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The Crimson Gold
The Rogues Series - Book 3

WotC Code:

Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 0-7869-3120-5
Author: Voronica Whitney-Robinson
Cover Artist: Mark Zug
Release Date: December 2003
Format: Paperback book (312 pages)

The following is a description given by WotC from the reverse of the novel:

'She wanted out.
She wanted a new life.
She wanted a trophy worthy of a master thief.
She wanted to find the source of the treasured crimson gold.
She wanted to face an undead emperor on his home ground and live to tell the tale.
Careful what you wish for. '

This is the third book in the Rogues Series, the main character of which is Thazienne Uskevren ("Tazi") from the Sembia Series and The Sands of the Soul (Sembia series book 6, also by Voronica Whitney-Robinson).

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