of his target, a large man that was half asleep, pulled back measuring the power necessary and released. The arrow shot into the guard's head, a clean kill. And Kellindil and Dove scaled the wall and advanced into the dungeons without any problems.

"Over here, Lady Dove!" a cry that came from the back of the jail cells.

"Gabriel! Fret! It's so great to see you alive!" Dove said with delight.

"Who's this elf you've brought along with you? I've never seen you before?" Fret curiously inquired.

"I am Kellindil, that is all you need to know for now," Kellindil replied. "We'd best hurry out of here. Guards will be onto us in a little while.

"No, I must overtake Rafasi and his goons or this city will never again find it's peace, you may join us if you wish," says Dove.

Now Kellindil has his curiosity and his adrenaline running for the opportunity to work side by side with Dove and company. "I will stay and help to the best of my abilities, I owe you for saving me from those bandits when I first entered the city."

"With my whole party here and with you on addition, we can go straight to Rafasi," announces Gabriel, "Rafasi's goons are only strong because of their leader, but when they are just wondering and are astray, they run and hide. I'm guessing Rafasi would be in the throne room. Fret, lead the way, you know your way around this place."

So the party was off with Fret in the lead using his little blade to defend himself. Closely followed by Gabriel, a seasoned fighter, with his enchanted long sword capable of many things. Then Dove with nothing more than a spear she recovered from the guard they took out at his watching post. And Kellindil with his bow and arrows bringing up the rear. Together they slowly advanced until they reached a massive double door made of gold, on the door was an intricate design made of silver. There was no handle to open the door and the door was obviously too big to push, so the door must be enchanted.

"I recognize this designs, they're writing of the drow! My mother used to teach me a bit of drow until my dad died. After that, she had too much to do, she had no time to teach us anymore…" Kellindil drifted off.

Dive interrupted his line of thinking, "Can you read what it says here? Maybe it's some clue to open this door."

"Indeed it is my fair Lady, my mother didn't teach me much but she taught me enough for me to understand this. It reads, "To those who approach this door uninvited and can read this note, to drow or elf whoever it may be. Beware of the danger that lies to your right, that is where you will find a fight as well as the as well as your way into the throne room."

"Look over there," Fret perked up, "A small lever, it's almost completely concealed among those markings." Fret moves over that way and pulls down the lever.

Out from the far corner came a high pitched hissing sound, the sound of a snake. Everyone prepared for battle as a massive 10-foot snake slithered out of a trap door. Then Kellindil speaks up again, "There seems to be more, 'defeat the danger and the door shall open.' Looks like we have to kill this thing."

Dove started shouting battle orders, "Surround the snake! Fret and Gabriel, you two take the far corners. I'll stay here and be a diversion. Kellindil, you fire a shot whenever you see an opening, I trust in your skills, you underestimate yourself."

Gabriel and Fret got into position and prepared for attack, at Dove's signal, all three lunged at the same time. Gabriel got a slice along the serpent's side but it was nothing more than a skin wound. Fret started stabbing the creature for all he was worth with no obvious damage. Dove went right for the eyes and blinded the creature, then she started savagely jabbing at its neck. All the while Kellindil was loosing as many arrows as Dove was jabbing. Fret and Gabriel realized how little damage they were doing so they went for the mouth, with all of them adding flesh wounds big and small and just as many arrows protruding from the beast's wounded body. The creature eventually collapsed and the throne room doors slowly squeaked open and the heroes rushed right in without hesitation.

Rafasi was sitting at his throne hands clasped, to each side of him was a wood giant. Wood giants trees that have been summoned by a sorcerer of some kind, they obey there master till their end or if their master release the spell.

Rafasi said one word, "Kill them!" And the wood giants were off to do their master's bidding. Kellindil was about to loose an arrow but Dove told him to hold his ammo, physical attacks don't affect wood giants.

"Fret, you know of some incantations, get some magical fire onto Kellindil's arrows and Kellindil, fire at will," Dove ordered.

They did as they were told Kellindil let the air fill with arrows and Fret made every last one of them count by lighting them on fire. The wood giants were eventually reduced to ashes. Rafasi, with no one else to protect him, unconditionally surrendered.

"Well done me lad," applauded Fret, "Every considered to be a ranger before? You sure got the stuff for it."

"Actually, we could use an archer for support fire so you can join us," Dove interrupted.

Kellindil is shocked by the offer but gladly accepts. So the group traveled together for years on end. Helping those less fortunate than them, helping the needy.

The End

The story of Kellindil is continued in the Dark Elf Trilogy: Sojourn.

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