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History Has a Way of Repeating Itself

By Michael McClanathan

This journal is the property of the author, Michael McClanathan and is used with permission by Candlekeep.  Email the author with any comments and feedback on this story.

Chapter 1:
Adventure Makes for Strange Bedfellows


They came from different directions, each with no intention of becoming involved in the adventures they were about to be in. There was the teifling thief from Unther, on the run from her own adopted father's thieves guild. The Paladin of Selune, rare in that he doesn't follow the strict law-abiding ways that most paladins do. Even more ironic is that his parents were killed by were-creatures and yet he follows their patron. A druid of Mielikki, who went on a strange quest in her dreams to find a deity to follow and found herself dedicated to Mielikki and for some reason the goddess transported her west of where she had fallen asleep. The strangest of them all is the sorcerer Randall he definitely isn't what he seems, oh, he can cast spells but it's his heritage that is strange. You see, he is a Ghost Elf, from the Misty Plane he is on the Prime looking for allies in a long war against the denizens of the Nine Hells.

All of them looking for something different, all of them wanting to make their lives better. They have nothing in common, yet, for some reason they came together and are now on a path that will either lead them to greatness or horrible despair. The Gods are watching, waiting, to see what happens. Someone else is watching too, someone that when he was told of the party set them on the path without them even knowing. Of course, if they die along the way it doesn't really matter, for what is time to a lich and the Nether Scrolls have been hidden for so long if this party doesn't find themů.maybe another will.

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