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The Ruins of Undermountain

TSR Code:

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TSR Series Code: None
Product Type: Campaign Expansion
ISBN Number: 1-56076-061-3
Author: Ed Greenwood
Cover Artist: Brom / Jeff Easley
Release Date: 1991
Format: 1" deep box containing two books (128/32 pages), 8 cards,  8 Monstrous Compendium sheets and 4 poster maps.
The text below is taken from the description on the reverse of the actual product:

'Undermountain is the oldest, largest and deadliest dungeon-crawl in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. This huge dungeon is mapped and detailed in the boxed deluxe adventure and provides several adventure scenarios'.

This huge underground complex was expanded in 1994 with The Ruins of Undermountain II - The Deep Levels adventure boxed set and later by the Undermountain adventure trilogy: The Lost Level, Maddgoths Castle and Star Dock.

  • Campaign Guide to Undermountain (128 pages)
  • Undermountain Adventures (32 pages)
  • Book Three: The Adventure (64 pages)
  • The House Do'Urden Retrospective (16 pages)

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