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Black Courser
The Empires Adventure Trilogy - Part 2

TSR Code:

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TSR Series Code: FRA2
Product Type: Adventure
ISBN Number: 0-88038-858-7
Author: Troy Denning
Cover Artist: Brom
Release Date: 1990
Format: One book (64 pages), poster map in cover gate-fold sleeve (gate-fold contains maps).
Level: 4-8 Characters, Levels 6-9
The text below is taken from a description by TSR on the reverse of the actual product:

'The Purple Dragon is caged!  But Ra-Khati isn't out of danger.  The evil Raja Ambuchar Devayam is holding the Dalai Lama to his promise.  If the player-characters don't deliver Princess Bhrokiti and the Black Courser to him - and even if they do - the Raja's foul army will once again march on the Hidden Kingdom.  What is it that Devayam really wants with Ra-Khati?  Only your player-characters can discover the awful truth.  When they do, their journey will take them to the farthest reaches of Shou Lung.  Providing they can escape the diabolic assassin sent to stop them, they will find the lost city of Kuo Meilan.   There, they must penetrate the lost city's wicked heart and find the Stone Sceptre of Shih.  Only armed with this artifact, and the secret connecting it to Ambuchar Devayam, can they hope to save Ra-Khati - or themselves!

Black Courser is the second adventure in the Empires Adventure Trilogy, and the first adventure taking place in the Forgotten Realms campaign world territories described in The Horde campaign set.  The Empires Trilogy is also set amidst the turbulent events portrayed in the Empires Novel Trilogy. '.'

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