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Azoun Memorial Card

TSR included a 5"x3.5" card with Dragon Magazine issue 274 to mark the death of King Azoun Obarskyr IV. The card is printed on both sides.
Image and text copyright 2000 Wizards of the Coast.

Card front:

~ In Memory ~
Azoun Obarskyr IV
King of all Cormyr

Born in the Year
of the Mace
Fallen in glorious
battle in the Year
of the Unstrung

Card back:

Sound the deep drum.
The lion I am proud to love
Has fallen, that Cormyr may Stand.

Some kings are but old names
On crumbling tombs
Sounds in a roll chanted at Candlekeep
No more.
My Azoun shall not be so easily forgotten.
Ask any Tuigan.
Raise a cup in his memory
And be happy, as I am.
He was mine, down long golden years
The gods granted us that.
He was Cormyr's all his years.
The gods gave that gift to us all.

Aye, by happy.
No tears can bring him back.
Why cry now
From the gates and the battlements
Until all the mountainsides
roar back grief's thunder?

My love is gone
The sun set over the realm
All glory fallen
I shall never see Cormyr so bright again.

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Filfaeril

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