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War of the Spider Queen - Book 1

WotC Code:

Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 0-7869-2714-3
Author: Richard Lee Byers
Cover Artist: Brom
Release Date: July 2002
Format: Hardcover book (344 pages)

The following is taken from a description by WotC:

Back Cover:

'Menzoberranzan the Mighty

City of grandeur and cruelty, home of deadly swordsmen and diabolical necromancers, the brightest jewel of the vast subterranean world called the Underdark, and proudest achievement of the sinister race known as the drow, Menzoberranzan is a place with a mystery at its heart, a secret flaw that threatens to destroy it.

When the power that sustains the city is cut off at its source, enemies flood in from the darkness all around. And what greater enemy could a drow imagine than another drow?

The first novel in an epic six-part series from the fertile imaginations of both R.A. Salvatore and a select group of the newest, most exciting authors in the genre. Join them as they peel back the surface of the richest fantasy world ever created to show the dark heart beneath.'

Inside Sleeve:

'Prowling the dangerous slums of Menzoberranzan, the cunning wizard Mizzrym must solve a baffling puzzle or die trying. Aiding him is his one true friend, weapons master Ryld Argith, who soon realises that the greatest powers in the city will stop at nothing to twart them. Meanwhile, high priestess Quenthel Baenre battles demonic assailants dispatched by an unknown foe, and ambassador Faeryl Zauvirr learns that the matron mother herself has inexplicably turned against her, a calamity that can lead only to her demise.

While the whole world is changing around them, these four champions struggle against different enemies. Yet their paths will lead them all to the most terrifying discovery in the long history of the drow and set them on the quest to save not only Menzoberranzan, but the entire dark elf race from Dissolution.

The War of the Spider Queen begins here.'

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By: Dan Date: 05-November-2002
Rating: GoodGoodGood

A must read for the Drow obsessed. Although the story doesn't bear the depth of intrigue that Salvatore or Cunningham manage to bring forth from the culture, it is still quite good and rather entertaining. Will it enthrall: NO. Will it entertain: DEFINITELY.

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