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TSR Series Code: None
Product Type: Campaign Expansion
ISBN Number: 1-56076-460-0
Author: Ed Greenwood, Douglas Niles and R.A. Salvatore
Cover Artist: Jeff Easley
Release Date: October 1992
Format: 2" deep box containing four books (96/64/64/16 pages), 12 cards,  1 cover poster and 6 poster maps.
The text below is taken from a description by TSR on the reverse of the actual product:

'The ancestral home of R.A. Salvatore's famous Drizzt Do'Urden and the nefarious city of the drow of the Underdark'.  

The books give full details on this underground city and its inhabitants. Four   poster maps make up the structure of the cavern and the other two posters show the house relationships with each other and an artists view of the House Baenre complex.
Books included in this boxed set:

  • Book One: The City (96 pages)
  • Book Two: The Houses (64 pages)
  • Book Three: The Adventure (64 pages)
  • The House Do'Urden Retrospective (16 pages)

By: Duniya Date: 18-July-1999
Rating: GoodGoodGood GoodGood
Menzoberranzan gives the detail of a drow city. It gives an excellent description of the life of the drow, the "houses" that dwell within it. To give the product an even better value, a well thought out module was thrown in by none other than Douglas Niles (responsible for various other FR products, particularly areas known as Maztica). The adventure module was well thought out, the campaign description of Menzoberranzan was excellent and the creative forces of all the designers was immense. I don't have the Drow of the Underdark book, but with Menzoberranzan, it just might render the Drow of the Underdark useless!

Worth while getting. Bonus information includes new creatures, NPCs, and new spells.

By: J6G Date: 18-March-2001
Rating: GoodGoodGood GoodGood

A great piece of work. At the time of release it had been a long time since TSR had shown the world they did have balls. They had fallen into a routine of political correctness and virually stopped making any material that had even the slightest incling towards the opposite. So it was with great sattisfaction I purchased the "Menzo" boxed set, and I was NOT disappointed. Even to day it is one of my most used AD&D items.

The adventure takes "surface" PCs deep into the insane and grotesque world og the drow. Those who adapt never return to the surface, while those who don't are labeled as liars and madmen once they ruturn to tell their horific tales!

The description of the city and the houses that govern the city are very useful.

I did find that the material on Drow culture and way of life were sparse. I would like to see more material on that subject in the future.

I used the "Menzo" set to run an all-Drow campaign where the PCs were noble members of a noblehouse in "Menzo". Its some of the greatest stuff I've ever played/created. My advice: If you can get your hands on it, get it!!!

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