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Multi-Faith Temple

By Cthulu Ftaghn

Quest Encounter (EL 4)
Read the following passage to the players as they enter the multi-faith Temple:

This simple temple is the main house of worship for the people of Kheldell. The central hall is modestly decorated with large plush red rugs and a cleansing pool in the center. The tombs of the heroes of Kheldell's past are lined up against the northern wall for those who wish to pay their respects, with a set of double doors centered behind them.

The east wall is lined with statues of several of the gods worshiped in the northern territories of Faerun. A small wooden door sits between two of the statues. There is also a single door on the west wall, and two more to the south on either side of the entrance hallway.

The serene beauty of this place is marred by a severely wounded cleric lying in a pool of his own blood near the west door. As you enter the central hall, he reaches toward you with a feeble and shaky hand, then collapses.

The cleric is (was) Haroon, a follower of Eldath, the patron goddess of Kheldell. Haroon, along with 3 other clerics of the temple, answered a distress call from a small logger's way station near the Red Larch east of the Westwood. His party discovered that a female drow priestess had been terrorizing the small work camp and had already killed several people.

The group of clerics aided by several strong men from the work camp set a trap for the drow and vanquished her, becoming heroes. Haroon made a fatal error, however, in foolishly deciding to bring the drow back to the temple for an honorable funeral.

The drow priestess was on a life-quest for her evil goddess, Lloth, when she was killed by the cleric party. By failing in her quest, she was doomed by her goddess to be resurrected as a drider. The drider, K'caahl, awoke in the temple mausoleum and went on a rampage. The clerics managed to lock her into the crypt, but not before she slew every one of them.

K'caahl is unarmed, weakened, and disoriented from her recent violent return from the afterlife. For the purpose of this encounter, she can be considered a Lesser Drider. Several of her spells and once-per-day abilities have already been used against the clerics, lessening her threat. In addition, her defenses are not yet fully developed.

The Quest: Kill K'caahl

K'caahl, female lesser drider : CR 4; Size L (8 ft., 5 in. tall); HD 3d8+12 ; hp 33; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 (+2 Dex, -1 Size, +3 Natural); Attack: Bite +0 melee, SV Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +11; AL CE; Str 15, Dex 15, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 19, Cha 15.

Bite Damage: 1d4+1, Poison: Fort (DC16), initial and secondary damage 1d6 temporary STR

Languages Spoken: Common, Giant, Infernal, Undercommon.

Skills and feats: Climb +14, Concentration +10, Craft +6, Hide +4, Listen +10, Move silently +7, Profession +8, Spellcraft +10, Spot +10, Swim +4, Tumble +4; [Ambidexterity], [Combat casting], Extra turning, [Two-weapon fighting].

K'caahl will have already used most of her spell-like abilities for the day fighting the clerics and attempting to escape. She will still have at her disposal dancing lights, detect chaos, discern lies and suggestion.

Spells: K'caahl will have the following spells prepared: Freedom of Movement (Cl4), Prayer (Cl3), Death Knell and Hold Person (Cl2), Doom x2 (Cl1), Resistance and Inflict Minor Wounds (Cl0)


Experience Points:

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