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Evermeet: Island of Elves

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Hardback: 8578
Paperback: 21354
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Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: Hardback: 0-7869-0713-4
Paperback: 0-7869-1354-1
Author: Elaine Cunningham
Cover Artist: Ciruelo Cabral
Release Date: Hardback: April 1998
Paperback: March 1999
Format: Hardcover book  (456 pages) / paperback book.
The text below is taken from a description by TSR on the actual product:

'The island homeland of the elves. Serene, beautiful, inviolate.
Rich in magic and treasure, to those who hear of its legends it is the ultimate paradise.   To the beleaguered elves of Toril, it is the ultimate refuge.  But to many, it is the ultimate prize.
Although Evermeet seems to be a monument to the strength and solidarity of the elven people, its history is one of conflict.  At the heart of its story is Amlaruil, Queen of All Elves.  When Evermeet comes under massive, decastating attack, her sacrifice holds the last hope of saving the elven homeland.  The elves are forced to face their beloved queen, and to place their destiny in the hands of the young and willful Prince Lamruil - a ruler no one wants and few have reason to trust'.

By: Colin Fesser Date: 06-August-2000
Rating: GoodGoodGood Good

This was the first FR novel I read, and still is one of the best. For those interested in Elven culture and history, this is the perfect book. For those of you looking for a good novel, you may want to try somewhere else.

The problem, if you want a typical novel, comes from the setup within the book. The chapters go from one period in history to another with little or no connection. But still, if you like elves or are thinking of running a campaign including Evermeet, BUY THIS BOOK!


By: Chance Walling Date: 17-December-2003
Rating: GoodGoodGood GoodGood

This is hands down the best book I have ever read. I own every FR novel (not that I've read them all... yet) and this is the essence of what makes the realms so captivating. Everyone that I know who has read this book feels the same way about it. I can't wait to get senile so I can wonder anew at how great this book is. Also, I e-mailed Elaine Cunningham and purchased a signed and personalized copy for my wife (it's her favorite too). She's got to be the best author in the fantasy genre, and she really did me a favor. So, read this book. And then read all of her other books, because they're all sooooo good.

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