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A Players Guide to Faerun

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Product Type: Accessory
ISBN Number: 0-7869-3134-5
Author: Richard Baker \ James Wyatt
Cover Artist: Unknown
Release Date: March 2004
Format: Hardcover (192 pages)

The following text is taken from the WotC site:

'An extensive resource for roleplaying in the Forgotten Realms world that includes new and updated material for gameplay.

This invaluable new supplement for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting provides a wealth of new and previously scattered material in a single volume. Everyone will benefit from expanded material, including everything from race and regional info to new magic items and spells. Optional rules for expanded gameplay cover such topics as epic-level play and use of psionics. This title also both updates Forgotten Realms roleplaying gameplay to the D&D version 3.5 rules and informs you as to the latest events and changes throughout the setting via background story content.'

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