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Magic of Faerun

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TSR Series Code: None
Product Type: Accessory
ISBN Number: 0-7869-1964-7
Author: Sean K Reynolds
Duane Maxwell
Angel McCoy
Cover Artist: Justin Sweet
Release Date: August 2001
Format: Paperback (192 pages)
The text below is taken from a description by WotC:

'Discover the Power and Master the Art
Magic pervades Faerun. This guide explores the hidden lore and secrets of magic in the Forgotten Realms game setting. From the history of magic to magical variants (including gem magic, spellfire, and the mageduel), magical creatures, locations of power, and advanced options for creating magic items, this book covers what a Dungeon Master or the player of a spellcaster in the Forgotten Realms setting needs to know.

* More than 200 new spells
* Almost 200 new magic items
* 11 new prestige classes'

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