The Seers Cove
by Luke Fleeman

A tiny shrine to Savras, demipower of divination, sits in a quiet corner of town, monitored by a lone priestess, Althea the Oracle (LN hef P7/M7).

A small group of parishioners, mostly merchants and a small group of worshippers who have come her for a long time still attend services, but attendance is dwindling.

The cove was nearly destroyed in the Talassan raid eight years ago.

To the people of the city, the Seer's Cove is a simple shrine to a little known God, monitored by a hermit-like fortune teller and attended by a small group of people who are leaving slowly. And largely, this is so.

Althea the Oracle (LN hef P7/M7)oversees the temple. A kindly older woman with white hair and soft blue eyes, Althea has a steady clintele of merchants and adventurers who come to her for her foresight. Otherwise, she ministers the temple.

Althea recently received a vision. This vision told of one of the city's temples being revealed in a great conspiracy, a great lie. when this happened, its followers would disperse, and someone must usher them to the light of truth. Who better to do so than Savras the All-seeing?

Althea gathered her flock, and revealed her vision. She set the people loose to join the other temples, and to uncover the problems, creating the look of a place losing followers. The group of people currently attending are actually recent converts to the faith of Savras. Many of them believe Althea, and have been convinced by the truthfulness of her newest revelations.

Furthermore, the Seer's Cove has collected a small amount of money to try to extend their temple from the small stone building it currently sits in. This small building is scarcely larger than a hut, and aside from Althea's room and the small fortune-telling "office", there is only a tiny amount of room to squeeze the followers into. They hope to purchase some nearby property and build an all new temple on the spot.

Althea has sent for "reinforcements" from the larger temples to the south and west to help what she sees as a growing church. As a result, a small cadre of men have arrived, living in town, who are acting as her stewards and assistants. About 8 men, all wearing simple robes with a third eye tattooed on their foreheads. They move about the town doing her bidding.

The men, called the Brotherhood of Truth's Light, have been nearly drawn into a number of brawls due to their penchant for exposing liars and people who exaggerate. Though not many people have heard of them, their reputation, both for truth-speaking and actually winning fights against aggressors.

Father Trioptik (LN hm P6), a tall, slim man with sharp features, leads the rest of the Brotherhood, all priests levels 2-5. He reports directly to Althea, and all his followers follow his orders directly.

The Seer's Cove seems to be a star ascendant in Fellaren-Krae.

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