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The Titan of Twilight
The Twilight Giants Trilogy - Book 3

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Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 0-7869-3798-X
Author: Troy Denning
Cover Artist: Duane O. Myers
Release Date: October 2005
Format: Paperback book (314 pages).
The text below is taken from the reverse of the product by WotC:

'For untold centuries, a banished titan has lurked in the cold, forbidden dusk of the Twilight Vale - imprisoned for a crime as black as the boreal night.

With the birth of a new king comes his freedom.

The kingdom hangs in the balance as the queen's consort is forced to choose between his love for his son and the dark prophecy that says his child will unleash a cataclysmic war. But before he can choose, a thief steals both the boy and the choice away from him.'

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