by Luke Fleeman

This large temple complex sits in the near center of the city, easy to view from most places in town.

This temple to Tempus is an elaborate set of stone buildings that sit in the hills on the edge of town, and maintains a small stadium that their worshippers practice in.

A man called Axehand(CN hm p16) maintains the temple, and is aided by a small band of warriors and priests.

An abbey of paladins and crusaders devoted to the Red Knight that is connected to the temple. This group, the Order of the Lanceboard, generally aids Axehand, but often helps city guard and militia in their jobs. Their leader is Dante the Strategist (LG hm Pal8).

The Talassans were very successful here, causing much damage before being driven away.

In the hills that border Fellaren-Krae sit a set of stone buildings. A bunch of granite hallways join each building together. All of them head southward towards the coast, and at the end of the tunnels sits an elaborate Stadium which can seat nearly 2000 people, and here the clerics run mock battles. Here the Tempurans practice their craft, War. This is Swordrest.

A huge, barrel chested man with thick red hair and a fiery beard runs the temple. Called Axehand (CN hm P16), he is known for his love of drinking and wrestling. He will take on any challenger, in nonlethal or lethal combat, as they choose. He loves to tell stories of his victories, and also loves setting up combat in the stadium.

A total of 12 priests and a small band of warriors live in the temple, and they seem constantly to be talking about this war or that battle, or planning mock war in the stadium. Anyone who can hack it(pardon the pun) is allowed to join them in their actions.

The Tempurans are on fait terms with the other temples of the area, with the exception of the recently evicted evil temples. They often seek warriors at the Triad's Glory for combat, in a good natured way. It is said that they are seeking the Savras-following Brotherhood of Truth's Light, who can reputedly fight off any attacker.

Axehand is in the process of selecting his successor, which is creating some tension among his followers. He wants to retire from leadership, and seek out a glorious war that he can die in. But he has a duty to his god, and is trying to decide which follower will do a good job succeeding him.

On the north end of Swordrest, one of its buildings is painted red. This is the quarters of the Order of the Lanceboard, a group of paladins and crusaders following the Red Knight. Led by Dante the Strategist (LG hm Pal8), this group hides away for weeks at a time planning and analyzing strategy, either alone or with the Tempurans. Then they set out on missions to unknown place before returning.

Axehand often employs the Order to train his soldiers in the finer points of war. More often, the city guard asks the Order to help them in various tasks.

Unknown to the Order, a follower of Garagos is in their midst, hoping to slowly subvert the group and its associated Tempurans. Dante knows of his presence, but is planning on a cunning way of outing him.

The priests of Tempus range in level from 3-10, and the fighters in the temple, numbering almost 30, range in level from 4-12. The Order of the Lanceboard has 16 members: 6 Paladins level 2-6 and 10 Crusaders level 3-8.

In a small room below his, Axehand has a demon trapped. For a brief time the demon impersonated him, but he escaped and imprisoned the demon. He does not know how to destroy the demon, but has been working with other followers to devise away without asking for help from the other temples.

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