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Ancient Lore

By Carey Sauerbrun


With some effort, the sheriff pulled the bloody scroll from the Janessar's hand, and, careful of the blood, read it. With a sigh, he shook his head, and when he looked up, there was just the hint of excitement in them.

“The local Janessaries uncovered a ruined keep up in the highlands. They sent in a patrol to check it out, and none of them returned. The commander sent word of the discovery before going in himself. That's the messenger.” He points to the dead Janessar.

“It says here,” the constable continues, “that the commander thinks it might be the Lost Harem.”

Interest lit up the faces of those surrounding the man. The Lost Harem! Everyone knew of the legends surrounding Syl-pasha Hakeem al'Noari and his paranoia. The Syl-pasha, ruling almost two thousand years ago, was said to believe that an evil efreet wanted to steal his brides, one by one, and claim them as his own. In desperation, al'Noari ordered a hidden palace constructed, and placed every one of the women of his harem within, guarded by his most trusted men. It was also said that the Syl-pasha had vanished on one of his infrequent visits, and that none had seen him, or any of his brides, again. More to the point, is was also said that the Syl-pasha had tucked away a fantastic amount of wealth there too...

“We need to let someone know...”

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