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Big Trouble
Endless Quest adventure book

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Product Type: Adventure Book
ISBN Number: 978-1536202465 
Author: Matt Forbeck
Cover Artist:


Release Date: September 2018

Paperback book (??? pages)


The following text is taken from a description on the WotC website:

'Welcome to the Forgotten Realms Endless Quest books, where you don’t just read a fantastic tale. You become the hero—and choose your own fate.

When evil giants attack your home in Ardeep Forest, your parents think you’re dead and they go hunting for your missing little brother. You wake up and set out after them, helped by a giant wizard who lives in a flying tower. You don’t know where they’ve gone, but you know that if you don’t find them, you’re all in big trouble. Wield your magic wisely against the giants, wizard'

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