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Cottage of Tchandrae Euinwood

By Cthulu Ftaghn

Read the following passage to the players as they approach Tchandrae Euinwood's cottage:

You've followed the road to the edge of town where it turns east to circle Stone Pond, and then it becomes the Kheldell Path. On your left, a solitary cottage sits serenely at the base of a mountain cliff. A young girl of twelve or thirteen sits cross-legged on the front stoop staring blankly across the steamy water. A faded blue star is painted on the front door.

The girl is none other than the mysterious Tchandrae Euinwood of Kheldell. It is said that this young lass can quietly study any object and read its history. Elminster himself is at a loss to explain her power and claims that she is touched by the gods.

Tchandrae has been granted this power by the goddess Mystra, who took pity on her when her parents were slain by followers of Myrkul. If she is able to hold an inanimate object in her hands, uninterrupted for 4 rounds, she can read the spiritual aura of that object and deliver an often-cryptic description of the objects past. Tchandrae can read the mind of an intelligent magical item and discern its true alignment and intent.

Tchandrae Euinwood, female human Com1: CR 1; Size M (5 ft., 9 in. tall); HD 1d4+1; hp 5; Init -3 (-3 Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 7 (-3 Dex); Attack +3 melee, or -3 ranged; SV Fort +1, Ref -3, Will +5; AL NG; Str 17, Dex 4, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 6.

Languages Spoken: Common.

Skills and feats: Gather information +2, Hide -3, Jump +7, Knowledge +2, Listen +3, Move silently -3, Spot +3; Iron will, Skill focus (gather information [special, see above]).

Tchandrae will initially help the PC's willingly and at no cost. If, however, Tchandrae is given an object to read that has caused unrighteous suffering or death, she will demand that it be thrown into the spring to be cleansed. If the player agrees, Tchandrae will walk out to the pond where the spring bubbles forth. She will utter a brief prayer to Mystra and throw the object into the water.

If the player refuses, Tchandrae will not use her abilities to aid the party any further and will lock herself inside her cottage. In addition, she will claim that the item is now "cursed by her goddess" and will "bring doom to the one who wields it." This is, in fact, untrue and is nothing but a young girl's attempt at a power trip.

If the party is adventurous enough to go diving for lost treasure, the following items of value can be found at the bottom of Stone Pond:

Several other rusted and useless objects can also be found (mostly weapons that will break apart when touched). The treasures are deep underwater (25ft) and any PC that attempts to go after them will be swimming against the rising hot water coming out of the spring. Reaching the bottom will require a successful Swim check (DC23) as well as a successful STR check (DC20). No player with a CON score below 13 will be able to hold his breath long enough to make it to the bottom.

If a character makes it to the bottom of the pond, he must then make a successful Spot check (DC20 in the murky depths) to be able to find an object that Tchandrae has cast into the water. There is a 50% chance that the found object will be a treasure item, otherwise it is rusted and useless.

Furthermore, any dive attempt must be done without Tchandrae's knowledge. Since she never leaves the area of her cabin, this means it must be done at night when she is sleeping. If she awakens and discovers the party's intent, she will begin to scream bringing 1d4 Town Guard (see Town Encounter 4: Town Hall for stats) in 3 rounds.

The party will have to do some smooth talking (Diplomacy, DC18) to explain why they were trying to "steal my only possessions of value", according to the young girl. If the check fails, the guards will attempt to subdue the party until they can be brought before Bunnbjorn in the morning for judgment. This "free" treasure still has to be earned!


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