The Alter of the Dark Sun
by Luke Fleeman

The Alter of the Dark Sun was in an illicit temple in Fellaren-Krae up until about eight years ago.

This was originally a Temple of Bane, and the Black Lord's servants had blackmailed the Twin Devotions into allowing them a charter. After the Time of Troubles, the traitorous leader of the temple, Ahab Strifeservant (NE hm P12) quickly switched alliances to Cyric, and faked complete loyalty to the Prince of Lies. Cyric's faith flourished for a short time, until Ahab leant his assistance to the Talassans. Then his temple was decommissioned, and his worshippers largely imprisoned or exiled. Ahab fled. Around this time, a devout group of remaining Cyricists calling themselves the Children of the Dark Sun, made up of evil wizards, priest and crusaders, all relatively young, set up a new Altar in the sewers below town. They seek to slowly subvert the city, and have control over many illicit activities. Recently, Ahab returned, attempting to bring his new faith, Xvimsim, into town. The Children massacred him and his followers, and then went to the nearest shrine to Xvim and defiled it.

At one point, a following of Mask was flourishing, but the Cyricists have scattered them. Any other faith trying to claim evil followers in town put themselves at odds with the Children of the Dark Sun.

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