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Hand of Fire
Shandril's Saga - Book 3

WotC Code:

mass market (17728)

Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 0-7869-2760-7
Author: Ed Greenwood
Cover Artist: Jon Sullivan
Release Date: September 2002
April 2005 (mass market)
Format: Paperback book (378 pages)

The following is taken from a description by WotC:

'Be careful what you wish for.
Spellfire is the most powerful magic in the land.
Its a dangerous weapon in anyones hands.
In the wrong hands, it can destroy the world.
Shandril Shessair wanted a taste of adventure. She got spellfire, and now shes fleeing for her life across Faerun, searching for somewhere to hide. More evil wizards, warriors, and priests than she can count are trying to get it from her, and theyll kill or enslave her without hesitation. Her last, desperate hope is to take refuge in the sheltered city of Silverymoon.
If she makes it that far.'

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