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Ronin Challenge
Kara-Tur Adventure Series

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TSR Series Code: OA6
Product Type: Adventure
ISBN Number: 0-88038-749-1
Author: Curtis Smith, Rick Swan
Cover Artist: Jim Holloway
Release Date: 1989 (reprint 1990)
Format: 3-panel cardstock cover, two poster maps, one book ( 96 pages)
Level: Levels 5-8
The text paragraph below is taken from a description by TSR:

'It begins as a simple martial arts tournament. Sure, your skills are tested and you might even win a trophy - or learn a lesson or two. But it's still just a tournament...
Until someone starts playing for keeps.
When a traitor to the empire is revealed, His Excellency calls loyal and heroic citizens to follow the trail of deception. The scale of the treachery is grand - it seems that an entire army has turned its back on its rightful liege!
The trail leads through trackless (or seemingly trackless) mountains, into peaceful (or seemingly peaceful) valleys. The emperor has promised great rewards to heroes who can solve his mystery, but as the journey progresses the heroes find their own reasons for continuing.
As a sinister suspicion grows in the minds, the adventure reaches its climax in the ruins of an ancient civilization. Finally, our heroes are faces with an ultimate choice - between success and failure, loyalty and betrayal, even good and evil.
On their choice rests the future of nations.'

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